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Ethics, Morals & Code Of Awriter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Big TL Springs, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. .Smoke.

    .Smoke. Member

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    You're basically right about what I was talking about. I was just trying to make a connection between the government and organized religion. And I'm trying to understand why so many writers hate one and respect the other.

    But I really don't feel that graff is about respect. I believe that just with everything else there are exceptions. Whenever someone does anything they're bound to be disrespecting someone in some way. Graffiti for example may help inspire people, expose some to street art, and allow someone to see the message behind what some graffiti writers are doing (fighting the "power"). On the flip side a lot of people see it as offensive because they may not understand and generalize it as "gang affiliated". You know what I mean? Others may see graffiti as wrong because you're writing on public property. Whatever the case may be, I'm just trying to say that graffiti isn't all in all about respect because everyone has different boundaries.

    I myself I love seeing graffiti in my area but at the same time I hate seeing it there because I know it offends my parents and it lowers the value of the area I live in. (may be selling the house soon) Anyway, hope what I wrote makes sense to people.
  2. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    i understand you.

    i feel anybody souly in t for the art only does legals.

    so with that out of the way , graffitti alone is dissrespectfull you tag stuff with out caaring about the owner using permenant inks and etch there windows.

    wait and see how pissed off your going to be when somebody taggs up your fence.

    but you dont just go around dissing people now do you maybe because you like their stuff maybe because their better than you or have more ups. but thats respect right there, what keeps graffitti from beeing mindless vandalism is respect, and with out it all graff is is kids writing there alias's on private property to get talked about.

    to some people the only thing that grafffitti is is mindless vandalism and most writers dont like it that way.

    you are right graffitti isnt souly about repect but it plays a major part in it.
  3. omek1

    omek1 Member

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    Well why do you guys concern that much???

    Anything that can be reproduced..... freakin bomb em!!!!!

    *cannot =
    -RIP stuff (something done by r.i.p artist (including/excluding graff artists)
    -RIP historical shit (set the time yaself, 50yrs, 80yrs or 100 yrs, or if your a wh0re, set it 1000 years - basically bombing everything)

    For those bullshit private shit... I only think private rides shouldnt be touched (meaningless, they must clean it up before they drive em out)... others? WHY FUKIN NOT?
  4. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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    I just read all the thread and im gonna tell you guys my opinion
    i will bomb a church .. only if there's a incredible spot no way if not.
    i will bomb every governement buildings i see , because i hate the governement
    I will not bomb anything that is privatly owned and/or is owned by a little company like : Ma & Pa donuts .. nah mean

    and omek.. ur right.
  5. .Smoke.

    .Smoke. Member

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    C-money fresh!- I'd have to disagree with your statement, "i feel anybody souly in t for the art only does legals." because I view artwork on public property (the real nice shit, not some bullshit bomb or gang affiliated shit) as a voice against conformity and having took art, humanities, and sociology classes I can appreciate the fight. It's just a weak method of creating change. And yes I do see the role respect plays in graffiti.

    omek1-"Well why do you guys concern that much???" We're simply discussing the criteria behind the ethics, morals, and code of a writer which I believe this thread was created for. "Anything that can be reproduced..... freakin bomb em!" ANYTHING can be reproduced now, you just need the money to make it happen so does that mean we should bomb everything? THe only thing we don't have control over with reproduction is the effect time plays on the objects. "For those bullshit private shit... I only think private rides shouldnt be touched (meaningless, they must clean it up before they drive em out)... others? WHY FUKIN NOT?
    " Are you serious about this statement? Maybe you don't own anything of value but if someone decided to write on my house there would be a definite problem because of the money involved cleaning it up. As a graffiti writer isn't one of your codes to have respect for the "little guy" and "fight the power"? or maybe you just have a blatent disregard for all people?
  6. miz

    miz Senior Member

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    i dont do churches peoples houses that includes apartments and condos cars but i will hit up city cars and trucks and uhauls
  7. miz

    miz Senior Member

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    oo yea and i dont give a fuck about about big corparations
  8. Sevn_Son

    Sevn_Son Senior Member

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    According to the Underpants Gnomes all corporations started out small, and through dedication and unbelieveable taxes they've become the large mass entitys that they are today. Therefore I don't see anything wrong with bombing any corporate building, seeing as if they don't take the effort to buff my shit-that means they're just as lazy to stay in the rut that they're in and not advance. Hence, I would piece on a Wal Mart just as fast as I would on "Tweek's Dad's Coffee Shop".

