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Bus Tagging

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by newk_one, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

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    yea i could get mad ups on my bus line but ill just needa get a couple writers together to tag up tha bus
  2. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    i sticker slap buses now...its faster..slicker and scentless.
  3. Rigon

    Rigon Member

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    yea do what he said sticker have no smell what so ever and they are easy to put up and you can keep a shit load of them in your pocket
    try getting some of the "Hello My Name Is" stickers and then order some of the usps label stickers for free you can get 500 no charge at all.
    also i have never tagged a bus cause i drive everywhere i need to go but i have tagged some piece of shit car while it was sitting across the taco bell parking lot sucks to be the owner
  4. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    tagging cars is gay, how would u like it if some kid taged ur car out of no where. it doesnet matter the condition of the car as long as someone is still driving it i would think..
  5. mattFOO

    mattFOO Senior Member

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    id find the kid and kick his ass...... if i se a kid taggin something dumb in my area hes gonna get his ass beat... if i see a kid taggin my shit.. hes dead
  6. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

    • Messages: 309
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    yea car taggin is gay...and tagging houses ive seen people tag trailers and its bad enoghn they have to live in that besides having graff all ova it

    NICCSACC Banned

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    i wouldnt mind if it was a dope style.

    tagging cars isnt gay, its gay when a good person gets they car busted on for no reason but its great when a dope dealer or all around asshole gets his car wrecked for the fact that his ego will be damaged along with his "whip".

    i write my name on anything thatll get shine. i dont give a fuck where its at.
    the more populated the better. IMO
  8. 5yn

    5yn Senior Member

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    in vancouver busses are a must to hit, but the only thing that stays up is scratchies and etch, our buss drivers dont give a fuck tho
  9. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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  10. ThrowItUP

    ThrowItUP Senior Member

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    if you've got a long bus ride home, or to wherever the fuck your going, might as well make those pens in your pocket useful :D
  11. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

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    yea....tagging some dicks car or an asswholes car would be would just have to look like a van or something
  12. ThrowItUP

    ThrowItUP Senior Member

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    i dont know about you, but im not too fond of tagging people's assholes.
    fucking homo :blink:
  13. Iotyx

    Iotyx Member

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    Then why don't you start?
  14. sacwacko

    sacwacko Elite Member

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    out or in...its coo....but it all depends on how u make it....dont thro up a hella gay quickie...if ur gonna do it...take ur time and make it clean..... ;)
  15. Creepface

    Creepface Member

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    when i was living in ohio before i got into the scene, my buddy used to tag in the bus all the yeah the markers smelled but most of the people on the bus in our area smelled worse and didnt notice.
  16. CRANEcon

    CRANEcon Member

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    haha i got caught up by the police for SPRAY PAINTING INSIDE OF THE BUS!

    i got mad props for it though haha!
  17. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

    • Messages: 309
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    no im saying that doing cars is gay unless its a truck but usually there privately owned
  18. meek2

    meek2 Senior Member

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    has anybody tryed to bomb the new sliver trains
  19. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    i used to tag the buses like all the time but now not so much i still sometimes do bus outsides maybe the odd window but thats it

    haha picked up 4 BIG fat markers for 50p one don't work the other i lost in a fight i got 2 left and i :wub:
  20. D Snif

    D Snif Senior Member

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    haha^ that sucks dude, you just try and find out who took it, then spray paint there eyes , then take it, you feel me cuz? haha