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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. thesilentvandal

    thesilentvandal Banned

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    scare - keep up those simples boii
    the sheep - i so badly wanna see how its gonna look in like 3-4 months, i like the style already
    south pole - practice your simples, dont color yet
    toui - idk why, i just dont like it alot :S sorry
    sen the first - i kinda like the throw, keep it up
    dizzle d - KILLING !
    hood rich sucka, i see the bars, but i dont really feel them that much.
    tike- feeling the colors, and the rest, keep it up boii!.

    2 new sketches for people that say that i bite bastardo :) (L)
    View attachment 301405
    View attachment 301406
  2. emokid

    emokid Senior Member

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    stonk, stick with the fuck you style rather than the bottom one its much better looking.

    silentvandal, i'm sorry but its too close to bastardos style, even if you didnt bite it still looks like you did.


    i am well aware the a is shit


    'ash' on my homework planner COS I AM BADMAN LOONATIIIIKKKK. ahem.


    ooo pink.
  3. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    This is exactly how I was about 10 months ago. Keep doing what you're doing, bro. Keep messing with different styles. You got mad potential, especially with those illin' hands. ;)

    Dizzle, I like it. Keep doing your thing. But, you said "fuck bars" a day ago or so, the funny thing is, your letters have bars, whether you realize it or not. :rolleyes:
  4. thesilentvandal

    thesilentvandal Banned

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  5. alive

    alive Banned

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  6. kelio

    kelio Senior Member

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    Sumoe: not rly feeling it. the piece and hand are so ill though. i think the right leg of the m throws it off.
    Scare2:nice simple.
    The_Sheep: i love your shit, always.
    sex without condoms: i dont see anything wrong with the shadow.
    South-Pole:love your a and e.
    dizzle_d: guess it looks good.
    HoodRichSucka: your s and o dont flow. the rest looks fine to me.
    Stonk: i would bring the last 3 letters closer to the t.
    emokid: love your style.
    alive: i love all of them

    critzz please i didn't feel like coloring.
  7. thesilentvandal

    thesilentvandal Banned

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  8. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    sumoe- thanks man. glad to hear that, especially from someone ive looked up to ever since i joined to forum. not suckin nuts, just givin props. thnks

  9. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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  10. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    ^ i like ur style, u should def. take art classes if u dont already. im also assuming ur in highschool, see if they got an AP art class and take it.

    View attachment 301421

    thinking of making a box around this and filling it black...since the white on the paper makes it so boring, any thoughts/idea????

    also working on a sketch of Tkid, kinda hold but picked it up and started shading the hat...any advce????
    View attachment 301422
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2007
  11. enigmatic

    enigmatic Senior Member

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    bastardo sex without kittens and sneak

    fresh shit.

    heres some simple isht i did a little bit ago. dont even go "oh wow that 3d is whack" because i didnt want to do it, you all know what 3d looks like, im just workin on mah letters anyway. and painting and stuff..

    View attachment 301425
  12. SEIZE [reppin yo hood]

    SEIZE [reppin yo hood] Elite Member

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  13. blue.steel

    blue.steel Senior Member

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    sale that is relly bad
    ur trying to do things that are way to advanced then u relly can do...
    u need to slow it down and focus on keeping ur letters as evan as u can.
    dont try advandced letters like u did 4 ur e
    try and makeing ur e look as much as u can as the e in ur tag, same wit every other letter.
    wut i am saying is u will never get good unless u focus on makeing ur letters look like letters
    no extenchions untel u understand how letters are put together
    then u will see how crapy that is and how stupid u were for trying to make it look wildstyle when u cant do a normal simpler style
    good luck i hope u take my advice
    and if it dosent look right at first dont worry just keep sketchin and u get better
  14. kelio

    kelio Senior Member

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    here alive.
    thanks blue.steel
  15. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    yo hoodrich god damn........u already got structure and flow down(obviously from ur handies), so all u gotta do is beef up ur handies so they are pieces n some other minor crap(knews had a tutorial on this in the new2graff thread or w'e)
  16. AyteYourCookies

    AyteYourCookies Senior Member

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    seek - looks dope i dont think you be in here but i could be wrong im not really felling the r tho maybe try a uppercase one?
    hoodrich - the tkid looks good do up some shading on his back, pop a feather in that hat and youll pimpin' son. On the peice the a doesnt really fit with the other letters i sujest making it wider at the top.
    base - make the 2 bars meet at the top of the a and use pencil or color cleaner cuz the colouring is sloppy.
    seize - i dont really know what to say it looks dope.
    dawsek - looks good except for the k make it more legible.
    sale - simples
    [Broken External Image]:

  17. hungr

    hungr Senior Member

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    an exchange with bastardo
  18. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    seize- nice letters and flow
    ayte- your really improving, keep it up
    hungr- the forward one is dope, not feelin the backwards one as much, your s on both should be thicker to match and flow the rest of the piece better

    [Broken External Image]:

    this was supposed to be an chinese snake, but i turned it into an electrical eel instead

    ^^for you tezer
  19. fox on a trampoline

    fox on a trampoline Member

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    [Broken External Image]: ?(())seek-thats a crazy "a" i got the same note book lol
    hoodrich-id just keep it like it is though i might fade the orange and yellow in background a lttle more
    seize- i love youre style shadings nice too
  20. jersOneTIC

    jersOneTIC Senior Member

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    ayte - not feelin the t
    hungr - always liked your style
    borg - your stickers are crazy
    fox - nice 3d, but i would chill on the extensions
    here it is guys,no arrows. painted this piece...ill post pics tommorow...crits?
    [Broken External Image]: