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Ever Get Caught Or Almost Caught?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by "SOAP", Jun 12, 2005.

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wheres ur fav place to tag?

  1. bathrooms

  2. under bridges

  3. skools

  4. trains

  5. tunnels

  6. other

  1. The Baccy Baron

    The Baccy Baron Member

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    Gesus Krist was in some toilets, getting bummed, when the polis raided, but he gave them such good oral/anal pleasure that they let him go.
  2. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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  3. souper-soker

    souper-soker Guest

    once apon a time.. i was walking around town doin some mops one day wit this kid ans this guy called the cops on us..and we kept walking up the road to this b ball court were the cop(3 of them)pulled in and they started searchin me n shit..i chucked the mop into the river but it didnt make it and they found it but right b 4 they came and he came as they were frisking me...and he gets out of the car and it was this whole hour long or deal..and mi friend hada go into the cop car and go 2 the station n shit..then like a week later he went back wit his mom and snitched on me and i hada go through all this shit and change mi name..and do book reports all summer and go to this dyke ass bitch 4 counciling it sucked so hard..
  4. fawoobaghadz

    fawoobaghadz New Member

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    me and my cuzinz got hemmed up on fucking thanksgiving...i was so thankful they didnt press charges. someone snitched on my cuzin (i told him not to tag there in the daytime anyway) and we hit this wall...then we went to the bathroom at the park and when we came out we started walkin back to the spot then i see this pig flyin down the grass headin for us...then i look for a place to run and theres 2 other cars so we were like fuck it...i got soo lucky. busted with shank, 2 brand new shoe cleaner mops, 3 pump actions, mini streaker, magnum, silver metallic prisma...i wasnt happy. the cops were cool tho cuz we were cool with them and they sed if we repaint the wall the next day it would be i was thankin GOD
  5. Zealot

    Zealot Elite Member

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    I just got rolled on by some workers at my spot. Ruined my day.. such a nice sooline gone to waste.
  6. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    huh? what do u mean? they jumped your ass or they cleaned your outline?
  7. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    I was taking pictures of some crap i did a week befor, and i was about to put a tag beside it and give it some touches when the owner of the store the shit wa son came out, he asked me who did it(Sinc ehe didnt see my cans or the paint on my hand)And he told me their was like 6 people out looking for who ever did this crap.

    I was lucky that time, this time i was in a yard when an engine was like two rails away from me, so i tried gettin out of the yard but the condoctor got out of the engine and probably smelt somethin. So he started coming my way(Im assuming..)So i went over like three sets of rails until i hit the end of the yard, were their was like 15 deers their. And i plaeyed it all cool and scared the deer into the yard. The conductor left, just assuming that deer were painting or somethin. Man i love my yard.
  8. Snot

    Snot Senior Member

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    Tags and scratchies in the Toronto subway are so chills.
    Some people just chill while you do scratchies everywhere around them.
    Today i did a scratchie on every window in the car, in front of this teen couple.
    And when i was done I said "You guys arent snitches are you?" as a joke
    so they laugh
    and I go "Cause snitches get stitches"
    But anywaysssssss
    The deal with subway tagging is you gotta know where the conductors are
    I remember i sat down next to a conductors box
    (there's one on each car, 6 cars but 2 conductors)
    My buddy goes and presses his face against the glass to see if someones there.
    I catch a sketch tag and i hear this yelling.
    There was a guy in there but my buddy blocked me just in time when I wrote.
    He yelled at me cause I had broken a seat and was carrying it around (..cause i liked it)
    And he took it from me.
    Sad day.
  9. fiction

    fiction Elite Member

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    yesterday im watching kids skate at this local park with my buddy and hes got a cigarette lit and iturn around to find a cop tell us to not move and put our hands on our head, he searched my one freind and didnt find anything on him cause i had the pack in my book bag so when he came to search me i was just honest and said i had the pack and he did the routine patdown but didnt find shit until he asked to check in my bag wich held.

    : pilot
    :8th of bud
    : and a bowl.

    now the bud was in a pill bottle and he had grabbed it from the outside of my book bag and asked what it was and i just told him a digi cam wich i was using to take flixs of a nice bench spot around here, (wich i didnt tell him ) but all in all he let me and my friend off with the 25ticket and all is well.

    but see sometimes honesty is the best poilicy.

