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Ever Get Caught Or Almost Caught?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by "SOAP", Jun 12, 2005.

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wheres ur fav place to tag?

  1. bathrooms

  2. under bridges

  3. skools

  4. trains

  5. tunnels

  6. other

  1. Purplepants

    Purplepants Member

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    I just got caught. I was tagging a train and once i walked away i saw some guy coming out of this train.. I just thought oh, well.. Let's pretend nothing has happened, but then that fuckin' bitch goes to the guard and they run after me. So i looked behind but then they already got me, so i had to go inside the train again and they were asking for my name and ID card, and they took pictures of my tag.. And they told me that i was gonna hear from it sooner or later.
    I think that they are gonna send that picture to the cops, so i'm pretty Fucked.
    However, i was traveling without a trainticket, so i di'dn't got caught for that..
  2. Tryp

    Tryp Senior Member

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    actually got busted last night.

    me and my friend went out after i got outta work doing shit all over the city and we were finishin up on our last spot. and in the back of a building too, we had crazy time like 15 minutes had passed. so we were finishin' and i see my boy go "oh shit" i turn and see the cop pull right up and im like "you gotta be fuckin kiddin me".

    we had nowhere to really run and he caught us actually spraying so there was no denying that shit. so he searched us, took our addresses, got our tags and took the paint. he said hes gotta tlk to the building owners and see if they wanna press charges (which im sure they will) and then a warrant for our arrest comes out.

    basically im fucked and gonna be shittin bricks for the next week.
  3. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    no, so far in my 4 year career i havent even been close to being caught by anyone
  4. Dinan 3er

    Dinan 3er Senior Member

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    This is so embarrassing.

    I have like 100 stickers in my car and I want to put em up and stuff but I am too lazy to go do it. So yesterday I went to my schools soccer game and I walked by the visiting teams bus and just slapped it on the side as I walked by. As I left the game I walked by the bus and I didn't see my sticker there and I just thought that someone ripped it off. So then last night I was standing around with my friends and I noticed that the bus driver stuck my sticker on the back of my car. I felt like the biggest dipshit.
  5. Dinan 3er

    Dinan 3er Senior Member

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    you shouldve just told them you werent giving them shit. I wouldnt give my name to anyone. If they caught me have me arrested Im not giving my information to some security guard.
  6. dirtbiXe

    dirtbiXe Member

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    wow man ur a complet dumass why the fuck would u tag ur own bathroom
  7. etch a sketch

    etch a sketch Senior Member

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    i was doing a throwie and from out of nowhere some fat guy yells at me so i run but i look back and he's like so far behind me so i just jog and he's like running his fastest. hahahahahahaha. ha.
  8. JukeToy

    JukeToy Member

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    A few weeks a ago I went out writing with a couple mates and then we went to a punk show.

    While we were at the show we put our bags under a pine tree.

    After the show we went to get our shit and a cop was digging through it...

    Apparently its a legal offense to have spray paint in your possetion...
  9. 210

    210 Member

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    a cop cant realy arest u unless dey catch u in da act or have film of u rite? o and wat happens once u been caught like wat do they charge u wit
  10. Stryke

    Stryke New Member

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    bout, 2 weeks ago, me and a friend was taggin down in a place called the Vector, its 2 giant concrete block with a silo and a water tube going through them at the bottom of a curvey hill, so anyways, we finished our tags, and we started walkin back to the top, so my friend thought we should do a throwie on the water tube, so we both start, right at the same time, this bitchy looking well... bitch drives by and sees us and makes a face at us, so we fuckin tossed all of our cans underneath it, and run like fucking hell, about 20 minutes later we see a 5-0 pull in there, we was like shit, fuckin close call.
  11. disco1

    disco1 Member

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    nah never been cought once yet lol:p
  12. tREW

    tREW Member

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  13. dbl-A

    dbl-A New Member

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    nice article. the thing that the cops and media dont get is that is what graff writers love to see. their tag on the front page of the paper.

    oh yeah and i got busted yesterday for just being with my friend who was writing. i had 4 cans of paint on me and some gloves and the cop said that he saw me spraying on a wall but i denied it. denied everything. fuck cops. he only gave me a city ordinance violation for property damage. fucking bullshit i have court now in like 2 months.

    i see that cop's car im gonna throw a brick through the windshield.
  14. ~$dead presidents$~

    ~$dead presidents$~ Elite Member

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    almost got caught 2 days ago i was down by this train yard n i was doin a throwie on a silver hut n the cops had been watchin me n mi boiz from da top of the hill they jus waited for the right time...right after i finished mi throw they came runnin down screamin no1s gettin away were they sure wrong me and another friend got away by hoppin a barbwire fence and mi other 2 friends got caught
  15. TTO.TC

    TTO.TC Senior Member

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    i was painting under a bridge then a cop rolled up in a motor cycle on the tracks and well i just booked it not a very good story but its mine...
  16. antaginize

    antaginize Member

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    i just got caught yesterday me and my friend tagged almost every stairwell at our school on thursday friday comes around with annoucment $25 reward for whoever it was 15 min later im in the office talkin to a pig and 2 principals and if i knew at the time whouldnt have confessed cuz my mom wasnt there but i now i have 100 hours community service a $400 fine and a court date
  17. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    hahahahah i laughed my ass of at that shit
    now half the world knows you have no artistic ability whatsoever
    EDIT:good goin nate
  18. Dinan 3er

    Dinan 3er Senior Member

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    also what were you doin painting at 4 p.m?
  19. chief

    chief Senior Member

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    i just got caught racking paint. any one know what will happen, its my first offense .
  20. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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