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Blackbook Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dcite, May 3, 2004.

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  1. imported_big_boss

    imported_big_boss Senior Member

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    Kinda hard to rack Copics when they aren't sold in stores anywhere in NJ.
  2. ras

    ras Banned

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    Copics take the fucking piss..£70 for havin a fucking laugh..

  3. wookiE

    wookiE Senior Member

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    touchtwins are just as expensive where i live so i just get copics. and where i live you can just rack them so it is just a preference thing
  4. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    i just went to a 99 cennts store and found a bung of markers for a dollar, they were sharpies too. and there was also extra fine point centropens or some shit
    il post pics later cause its a bundle
  5. ras

    ras Banned

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    i understand you live in Japan..i think i read something saying you was from Japan..i may be wrong.. ?
  6. MuramZA

    MuramZA Senior Member

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    Twintouch and Sakura Permapaque. Anything else and you're wasting your time.
  7. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    permapaques are ok, but they are not the best for complicated fills, but regardless they still rock for a tagging marker or bbook.
  8. SweetRevenge

    SweetRevenge Senior Member

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    you for some of you guys that say u it leaks on any marker well wont it help if u placed 1 or 2 sheets of paper on the paper your working on DUH!

    personally i love prismas and copics then sharpies for quick shit
    expensive..yes but u can always rack from art stores
  9. i write

    i write Senior Member

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    i take all my stuff from school, usually copics or some random felt markers which work really well. but i wish i knew how to use watercolours because id use those if i cud.
  10. StEaDy_LiMpS

    StEaDy_LiMpS Member

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    i just use sharpies for my book
  11. Mr. Lefty

    Mr. Lefty Senior Member

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    When doing a mural or flash production.. i use prismacolor pencils.. when doing graffiti.. right now im using bic mark-it markers because I've yet to understand the shading involved in graffiti.
  12. GEMS

    GEMS Member

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    i was wondering wats a good blackbook marker that i can but thats not 2 expensive and fils wiff good colour?
  13. sylvan18

    sylvan18 Senior Member

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    have you even read the last posts?

  14. [NESTER]

    [NESTER] Senior Member

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    i use pro markers there twin tipped and u can buy the colorless blender...there a cheaper alternative to the prismas.
  15. ras

    ras Banned

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    you say you rack from your skool has Copics.. :huh: ..what skool do you go too ? .. ill move there now
  16. meks

    meks Senior Member

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  17. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    ok im not even bout ta go all tha way through all tha fuckin pages to figure out how to blend prismas...ok i understand how to do it wit tha lighter color goin over the line were the darker color ends but i dont know how to blend with tha muthafuckin colorblender...sad...i kno but it would help if someone would tell me in detail...
  18. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    just experiment with em' and you'll get better.
  19. !HEKTO!

    !HEKTO! Member

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    ya man, its like driving a stick or sumthin noone ever told you did they?
    no, yuo just got in a car and fucked around till.....
    oh wait.
  20. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    you're funny. <_<