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Bus Tagging

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by newk_one, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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    hahah yeah thats pretty ill
  2. Duppy

    Duppy Member

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    Before i finished school i got the buss home everyday and it was the same one from the morning journey so if someone tagged it in the morning i would see it in the afternoon and most of the time they would stay there for about a month. I have an exam tomorrow so i might be getting that buss home, i'l take a picture if theres a nice one on there... I don't care if you're not interested, i'm going to do it anyway. Oh yeah, theres about 8 cameras on the top of my buss and 5 on the bottom and i have been caught doing stupid things a couple times but because it is a school buss, they handle it and not the police ;). Well they gave me a choice anyway...
  3. RezOner..

    RezOner.. Banned

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    use sharpie water based paint markers. they dont have a scent, and write on most surfaces, especially glass, really well.
  4. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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    Yeah i was with my mate when he was tagging with his Montana Burner fucking stunk haha

    QENWUK New Member

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    im using MONTANA LIQUID, PSYCHO, GOLD, BLACK AND HARDCORE markers. GOLD, liquid, psycho smells realy bad, but hardcore is perfect ! :)
  6. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    fuck a ***** name marker, up a ***** name rock or knife. i stay with a knife in case i'll run into that shiny mirror.
  7. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    ..or crazy hobo tryin' to take me loot

    H1TBYNUMB3RS Senior Member

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    Back seats its all good as long as no one riding the bus is watching
  9. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    FLIP FLOP Senior Member

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    i would just wait until im about to get off the bus then if he noticed the smell i would already be gone.
  11. ColdBlooded

    ColdBlooded Senior Member

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    DHT scribe, skater boy was sitting on the "zones" scratch
  12. Klaz

    Klaz Elite Member

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    knives are shit dude. use sandpaper or a drillbit if you really want to get creative.

    some rocks work well too.
  13. impulse555

    impulse555 Member

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    well i llike buses cause its like sqouting for a good spot. but just have a note book and when ppl look thel think ur writing in the book
  14. Joker111

    Joker111 New Member

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    just use a sharpie cos there easy to hide if someone looks nd they dont smell or nothin.
  15. $1LENCR

    $1LENCR Member

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    fuck sharpies.
    they wash away too easily.
    just make your own shit,
    put it in a shoe cleaner,
    and u got a killer ass mop & you can bomb the shit outta buses.
  16. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    Don't use sharpies, haha. My advice is buy a pilot, take out the felt-shit inside the marker squeeze out the ink with gloves and put your own ink that isnt as stinky as pilot ink. Then fill up your pilot with that. So then you get a nice size and you don't have to worry about people smelling your ink.

    Now with window tagging on busses I just break a beer bottle or walk by the park (theres always broken bottles) and get a big piece, put electrical tape on the piece so you wont cut your hands when tagging and just use that. Or I bought this thing called Glass Stamper at my local Graff shop that works great.
  17. Facedorateur

    Facedorateur Senior Member

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    I want to tag buses, but i take it ALOT. And the more its tagued, the more i've got to pay. In my town, the bus fare increased by half in like 3 months, so i dont really want to be ¸part of that increase. Tagging goverment buildings are more fun.
  18. foureyes

    foureyes Senior Member

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    i lived in AZ for a grip and out there anything can go down on a bus. i have seen people smoking meth, drinkin, fights, people sellin green. the bus driver will keep goin unless its a fight. then they just pull over and let them off hah.
  19. smikoer

    smikoer Senior Member

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  20. session-one

    session-one Senior Member

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    god damn who the fuck tags a fucking school bus?
    fucking faggots
    are you kidding me?
    shit you better not some to san francisco with that shit
    watch piece by piece faggot
    we know how to get up on busses you pussy