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Criminal Records

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Scott, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. PaintThaStreets P.T.S

    PaintThaStreets P.T.S Senior Member

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    my daddys a lawer...

    nah i just wanted to say that yeh id get a lawyer mainly even tho u might think ur smart most lawyers have 1000 times more experience then a cocky tagger even tho i am kinda one i mean talking to him makes my brain hurt......... they are smart id invest in one
  2. Max Pain

    Max Pain Senior Member

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    theres no difference in the actual charge but if you DO end up going thu a trial you will get off alot easier if you stole somthin worth $1 rather than 50o0$
  3. KLYPSE6193

    KLYPSE6193 Banned

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    I got 1 year of probation but because im a yung offender I have no criminal record. If I were you I would just pay the money
  4. erambik1

    erambik1 Senior Member

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    does anyone know about the law in the UK for criminal records?
    i'm not worried about fines, just the issues with getting a job + going to america u get with a record..
  5. 14nick

    14nick Senior Member

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    Threats to another persons life

    and some fights :S
    and some prank calls :S
  6. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    i stole a bottle of powerade from woolworths n got cuaght so now i got a criminal record haha im more gangsta:p:p:p:p:p;P
  7. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

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    cops were called on me and some other writer for "lookin suspicious" but he only took our names
  8. AteskOne

    AteskOne Elite Member

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    6 months "pre-trial" probation for crashing my car at damn near 100 mph with nothing but a permit. fun shit...lucked out with the court. lucked out with being alive lol. wear your fucking seat belts kids.
  9. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    haha you'll never get over here now convict. go to australia where they serve your kind.
  10. eNcE

    eNcE Senior Member

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    ive got cought couple of time.. cops are real pigs and are fags. ok let me tell u the court story

    1st time ive got cough i was talking so much like it wasent even funny and that made the cop forget to read me my rights and when i went to court i said he dident read my rights and the case was dismissed so easy...

    the second time i ran i got away 4 a lil bit i was wondering wtf why they stop chaseing me so i went into some guys garage and took thinner and cleaned my hands and i found a neo green shirt i swaped the shirts and i started to walk home. as i was walking hope there was a cop following me so i acted real chill and stared to smoke a cig.then the cop pulled over ans asked if i was 18 i said why dose it matter? he is u know its againt the law to not tell my ur real age ... im like lol im 22 i showed him my id and he was like ok im sorry but have u seen any one with paint coverd hand and a great hoody. im like nop never seen him and the cop said ok thank carry on. as he left i flicked him off and he pulled over agin im like wtf.he said to me again good night.i said u2 later.. and that was it lol

    3rd time i got busted hard core lol stright up. cops came up to me with gun poin and everything.. a lil serious i think..i asked nicely to the cop can i finnish this please? then he put me against the wall and i smeared all the paint on me and that actually saved me because im kinda wanted in my area and they couldent identify what i wright cus they smeared it...

    all i got was a 300$fine and 50 hours of CS

    gay shit happens to graff artist

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    yea i got a knife charge nd bombing a bus hearing on da knife is fukn this friday wtf friday 13th im fuked lol
  12. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    ive was charged with felonious destruction of private property via fire/with accelertants....

    yea that was when i was 15, i kinda screwed on job applications when it asks about criminal pasts...
  13. Aven

    Aven Senior Member

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    i had 20 counts om "malicious vandalism" and got off with 9 month probation
  14. sabe2

    sabe2 Senior Member

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    im 13 i got busted this kid met in my neighborhood wrote clip chilled for a lil he goes down town toronto get busted and then when they search the local town wear he lives for clips finds it next to my name and he ratted me out like a fuckin paret for a cracker and now i have too go too ocrt for the 4 time i have 4 accounts of mischive under 5000 dallers what do you guys think i will get?

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    sabe i would think level 2 probation
  16. "balto"™©

    "balto"™© Member

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    hittin a fr8 is a felony apperantly
  17. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    how did that knife charge go?
  18. Tri1

    Tri1 Senior Member

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    I aint got no criminal record. I'm friends with some of the police who live near me so both times when i was caught with a knife and when i was caught racking stuff i was let off with a warning.
  19. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    haha you'll never get over here now convict. go to australia where they serve your kind. [/b][/quote]
    NAH MAYTE Australia full effin immagrents really shit me to tears :(!

    Btw I just looked at muh leg I got a rash I dunno why.
  20. sabe2

    sabe2 Senior Member

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    what is level 2 probation like what happens??