  10. Sentile

    Sentile Senior Member

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    Almost got caugght last night, nothign serious two cruisers thats all
  11. NEK omaha

    NEK omaha Member

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    im fucking put up like my 3rd throwie under an over pass, by a place that already has the shit bombed out of it. theres a fucking trailer park across the street, one of the rednecks yells somethin at me, i dont know what the fuck hes saying, so i keep painting, then im flickin it and i see 2 cops walking down the side of this grass over to me, i fucking grabbed my bag and kicked that shit. ran about 200 feet, turn around, there about 50 feet behind me (both were fat) kept running, went threw a field that went up to my fucking neck, grabbed my bike threw my hoodie and hat in a bush so they couldnt recognize me, got on my bike and acted like i was just riding by, they stood about 25 away from me and i just looked at them and acted like "wowee, cops, musting something have happened, golly" and kept riding, came back 20 mins later, they were long gone, grabbed my shit, put it in my bag, and rolled out.
  12. Skesh

    Skesh Elite Member

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    In america you can get caught for just carrying paint right?
    If cops search you in Holland, and find your paint, you say im gonna paint my bike (everyone has a bike in holland, or two, lol) or i go to the legal wall
    no problem
  13. erambik1

    erambik1 Senior Member

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    today I got caught and I here's my story (I live in the UK).

    me and my mate were spraying shit around the back of shops, it's fairly chilled there... we go to this one double door.. my mate finishes his tagg and I start mind. on of the double doors open and I'm like "fuck" I turn around slowly and this guy comes out and jumps on my back and trys to put my on the ground.. my mate hits him in the face with a can of paint and breaks his glasses and cuts up his face.. after a minute or so of his pussy fighting I throw him off and I give him a taste of my right hook as hard as I can. he comes back at me and throws me inside where there are his other mates. this one guy says sit down or ill put u down so I just sit down. the one who caught us comes up and kicks me in the side.. he picks up a can of pink hardcore and hits me in the face twice with it (he's standing im on the floor) so then I'm like call the police that's GBH. he gets his mate to call the pigs and so then he just comes over and puts my face on the ground and says "do u want todo this the easy way or the hard way" I tell him to fuck off and throw his hand away.
    the pigs get there and arrest me for criminal damage and assult.. so then they surch me "do u have any sharp objects on you?" "yeah I have a load of dirty syringes" haha that was funny and pissed em off.
    they take me to the police station, take my possesions and what not.. they walk upto a cell and say get in.. I say how long will I be in here and he says "at least five hours probably about 10". WHY?!
    I sat there for 7 hours without a drink / toilet / food / human contact when eventually they reply to me using the buzzer and let me use the toilet and have water.
    my mum comes and demands a soliciter so I have togo back for 2 hours in the cell.
    finally I get on the phone with him before a taped interview. to cut a long story short I have to go back in one month to face charges of assult and criminal damage, they know my tagg now so they say they are gonna look all over the city for it and charge me for everyone they find, stickers, paint, marker taggs they're gonna take pics of em all.. great.
    I dunno if I will get a caution or what hopefully just a caution as it's my first time.
    I prolly will stop writing now I just don't want to sit in a cell again for all that time.
  14. The OnE aND OnLY NeS

    The OnE aND OnLY NeS Senior Member

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    i got busted like 2 days ago and my mom had to pay only $10 cause i only did the "s"
  15. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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    lol the guy took a can in the face LOL
  16. AERIT

    AERIT Member

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    A couple weeks ago right before spring break i was out writin marker shit and i had two friends (they don't write) there to keep a look out. anyways I was throwin up a tag on the back of a sign and they musnt of a done a good job becase a cop pulled up with his sirens. i was freakin out and there was no where to run, he looked me in the eye and then drove off.

    i have respect for that cop, you'd think i'd of learned my lesson and called ita nite but i went right back to marker taggin and didnt have any trouble for the rest of the nite

