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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. the end

    the end Senior Member

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    ayte- i dunno whats with that bubble on the right leg of the a, actualy i think thats the only letter that doesnt fit too well. and again with the block on the bottom leg of the e
  2. sex without condoms

    sex without condoms Elite Member

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  3. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    Bump no crits.
  4. sKeeLo

    sKeeLo Senior Member

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    ^^^^^ id work on those jaggedy hammer looking things on the ends of your bars/letters . . . especially the one on teh top left of the S and on both ends of the Z . . . the ones at the bottom left of the S and top right of the R look alright . . .i dont think your ready for doing those lil inner outline stuff yet, work on gettin clean good simples down first and like someone said awhile back that dont mean block letters and exact copies of keyboards in my opinion . . .

    rollerblading is for fat girls and guys who are to afraid to eat pavement every once in awhile . . . in my opinion

    edit - sorry, i didnt read all that stupid back n forth on the other pages or that people like "fruit booting", i didnt write that to insult the "fruit booters" . .ill try and edit a sketch in so this thread can get back on track

    [Broken External Image]:

    ^ not mine
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  5. Smae

    Smae Member

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    this is the sketch I wuz talkin bout: aa133.ac_images.myspacecdn.com_images01_80_l_617686a226b7093e511752890965c384.png

    and for me, skate is for punk ass bitches who watch too much Viva La Bam and who are afreind of doing a face plant(try to miss a Full torque 270 out and see if u dont do a facial plant... or if u dont get close to it) did u felt insulted? I thought so... do some searching before talkin about it... I'd love to see a sk8er doing just the first gap in this vid:
    or maybe smthin like this:
  6. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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  7. Scare2

    Scare2 Senior Member

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    smae uv got really artistic 3d Lettering and its reall nice. the simpler stuff lacks though work on basics as well as developing that other style.

    sketch ur J is ur best letter in my opinion its gettin better but the K doesnt work very well.

    bouncing sexwithout condoms and sky dope.

    garbage ur letters arent working for me id say go simpler and learn basic leterr structure.

    ayte just keep on progressing and the bits off the side of the E dont really work.

    i just started school today and uh... it was kinda boring so i doodled the fuck outa my schedules. and my pen ran out of ink halfway through the day.
    i started pen sketching this simpler style and ever since i cant really do anything but it. but i can do it real easy. its pretty fun. kinda hard to do letters othe then scare though.
    what do you think of the style seeing as i havent posted in a while i was too lazy to put batteries in my camera.





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  8. Volume_one_

    Volume_one_ Senior Member

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    Its been a wail but heres a drawling I did for a friend
  9. Scare2

    Scare2 Senior Member

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    vvolume ur friend has a wierd name.. kelst?? but umm keep ur bars the same thickness and the coloring makes it really hard to see your letters. but none of it stands out to me really.

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  10. syrne

    syrne Senior Member

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  11. The_Sheep

    The_Sheep Senior Member

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    Bouncing- Usually love your work but something about this one im not really feeling, the flow just seems off a bit, love the s though

    Sketch3- good use of bars but work that O into the piece instead of just throwing it on top of the R, also define the J more

    Ayte- A is nice, Y is decent, T needs work man, i dont like how it just splits in two, the E is ok but lose those little squares, nice job on the 3d

    Smae- The whole letters ending in arrows is NOT working at all, get rid of all those extensions cause theyre well, ugly, just work on those letters man, your getting ahead of yourself

    Scare- Dont bump your shit after one freakin post, anyway you have a good idea of what to do with simples, now move on to making your stuff less "Uniform" looking, experiment and mess around with shit

    Volume one- hate the colors but the letters are real nice, the K covers the E a bit too much though

    First Sketch In A While:
    [Broken External Image]:
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  12. FormulaQ

