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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    hobbes you trippin' B,
    like you on a schizophrenic beat
    talkin' to yourself swiftly
    like no one noticed see?
    so deceive the deception
    and let the essence
    relate the elevated relation
    to constant constipation
    of the mind
    an aneurysm in time
    with the ability to fly
    so fucking tied
    up with a tide
    to wave away
    the swaying waves
    like commotion could motion
    the commode into being a station for deep thought
    the dried drought would seek a distraught thought
    to think
    like puking up knowledge into a sink
    just to swallow it again
    information no matter how disgusting, that shits your friend
    only your only friend like know me, homie? don't make amends
    I'm an amendment you can't mend with loans to lend
    so if you attest this
    than please,
    reset this and rest kid
    like constant axles that travel on wax
    the friction would slowly detract
    and subtract till the groove was just right,
    the move was only moving on movie night
    but absence was your type of abeyance,
    obeying the hiatus like shit
    this is the type of lame membrane wave
    that will inevitably shame your stains
    so don't rate the rain if you can't smell it first,
    predict the quenching of your thirst
    not hungry enough to feed my eatery
    but rather steal the bread crumbs like thievery
    I'm on a scene you see but you can't perceive it
    because you would leave it
    dead on the set the set up was not yet set
    the table missing forks,
    the plate breaking with your face aching to be placing
    your complacence adjacent
    to my thrills,
    not here to brag about ills,
    'cause if life gets to real then you can fill
    in the fillin
    with a shade
    the color of your parade,
    stomp through the town with no fucking grade
    grains would fall
    like drops dripping down the wall
    but if you had no
    relevant information to relay,
    what the fuck could you say?

    I tried to make this one as easy as possible to cheap "fix that" but just line breaks...typing freestyles is bullshit though, sometimes there's a lil more to MCing than cliche rhyme-endings. Like assonance, alliteration, and other types of word play that aren't best conveyed on the internet. I doubt people even know how to properly pronounce certain words anyhow...kinda like how ill and feel aren't supposed to really rhyme but if you distort the word it can work.
  2. BosoeHNT

    BosoeHNT Senior Member

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    Jakki disagrees haha...
  3. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    well I'd agree with jakki...thats not really my style, if you notice I rhymed "Ill" with "fill", but still used "feel" to distinguish the difference.

    I also rhymed "thought" with "distraught" and "thought" because DROUGHT is pronounced differently, and I like distinguishing different words.

    If I wanted to correctly convey my style on the internet via typing, I'd have to format it for certain people to understand.

    But ahh, silly me, thinking I'd get props from bombing science just because I've been practicing my freestyles in real life. Gotta love those car rides where you can rap loud as fuck and not worry who hears.
  4. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    haha right on man^ i feel ya. And the last time i gave props on some shit that someone spit i got dissed on haha. so fuck it.

    Typing is most definately totally different than straight up freestylin. Takes you alot longer to type a word rather than just sayin it. And theres no beat behind so peoples flows are harder to pick up on.
  5. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    it looks to me like vice got a vice grip on these rappers throats
    tellin em to speak up just to hear they voice croak
    they chokin on his rhymes n his lines are like three ropes
    looped into a noose tied to support beams of three boats
    and three boats are on the dock wit ciderblocks above they pedals
    ready to meet the metal of deck floors for four scores in which he settles
    once he gets the pin number to the account offshore
    then funds transfer like vd's in the business of soft core
  6. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    once again you write to much
    this isnt a freestyle, im just telling you
    i use this for for fun i have no ego when it comes to this
    i just like wordplay, none of these verses mean anything more than a quick go at having some fun with words on the net
    but obviously you're too serious to realise this
    btw strapple is a word

    just because it comes up underlined red dont mean it doest exist
    ya fuckin tool

    but yeah ill "battle" you, not right now though, i just came to check a pm and saw this
    but keep ya eyes open for my reply, prolly in a few hours when i come back
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2008
  7. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    I figured it wasn't a word because it didn't sound right, was underlined in red, and google, which you would think would have a more solid definition system, said there was no definitions. But okay, ya' got me...

    "i just like wordplay, none of these verses mean anything more than a quick"

    well maybe you should diss MCs who actually have verses that mean shit?