    I do however believe that bombing churchs is a bad idea. Although I am not a strongly religious person-they only seek to help people in need and teach decent morals that everyone should be able to possess. Not to mention, the money they collect in their offerings goes to the needy-not to their own greedy will. They don't have the finances to constantly clean up the shitty tags that will be left by anonymous individuals after you piece the place.
  9. Big TL Springs

    Big TL Springs Member

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  10. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    word no churches, houses, or cars for me.

    but i love warehouses and really big industrial areas.
  11. Yikk

    Yikk Member

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    Yah im not readin all of that stuff but i read a bit and it somewat is about gettin respect but from other writers not the people that are goin to get pissed about ur graff cause no writer gives a shit about wat they think
  12. 10 Ton

    10 Ton Member

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    Dude thats fuckin stupid. You dont have respect for an organized religion, but you'll tag some ones home? wont tag a goverment building?! What kind of backwards graff artist are you?

    You wont tag on personal prperty, so that leaves out small businesses, houses, small advertisements, and nearly every peice of property in any city, or government buildings, wich if you dislike any thing about society, it should be government, POLICE, and stuff like that. Personally i agree on the no churches thing, it depends on the church. Like a church around the suburbs or something i dont have a problem with tagging, but for exmaple right now im on vacation in rome and Im really glad to see no graff on St. Peters or the vatican.

    And now on to that dumbass comment on organized religion. Name ONE religion that isnt organized. Thats a completely idiotic and oxymornonic comment to make. If you can name a religion that isnt organzied, which i feel stupid even typing, then I'll forgive your jackass comment, but if not, then you've lost all respect from this artist.

    good day. :angry:
  13. 10 Ton

    10 Ton Member

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    but to add to my statement, houses in suburbs, rural areas im not really down for, but a mailbox is a prime spot, but as far as apartments and stuff like that in cities its ripe for the picking.
  14. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

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    im not tryin2 b an ass or nothing but i think ice cream trucks and bus's should go with cop cars (cAN B TAGGED ON)
  15. nase7

    nase7 Senior Member

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  16. dirtbiXe

    dirtbiXe Member

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    som ppl actully care about respect, you obviously have none even if u dont beleve in god u shouldnt tag churches because religion is very important to som ppl and they dont want to see graffiti at a church
  17. NIFFIU

    NIFFIU Member

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    basic morals.
    psh, i guess it all depends on what kind of writer you are.

    personally, i respect churches only because its not small neighborhood churches that are ruining the world. they're mostly charity run buildings for the community. i agree that organized religion can be detrimental, but if you truly want to tackle that problem go to the source, not some little chapel.

    i don't write on hospitals because frankly their not doing anything harmful to the community (we aren't talking about faceless pharmaceutical companies here, were talking about hospitals, so don't me a smart ass and bitch at me about how the medical industry is hurting people), and i think they should be a refuge from all the shit out on the streets.

    cars, come on guys, if you are lucky enough to own a car that runs you know how pissed off you would be if there was a tag on it. i mean Jesus Christ, save it for public transportation, at least they have a budget specifically for removing vandalism. cars are out the question unless your getting revenge, or its a cop car (but be careful, most of these have cameras)

    houses, same as above.

    thats all i really have to say about it. unless we are talking graf morals for graf peices.

    don't dis a piece unless its toy, or their your city rival

    dont paint over a peice unless its dissed

    throwup goes over a tag
    filled throwup goes over a hollow
    peice goes over a bomb
    mural goes over a peice

    protect your spots, if someone takes your spot,
    krush their names where ever you see them

    (unless of course your a toy ass bitch)

  18. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    what if u bombed a trash can inside a graveyard???? its only a trashcan, not like im writing a big "fuck you" to the dead
  19. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    What if you just got off the comp and actually bombed instead of fantasizing about what ifs?....

    ....I'm sorry, but come one kids.... This is gay.. What if I did a dumpster in a graveyard?..............................Firstly- do they even have dumpsters in graveyards? Why would they? I can see trash cans, but dumpsters? ...Secondly- If you're gonna get ups, why not make them worthwhile? Writers don't hang out in the graveyard... Nobody goes to a graveyard to admire a good handstyle.... They go there to mourn the dead friends and family.. <_< They don't give a fuck about your tag, and yes, it's still dissrespectful, and it would get buffed with the quickness. Absolutely worthless to tag on anything in a graveyard. Do you not have any relatively busy streets in your hood? No electrical boxes? No trains?


    I think this baby adequetly sums up my feelings about this subject.... (sorry, I'm practicing my google ninja skills... :p )
  20. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    haha yo i thought that was your kid at first glance. whoops.

    but dont but first to make assumptions cus occassionally ill sit at the graveyard and think, smoke a blunt, then walk next door to the highway overpass.

    so you know its not all that out of the ordinary.