    FormulaQ Member

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    your shadow makes no sense cmon dog how long u been doin dis atleast get the shadow right
  13. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    whoa some dope stuff on the previous page
    bouncing,sume,sex,sky 5 keep this forum alive

    exhale-shadow is fucked but letters are ok
    sou-looks pretty solid
    smae-err simples buddy
    scare-nice simples,try different things to move on
    sketch-nice usage of bars,make that o bigger
    ayte-loose those adds on the E
    volume-those colours are ugly,letters are fine though
    Sheep-looks fucking dope,nothing else to say

    all of those are free styles no pencil used,board markers/high lighter used

    View attachment 301262

    View attachment 301263

    View attachment 301264

    View attachment 301265
  14. 00-made-00

    00-made-00 Elite Member

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    Scare- dopest simples ive seen in a while,maybe try stepping it up a bit and adding some stuff.
    the sheep-im feeling that definatly improved since your last one, but id lose the addon on top of the p.
    formula- hes shadow is fine you drip i done see a problem?
    south pole-clean it up a bit and use a pencil more.

    Did this this morning i liked the letters then i added the arrows not sure if i should of hmmm?
    View attachment 301268
  15. SenTheFirst

    SenTheFirst Senior Member

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    southpole- work on 3d and keep sketchin simples
    made- i think it would be better without the arrows

    A throw I did for my friend

    Yea, I know the S should be more pointy

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2007
  16. amk

    amk Elite Member

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    yo sume..
    your one of the koolest cat in here man..
    but Fube said if you dont crit.
    you post gets deleted
    what the fuck happend to this.
    straight after you poasted a pic with no crit sume.
    and so did like 15 other people.
    i think that what fube was gonna do was fuckin dope yah know.
    and i think its a duty for you to crit into detail SUME as your one of the most advanced in here ! :)
    i aint jumping on anyones dick here
    im just saying that sume you have to give us guys way more help and crits yah know.
    and fube i think if you did that thing about less chat less crits ( im one of the culprtis ) it would be so one of the bestest rules ever.

    props to you guys yah.
    you have hard jobs deleting my shit and other shit.
    i just want sume to crit more cos like i say your advanced and your a toy mod too.
    no harsh feelings..

    and for dizzels peice...i think its fucking dope.

    toui...ill baby but damn lose those arrows...they aaint shud paint that peice lakside with those colours on sunday....but dont add those arrows man its makes the ltters look worse.

    sorry sume if you take it the wrong way :(
  17. dizzle_d

    dizzle_d Senior Member

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    Sume- Its looking really tight, I can not wait to see it finished. Its lookin ssoooo soooo dopeee
    Scare- Those are some quality simples, I really like them. keep it up.
    The Sheep- I love that style so much. really ill. don't really like that little bar piece at the right side of the S though.
    South-Pole- I like the The A the E and the S in the 2nd and third one. I don't know why, but it seems the bottom of the S is a little to thin, I'm not sure though.
    Toui- ohhhhh snap! Touis comin through with the fresh sketches, letters and colors are looking good, only thing is, the arrow on the bottom of the I doesn't seem to fit with the rest... keep those nice sketches comin :D
    SentheFirst- nice throwie. lookin good. fix the R though.

    "and for dizzels peice...i think its fucking dope."
    Thanks AMK, at least someone does :rolleyes:...

    Constructive crits please
    [Broken External Image]:
    ok, This may resemble Bastardos style, but I can assure you its just because its the same kind of style. My letters are completely different than his, and I can tell you right now I came up with these letters on my own.... just clearing this whole thing out.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2007
  18. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    ^I detect a bite,it says Burs or Murs ami rite?naw just kidding,looks fucking dope,and would look doper without that huge arrow coming out of that B(is this a b?)but still looks similar to Bastardo's stuff

    sen the first-looks ok,tag is ok + my 3-d is fine thank you

    toui-looks fresh but would look better without the arrows

    and amk i agree with you on people posting without giving crits first,give crits to get some nothing hard in it
  19. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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  20. Stonk

    Stonk Senior Member

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    saner i like the throw but maybe consider a name change becuse of sane.. new york king who killed shit but unfortunately died in the 90's.

    South pole i like your bar simple style..looks good.

    sex without condoms i love it.. so hot..but yeah i guess hes right the drop shadow is a tiny bit off , but nothing to major.

    for the leader of the vandalsquad in our city who arrested me a while back.

    just bored messin around

    trying a different kind of 3d highlight.. i feel like i almost got it on the bottom but fucked everything else up. :(