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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Scream Out

    Scream Out Senior Member

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    a place that serves alcohol generally, i think he wants you to go get drunk
  2. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    new to graff thread
  3. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    places where people go to get drunk and have random sex and contract unwanted diseases.
    or in this case, refer to the new to graff thread?
    i beleive its all explained there
    dam i'm super late on that response ahah
  4. Oaklander

    Oaklander Senior Member

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  5. cans905

    cans905 Senior Member

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    morne- lose the bar coming out on the right side of the m, also on the 2nd pic, make the m and o the same size as the rest

    ive only been at this for a month so let me know wut u think

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  6. Scream Out

    Scream Out Senior Member

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  7. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

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  8. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

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    ^^^ feelin tha color scheme bruh
    sum shit 2 fit yo lifestyle, critz
  9. atlok7

    atlok7 Elite Member

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    is that a throw up?

    yea wit a char.

    hey no need to be an ass, i dont have my ego way up in the clouds, i know im not that great but im working on improving, im posting in the correct thread and i give crits

    ah fube i see 2 things that involve me!

    a backwards swastika is the hindu or budah or some asin way of saying "peace" my friend

    im well aware of this, but the hindu symbol doesnt exactly fit in with the nazi SS and "bush youth" which is an obvious play on the Hitler Youth movement

    [Broken External Image]:

    haha yeah, pm me sometime else, maybe get some throwie style shit.

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  10. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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    k, dont like the p. change that. put it closer to the M or something
  11. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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  12. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    i like the jenkem sketch. everyone should experiment with a little jenkem sometimes. it sure gets me in "the mood"
  13. FlipOneSon

    FlipOneSon Member

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    Scream out- I'm really feeling it

    Kase2- Don't really like the P

    Fube' I'm really liking those throws
  14. emel

    emel Senior Member

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  15. letsgobombin

    letsgobombin Senior Member

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    zeno inspired, everytime i look at it i hate it more
    first object simp, couldnt find anything that was shaped like an s that went the the theme of heat, the first letters a hair dryer and the last is a chilli, says poc
    kasr- it looks good but i cant see alot of the letters, ink it then post it or do a thicker outline, alot of your r's look alot like k's
    fube- i've seen a few of them before, never the less they're still all fire, especially the jenken and jusior
    hemp- giv em to get em
    spire- i like that style especially the s and e, you should make the bottom bar of the p horizontal rather than diagonal and your i is very plain compared to your other letters
    zen- straight bar simples
  16. Mo152

    Mo152 Senior Member

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    bombin, tha first ones good, but the second is ehhh not so good.

    emel there kinda hard to make out cuz its so light. but the letters that i cna see look pretty good.

    fube... plain and simple, they are fresh

  17. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

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    yea so i dnt lyk that "p" either but i kant think of makin it ne othr way
  18. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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  19. fromthegrave

    fromthegrave Senior Member

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    mo- clean that shit up and i think it would look nice.
  20. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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