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Do Your Parents Know You Write?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by EvokeOne, May 13, 2004.

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  1. cans905

    cans905 Senior Member

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    man, my mom would go flipping bonanza on my ass
    she yelled at me for crossing at a red light, when there were no cars in sight at 1 in the morning
    so if she found out graffiti...
  2. atronvong

    atronvong New Member

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    neither of my parents or anyone in my family have any idea that i paint. i think the only people that know are my 2 or 3 friends who also paint, and my girlfriend. i tell my parents that all the cans and pens i have in my room are for an art class im taking at school.
  3. The Chronic

    The Chronic Member

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    me n my pops go taggin all the time haha
  4. aspen1

    aspen1 Member

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    i was home alone doing as wheat paste and all of the sudden my parents bust into my room to say hi and i was just holding a krink in my hand halfway threw my weatpaste and they started askin ?s and they wanted to see my blackbook and i showd them but they couldnt read half the shit in there... There cool about it as long as i dont get caught.
  5. Thread-Locks

    Thread-Locks Senior Member

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    I went bombing with my mom once, and I was finishing up this throw, and a cop rolled up and she was like, "Motherfucker" and knocked that pig out.
    This is a stupid thread, why would you let your parents find out
  6. Shiva.

    Shiva. Senior Member

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    i think my parents know, i'm not sure though
  7. Ga.nK

    Ga.nK Member

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  8. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    So that when they get a call at 3 in the morning from the police station they'll have some idea of whats happening and not have a heart attack.

    And because most of the times parents try to be suportive of this stuff.
  9. Zire

    Zire Senior Member

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    My mum said the exact same thing which is fair enough really.
  10. scribblescrabble

    scribblescrabble Member

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  11. Nigel

    Nigel Member

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    She grew up in some Toronto ghetto she was just like "Don't be stupid with it, and your shit better not look ugly"

  12. freshsesh

    freshsesh Member

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    my parents dont give a damn, they just tell me there not gonna come get me if i get arrested fer the shit i do
  13. n0va

    n0va Member

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    sure do... approve of any type of artform that i apply myself to... im also a jewelry designer
  14. ZOLAS

    ZOLAS Member

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    my folks know I write....Lol, but thay think I do legal walls.
  15. TAMS

    TAMS New Member

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    my parents have known i write for the past two years,and give a shit.
    they like me doin it :D
  16. Lady LSD

    Lady LSD Member

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    my mom doesnt know. but if she did she wouldn't like me being out at night when there's freaks everywhere around town...she saw me makin wheatpaste (science project), stencils (art) and i have paint everywhere in my room but she just thinks i make artwork for my own pleasure or sumthing like that. im glad my mom is a bit naive. the other day i went out at 4 am and she found out, freaked out, so i told her i was jogging. man i love my mama.
  17. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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    double post
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2008
  18. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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  19. ~~>ANTIK<~~

    ~~>ANTIK<~~ Senior Member

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    My mom knows only because i was caught...
    but wenever i do a new sketch i show her nd she digs it...
    i also tell her im gunna do it on a wall nd she laffs cuz she thinks im joking =]
    i think dat shes in denial becuz she always thinks i quit but yet finds my markers all da time...
    nd she buys me paint too...
  20. impulse555

    impulse555 Member

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    my parents are artist. so my mom dosnt care but my dad would be piss cause hes got this voice that he dectates to every one how hes write. the other day he compared my best friend to some "little shit who writes on a picnic bench" i sid fuck u ( he punched me) but i think he seacretly knows. plus ive been wanting to do graffiti since i was 9 so my parents saw it coming