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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Deadpoolzer0

    Deadpoolzer0 Senior Member

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    Stim...I like it except the I is a bit small....compared to the others..even with that x there....besides that i like it....maybe the shield could have a bit more uniformity to it is a pencil something i did around 10 today...before my school went all lockdown....
  2. sam.s

    sam.s Member

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    stim - nice work keep it up and you will get somewhere but i dont really like how the z is on a angle keep them all in a line
    Hazex - good work not sure about the thing on the a of the second peice it kinda makes it look like a h
    Boke - great, love it... dont really have anythin else to say

    hes one i did to test some new markers... but i didnt think the pencil would stand out so much:

  3. sam.s

    sam.s Member

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    Deadpoolzer0 - fucking hell how do u get a good o... i fucking hate it :p
  4. Deadpoolzer0

    Deadpoolzer0 Senior Member

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    I dunno i just thought..hmmm one bar..bent...would like like that kinda....kinda like those american troop stickers i fucking hate :) lmao i just dont like the stickers...not the troops is another perspective on the yaito deal...
  5. rayseone

    rayseone Senior Member

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    deadpoolzerwork on you handy lots and lots, it will help your peices trust me, the only decent letters are the O and Y because you actually followed your bars, do that for the ait
  6. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    meh........... there's alot of people that are good with pieces but the best handy they can do is simple letters..... and some the other way around.... take c3zr for instance. he rocks some dope handsteez but he said it himself that hes not so amazed with his style.
  7. rayseone

    rayseone Senior Member

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    hha kay your a clown :lol:

    but yeah it does look like that

    cose- use bars to construct your letters, they will look much better

    bastardo - ill man i love your stlye

    my part of the beam exchange. critts?

    [Broken External Image]:
  8. sank one

    sank one Senior Member

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  9. Pantalones.

    Pantalones. Member

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    sank - i like it cept the shit under the A looks kinda wack, but i like the rest.

    rayse - i like also.

    here's mine, trying to keep it simple.

    View attachment 275327

    the part with the arrows is just pointing to where i didnt know how to finish it off, so if anyone could help me with that.
  10. eXacto

    eXacto Member

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    Sank , thoise letters are awesome
  11. sam.s

    sam.s Member

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    Habbit - nice simples... where u left a space up the top (where ur arrows point) i reckon you should have connected them all............ that makes no sense... lol
    Sank - good letter structure, keep it up
    Rayseone - love it... um? what more can i say?
  12. ras

    ras Banned

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    Pantolones..drop the 3d..and try using a ruler for your letters...there wobbily..they are good blocks tho..keep at it..remeber to keep the the same hight blah..

    Rayesone..not liking that one..i wanna see more of your shit in your name..its.........whoa

    okay..i aint posted a pic for ages...and im not at i logged into my photobucket..and did a lucky dip !

    View attachment 275330 wall plan..
    i sitll didnt get a anwser...shall i go with the cream background again..
    im out to put sum kids videos on eBay..make sum monay
  13. levans

    levans Senior Member

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    HABBIT - NOT nice simples, keep your bars the same width and then they will be nice
    SANK - good letter structure compared to most people on this forum but it lacks in some parts..
    RAYSEONE - letter structure is good, work on making ur letters look good before u add ur wack extensions...because if you take the extensions away the piece is garbage...( im only being mean to you because u understand letter structure and you have just giving you advise to get better..) EDIT:the e looks good tho, now that i look at it a second time
  14. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    iv seen sum of ur other ish and i like it,this isnt really working for me, i would lose all the extentions and sort that A out cuss it looks like a dope P wit an odd extention
  15. ras

    ras Banned

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    i critted anuff people today..

    her eis the 3 pager...but i couldnt be arsed to do i just did 2..

    View attachment 275333

    CRITS ;)

    and the peice on its own...the pic is kinda small..

    View attachment 275334

    CREITSSS... <_< ;) :lol: :D
  16. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

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    Rayse, i remember you used to post crazy clean simple shit that was BANGING, i aint feelin that one at all man, way too many nonsense extensions

    Sank im pretty sure thas the exact sketch i gave crits on at least a week ago, in fact, im positive nothings changed, like i said before, fix the S, watch your width on the A, dont connect the K but keep those ltitle doo-dads, theyre aight in my books

    Pantalone, good job keepin it simple, but that 3D NEVER works, no one can make that shit look nice, it always endds up looking toy when you add that vanishing point 3D, where it actually connects to the vanishing point...try some straight down 3D or, to the left or right for now

    ras, edit*! did you just have a blue and black piece before that one? ...i coudla sworn...hmm, wahtever, lol if it says "AMKAH", then the sapce betwen the K and A needs serious work, youre damn good at colouring, which often hides some bad letter structure, but that M is fresh as all hell, best letter youve ever done, just get the others looking like that , and fix and or lose the extension on that A

    And heres some handstyles just so im not flickless:,, crits? :D

    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
  17. ras

    ras Banned

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    so the letters are okay tricks...but i need to sort out the A n K spacing...i just see the AH part as a make my peices look longer...thats getting in how the Bay and Cali And LA peeps really long names...but dope style and colours throughout...Revok shit...and Evak...i dont kno any others..

    anyone that does know sum dope LA , CALI writers PM ..thanks seriously likin the bawkster one..i can see it down a highway

    did you paint..?..i wanna seeeeee

    and i did post a blue and white one wall plan....
  18. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

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    word word, whats a "wall plan?" to paint it?, i liked the red shit more

    yeah i painted, i still need pics of it though

    yeah man, just the blank space between the A and K, it could be because your tilting the letters, and the H is too small

    i wouldnt mind seeing you put alot of "random" ( but not too random ) extensions up in that piece, but be confident with them, and make them FAT, unlike thoes little slivers youve got coming out of the left top side of each letter
  19. Deadpoolzer0

    Deadpoolzer0 Senior Member

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    Some New ish....Sank I like the letters...but the k is too far down compared to the others....or something..make them level.....just my idea...
    some new yaito fixing the bar problems minus the t..
  20. T R E O

    T R E O Elite Member

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    i wanted to help cezr and tricks thats why im here. :wub:
    no homo.

    deadpoolzer0-work on your letter structures.aiming to the !(?),T,and doesn't flow with the Y and A

    tricks-the R,and T on the third one look weird.still good stuff.

    ras-pretty nice.good coloring as tricks said.and yea,the letters need some work.