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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by liltaz78, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. ctoph

    ctoph Member

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    started drawing a month ago, turning 20 in a month. used to doodle mad long ago.

    MUSASHI Elite Member

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    I'm old enough to be the chief of police...race bmx,study martial arts, train hard in freestyle running/ PARKOUR,started smoking marlboro's when they were $.90 and probly had sex with alot of your moms(dc. baltimore,va. beach,dallas,ft. worth,gulf port ,biloxy,jackson ville,charlotte,orlando)

    get ma point age don't mean a damn thing and I made it alot farther than alot of ya'll ever will with half of what most of y'all got...

    the secret is BALANCE... round ball roll's farther than pointed stone...

    learn it ,live it...
  3. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    ^^^ words of wisdom.
  4. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    started at 12 but 13 now, im okay i guess but still learning a bit lol
  5. ..SmOeK 1..

    ..SmOeK 1.. Senior Member

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    Wow, alot of young little taggers. Here the 13-14 year old kids still stick to video games a televisions.

    I started about just under a month ago, just starting to finally paint some shit. and I am turning 17 right away
  6. Darkeist

    Darkeist Elite Member

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    Stick to video games and television? How about hell no. Age has nothing to do with it really.
  7. Platz

    Platz Member

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    first started tagging when I was around 13-14 stopped when I was 16 ... Coming up to 25 and am working back on my style again :)
  8. weldo

    weldo Senior Member

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    started at 14 now 16
  9. aim33_28

    aim33_28 Member

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    am 17 turning 18 in two months and 6 days :p started when i was 17 and a half haheha theres specifics for yo.
  10. -SiC->

    -SiC-> Member

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    i started when i was 14 soped piced it back up aboult 3 weeks ago and im goin on 16
  11. shamee1991

    shamee1991 Elite Member

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    started when i was 11 just doin some shitty drawins , now i'm 15 bombin science for me!...
  12. AOK

    AOK Member

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    Started when i was 11, still 11 biotchez! started out doing real shitty toy crap but now im not too bad for being 11! a vandalist is the life 4 me
  13. M.P.L.S. run from the po-po's

    M.P.L.S. run from the po-po's Member

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    started at age 11. 17 now. During that time i stoped for about 5 months straight now im back into it.

    Ive been taggin walls since age 15. drawing it on paper we can go back to 7th grade.

    plane ass drawing on walls? We can go back to age 5 ****.
  14. BFC

    BFC Senior Member

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    Started painting like 6 months ago. I'm 18 years old. Past couple months I've been getting pretty into it. Lifetime admirer of graffiti though.
  15. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    I'll be 30 in a couple months.. :eek:

    I started at 15, retired at 17 (because of prosecution) and got back to it a little over a year ago.
  16. AT AT

    AT AT Senior Member

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    13 now . been going on it for years . now im more into characters and wheatpasting . stickers . i ve learned graff isnt just markers and spraypaint . im more of a doodler than a bubble bombing retard like how san jose is
  17. 719centralsystem

    719centralsystem Member

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    I started when i was 15 but im 16 now
  18. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    I started at 13, then stopped for a few months, then started again, 15 now
  19. jestr

    jestr Member

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    i started when i was 13 then stopped for like 6 months. then started up agin when i was 14 and im 15 now.
  20. Hilo

    Hilo Elite Member

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