    ^not much of a story but figured i'd share
  17. Snot

    Snot Senior Member

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    Chilling in brickworks in toronto, its an abandoned brick factory that is entirely crushed.. painting with some friends for about 2 hours and it was the best time of my life... so we're chilling and my buddy(snot) wants to leave so he waits by the door with another friend(saint)... so me and wose walk around looking for ANOTHER guy (amok)... he walk down this hallway and there's amok standing with 2 cops.. the cops say.. hey guys stand over here for a sec... and im already thinking im dead.. So I look down the hallway, and the cop see's me look at snot and saint and yells "hey you 2 get over here"... so like the smart people they are they jet out the door and the cop runs after them... The other cop asks me what im doing, i say im a photographer for a website.. and i show him my camera.. he doesnt think of looking in my bag for paint or my book or anything.. so after 10 minutes he takes us outside and i see snot across the highway handcuffed to a pole and saint is nowhere in sight... apparently the cop was so fucking fast that he caught saint... then let him go to go catch snot, saint jets and doesnt get caught.. snot gets tackled and handcuffed... so after an hour of them taking our info and shit, they say "We fucking hate paperwork, call a cab and go home"..
    And nothing happened at all.
  18. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    fuck home depot. i work at lowes and ill tell you right now, our corporate store policy is to never, ever approach a shoplifter. you could quite literally drive a john deer tractor filled with paint through the front door and nobody would say a damn thing. where i work we dont even have cameras or any security personel. ive personally watched probably 5 grand leave the store, and nobody gives a shit. so next time you're itchin to rack ssome paint steer clear of the big orange box and head over to lowes. [/b][/quote]
    lol i got confronted jacking markers, i guess he was beside me i had my music on loading my pockets(I checked for people you dicks) i often go there to madd rack redonkerus amounts of markers for the record. I guess this guy rememberd me and waited for a few nd followed me. So there i am sitting there deciding what i want get about 5 of them put em in my pocket this guy walks up "AHEM, can i help you?' me-uh...Yeh uhhhh..Do you sell pop here? him"your in the markers isle" me-"i'll try the next store then" then i just walk away and outve the store all the time with this guy behind me saying "HEY STOP!" i literally just walked out. AHha
  19. Platz

    Platz Member

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    alright dunno where to post this but its pretty fucked up.
    Was walking around town (in the day) just to get a feel of some locations to eventually do a throw up or something. So I found this building situatated on a slope that has a nice clean wall. Went down and took a look at it for a good few minutes... The Slope was quite steep and I have been walking for a while so I get back up the slow and sit on the concreate barrier that probably runs for 500 yards cause there is a road that runs along it and the slope go's around the same length. I sat there for about 10 minutes and then took off. 4 days later I am walking down a street and get pulled over by a cruiser and then 6 other cruisers occur. I am cuffed and brought to the cop shop for questioning. They had very little to say when the pulled me over

    They started questioning me about being in the area where I work and a whole shit load of questions and then they played a tape to which some security camera from a building across the street taped me going over the wall to which I disappeared... They then asked me what my actions were. So I made up some shit that I had to take a piss and went down to piss on the wall so no body would see me and that it was a steap slope to get up and down with a bunch of roots and branches getting caught up umounst other junk and that I sat on the ledge after a long walk cause the legs were cramped up. The investigator's face then kinda went from serious to "not so serious" .They then asked me if I saw ANYTHING suspicious or out of the ordinary... Aside to the garbage around there nothing.... At that point thats when the investigator told me that skeletal remains of someone were found not even 25 feet east from where I went down about a day or 2 I checked out the place. At this point I was literally spooked out, and it became evident to them with my expression and all that I didn't have a single clue if anything was there . They told me that they were not quite sure what happened to this individual although what they do know is that it has been there for at least 2-3 years and that by evidence at the scene it appears the person may have been homeless person that could of died from an O.D or froze to death. But they weren't taking any chances and the investigator then explained to me how serial killers/mass murderer's such as the Zodiac Killer or BTK and others would check up on the victims whether if it were the crime scene is still there (exposed remains or shallow grave) or a visit to a cemetary. He explained to me that murderer's would go to these locations to ensure that there "trophy" kill is there. So they are trying to eliminate any possibilities and provide information to the coroner

    He then said that since I claimed that I urinated there and they have me on tape disappearing from sight going down the hill that realistically they can charge me for pubic "indecency" or wrongful disposal of human waste but said that it wouldn't happen. I was then released about 3-4 hours after the questioning. Something I never want to encounter EVER again.... R.I.P to that poor soul though
  20. Dot1

    Dot1 Member

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    I got busted bombin a wall about a month ago. First ever. Only got a fine tho WOOT WOOT. The cops could't get in contact with the owners of the wall so our throwies stay up :).

    Quick question tho. Ok i got busted bombin/taggin my tag name. Is it smart to keep using it? Like will cops pin other throwies they see that they know have't been there for a while on me?

    Lemme know guys. thanks