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Being Paranoid?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by "Jedi", Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Fore.4

    Fore.4 Member

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    dude thats why u gotta write its part of writing, its just a rush, i mean u get done and u knowing that got that shit done with out getting caught is just tits dude

    go ninja style :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  2. trupe

    trupe Member

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    yep i know wot you think...i am realy emotionanol... not in crying way but i feel fluttery jus meeting new peeps i havent been rightin for very long and have never been cought(n wont B) i always take notice of the paranoir so i usualy take a luk out or just an ordanery m8 hu wants tu learn ennit...sooo his enjoyin the sprayin(nd learning) + his a luk out
  3. Game905

    Game905 Senior Member

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    when i first started to write i was paranoid i wouldnt even hit like the side of buildings. but now im all out just bomb shit with my marker or paint whereever
  4. punkhazard

    punkhazard Member

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    funny thing about me is i didnt care if it was illegal. i ust did it wherever i wanted. shit i announced it once on the bus. "does anyone have a problem with me tagging the window?" no one said ne thing so i hella tagged it. then once i was ballsy and someone came up to me and grabbed my shoulder and told me to knock it off. beleive it or not that hellaaa scared me. so i've been cautious. like a lot of ppl already said just keep an ear out for shit, and be able to run as fast as you can.
  5. JSBiggz

    JSBiggz Senior Member

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    This is what I did, I found the most populated area I could find and I worked up the balls and did a little tag with a streak from that tag I did a little throw up and later i went back and turned that thow up into a peice, so you know just take stuff head on ofcourse someone is going to see you, most people dont care if you do it, unless they are a cop or the buildings owner, but if they do call the cops dont bust a nut, you have 2 choices 1 being book it 2 being wait for the cops to show admit your mistake one time that happened to me and they told me just to empty my paint and they drove me home. But you know not everything is going to turn out like that, life is all about choices just make the right ones and you'll be ok. and if worst comes to worst just bust a cap in that pigs ass :)

    And when you do the throwup or what ever in public youll start to think to yourself, man i could of done that better then you'll get the ambition to go out and hit another high pop area, and it will look better b/c you've done it before in a high pop area, just be aware of your surrondings
  6. loaferonerthefirster

    loaferonerthefirster New Member

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    i get paranoid about an hour after the sun comes up... because people are going to work. happened the past couple mornings.
  7. SoketSBK

    SoketSBK Member

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    Bein paranoid isnt all that bad, it keeps you a level head to not do anything over the top and out of your own game, it helps you set limitations on yourself, sometimes i get paranoid and chill a little longer and scope my spot if it might be sketchy and 3 min later a cop will roll by, if i approached he might have seen me walkin away or some shit and got my ass busted, sometimes ill even scope the spot go somewhere else that is safer and go back to that spot at like 3 on a wed when i know no one will be patrollin. You'll eventually get over it and no that if your on a freeway overpass on the side there isnt all that much of a chance for a car to be looking up in the corner at 1am, usually ppl are more focused on driving, or so drunk that they're afraid theyre gonna kill someone and not worrying about the corner of the over pass lol. By the time your paranoia starts to ease you'll probably have gotten up enough times to be smart enough and good enough to get your throwie or w/e up and get out of there before anyone even sees you, and the places will get more and more raw
  8. jael-ns

    jael-ns Member

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    i used to get realll paranoid , all i did to get over it was hit a billboard, 1nce i was up there its the most paranoia i ever had but i started to realise that most ppl dont care, so many ppl saw me n i took quite a bit to finish but i finished and calmly walked away without getting bagged. and i realised, as long as ur not to heatbag about it and not waving ur paint around like a retard, u will normally get away without getting bagged.
  9. SoketSBK

    SoketSBK Member

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    when i did my first billboard i was hella paranoid too, but when i went up i realized the same shit, i did it hella quick and sloppy but went back up and did a 3d on it, hella cars were driving by, i realized ppl dont really notice, and dont really care also haha, i still get a rush, but thats the whole fun in it, when i stop getting a rush ill probably stop
  10. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    still kinda paranoid when out alone, and a little less when out with my hommies...
  11. spiller

    spiller Senior Member

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    being a little paranoid is alright-it keeps you alert.
  12. writer

    writer Member

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    i just only get paranoid if i am with more ppl and tag with them because you dont know where everybody is going and how long they are bussy
  13. Tryp

    Tryp Senior Member

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    i definitely got phucking busted last night...
  14. Degausserr x

    Degausserr x Senior Member

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    well i only do 100% straight places right now, because im not too good.

    but when i bombed this one spot i was sketched out.
  15. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    ive been bagged more times than oranges.
  16. -sel-

    -sel- Member

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    Damm I too have this problem!

    Im from Latvia!

    Went to Riga o buy some Montana colours! I was so happy when i got them and wanted to go bombin ! Okey wated til its starting to dark & went out! I went on one spot that I once bombed with my friend! But when i bombed with friend, It wasnt scary!

    So abaut this day! I started to bomb ! Writed contour of SEL ! Coloured the S but theni thought i see a pepople coming my way! Dammm I took my colours and went away! Shit im so angry on myself! Tomorow i will finish my work!

    Shiit! Thanks for reading! :p
  17. _"Stow2"_

    _"Stow2"_ Member

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    I used to get paranoid alot, but it eventually wears down as time goes by. . . I think everyone still gets a little paronoid though, this coming from someone who gets caught alot . . . damn my fatness
  18. Prince.Gov

    Prince.Gov Senior Member

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    I like to scope out a lot
    paranoia can be good to keep u alert
    but it may make u rush and just suck
  19. DM!

    DM! Member

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    I'm paranoid too but im smart about it. If my sences tell me not to go I won't. It's important to trust thyself instead of just saying "To hell with it" and then gettin busted.
  20. bojangles

    bojangles Senior Member

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    just bring a hoody and a jacket and if your paranoia gets bad change your shirt after youve bombed a place...also..scoping an area first works