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Blame Canada! Where do you live?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by infer one, Oct 8, 2004.

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Where are you from?

  1. Canada

  2. United States

  3. Europe

  4. other

  5. Austraila

  6. South America

  1. D'$ideR*ERF*

    D'$ideR*ERF* Member

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  2. ♥♥ MI$$ JINX DE$TROY™♥♥KD

    ♥♥ MI$$ JINX DE$TROY™♥♥KD Member

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  3. Madvillian_23

    Madvillian_23 Member

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    Temple, PA and Southfield,MI
  4. MEARoc1

    MEARoc1 Member

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    columbus ohio *****. 6!4
  5. Madvillian_23

    Madvillian_23 Member

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    MEARoc1 yo thats whatst man i like that pic ... im kinda getting into photography ill show u some of my stuff later .. and im a big fan of five deez and fat jon there from ohio .. big ups bro!!!!
  6. Facedorateur

    Facedorateur Senior Member

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    Go Canada!!!, awsome place to live. And french canadian rocks and does count as good music
  7. remos

    remos Senior Member

    • Messages: 324
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    toronto, ontario
  8. AdRe*

    AdRe* Senior Member

    • Messages: 67
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    Aaaahhhhh Chicago!!!!!
    that ILL state
  9. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

    • Messages: 1,088
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    Mexico city
  10. Juicy JSC

    Juicy JSC Member

    • Messages: 14
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    ottawa, ontario...... BITCH!!!! lol, sup cats,
    otown were its at, home of the berzerker, best writer out there(my choice maybe not yours)
    i got into writing from a friend, now im just addicted i think, i tried to quit but its impossible and cant be done:)
  11. I_bomb_Montreal

    I_bomb_Montreal Senior Member

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    Im in Montreal. I got into graff cuz there was a guy at my school who did graff and I wanted to show him he was a toy so i started like that. Its been around 9-10 months since I started (started painting in June I think).
  12. cheesegril

    cheesegril Elite Member

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    yeah well you best quit writin jsc
  13. DRONE_905

    DRONE_905 Senior Member

    • Messages: 252
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    steeltown canada, werrrd
  14. mrmesh

    mrmesh Member

    • Messages: 33
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    Stockholm up in dis beyoootch!
  15. DaMoK

    DaMoK Member

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    401 RI REP!. if anyone else is. PM ME!
  16. blaje

    blaje Senior Member

    • Messages: 177
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    Ohio, best in the Midwest, started like 3 years ago for fun, and still just chill about it... go out when it sounds like a good time
  17. CakeWalk99

    CakeWalk99 Senior Member

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  18. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

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  19. JackieChanRollin

    JackieChanRollin Senior Member

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  20. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

    • Messages: 877
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    Cops tape the scene up gunner downs 9 they're chasin' away kids playin' hop-scotch in his chalk outline
    Two F-16's screech an iridescent sky look down we're not in Iraq we're in NY
    Rats in the streets we move underground like earthworms two coasts couldn't abort Satan in his first term
    The army in the subway walkin' with toolies
    I'm on the train with the back of the dollar bill still talkin' to me
    Drive with my left I know what's right my weapon hand like the map of DC streets still shows a pentagram
    License on the car window when I pass through you've seen the news, no joke New York pig department will blast you
    My Weatherman party is invite only soldier cuz with one wave of King G Dub's scepter it's over
    the right to assemble puts the bureau's team on you look into my file and nod to this while Jello screams on you