    I realize its the internet, and more specifically bombingscience, but you'd think people who are 'addicted' to writing words would be a bit more respectful towards good wordplay. Maybe people spend too much time writing only 1 word...

    and like I said, this ain't the "diss the cypher above you" thread so I wasn't expecting to get somebody knockin' my rhymes just 'cause I was in the mood to post something.

    besides, its not like I'm going to just let someone knock me 'n not say shit when it comes to certain things. Example; someone goes over your throwup with a throwup, you go back over them, preferably with a piece.
  8. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    Stop being a bitch, its the freestyle thread.
    More disses are flying around than fat chicks getting out in dodgeball
  9. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    yeah well I'm that fat bitch that catches dodge balls
    throw it back quick, watch your ass fall
    all the calls will be in when I'm catchin' it hot
    like spicy you thought it was something distraught
    but I taught you like the student teachin' the teacher
    leeching information out of you like can't take a new cloud to
    heights so high raised up like the taste of a chicken thigh
    breast taste better on lye, still talkin' 'bout the spicy buffalo wings
    I just ate some and it made my tummy sing
    now thats the shit, that is the THING
    like rock solid flavor, get what I'm gettin' at?--
    comin' back fast with a new kinda track to detract your focus
    I'm rappin' without no hocus pocus
    magic tricks are mysterys unsolved, my rhymes are just something
    that needs to be dissolved
    whip out the solvent, put in some salt and dissolve it
    like sticks breakin' twigs I'm a lil bigger than a big
    you can't even understand my shit because I'm the man made kid

    whatever happened to the "diss the person above you" thread...thats where the stupid lil disses should go. I'm pretty sure thats why the thread was made, so people who are just trying to kill time dissing other peoples rhymes wouldn't piss off any members who actually take MCing somewhat someone pointed out awhile back in this thread, no serious MC should be posting here but shit I'm boreddd
  10. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    debating whether i should put this in my sig or not...
  11. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    please just do it.
  12. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    Its okay, I've taken balls to the face before...

    (that ones from a movie! but I actually have taken non-testicles to the face before)

    Chew up ya' nuts when I catch 'em 'cause I don't fluff, like ketchup!
    Catch up to the theory, I fucking hate tomatoes...
  13. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    heres my record guinness theory...
    hobbs blows more fire hose than dennis leary
  14. Thread-Locks

    Thread-Locks Senior Member

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    And sucks dick like a queer-y
  15. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    thread locks head rots cuz his rhymes is weary
    my punchlines explode ya flow like naval mines in lake erie
  16. Vice(Tre)

    Vice(Tre) Guest

    ima fuckin jackass, at birth i shoulda been named eeore
    cuz i run in project buildings to the 18th floor
    and raped 3 whores
    and left with them screamin behind me ''WAIT....RAPE ME MORE..''
    tht made me soft, so i had to take detours
    ended up at AC Moore
    decided to steal painties for.....
    my damn self ta paint these boards
    old bitch came at me like ''have you no shame. pay for it and they be yours''
    i smacked the shit out of her and said ''NO BITCH WTF you think i blaze treez for''
    then them 3 whores from the rape catchin up,,
    if this old bitch didnt make me stall
    if i had spit game them whores woulda paid me for
    the great meat balls
    in due time there may be be continued
  17. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    to be continued... so i continue on with the story
    proceed wit the raping deeds but step up on the gory
    factor above fourty stories, push the whores n watch em soaring
    down the the pavement, the rest of they days spent eternally snoring
    pouring out they heads is that pink and red mush
    that stuff that gets my lust up dick hard and bout to bust
    i must get a taste so i run down the fourty flights in a rush
    huffin and puffin, trippin n grippin railins, get cut from rust
    my cut gushes puss, infected wit tetanus or hep C
    say fuck it, continue on with the mission to get the
    brains that been spilled and fill my cup like nestle
    throw it in the blender and shred it like sigs of sketch3

  18. Vice(Tre)

    Vice(Tre) Guest

    and im drinkin up
    lift the cup till it hits the mug and start sippin chunks
    as my vicious cuts from the frikkin rust still drippin puss
    ta numb the pain i start sniffin dust
    think i need medical attention
    but the scent of my breathe might get me put in sum federal detention
    cuz im one of satans students
    cuz these earthly lessons just made me truant
    i execute any act of violence i feel like i was made a do it
    kill a toy for taggin a ugly ass throw thts fake and stupid
    take a broom stick,,,and stick it up his anal poop shift???
    sick of takin bullshit.....make me wanna spray a fullclip
    but i dont have a bullet ta use......
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2008
  19. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    so i use a bullwhip
    and i crack em in the back
    toys dead bodies i stack
    pack em in the freezer, 1 by 1 pull em out wit a axe and hack.
    hack em to bits n throw they chunks in my mornin grits
    eat em up while i heat up they organs in a pot of rotton corn to form some trips.
    i rips the flesh n guzzle some rebutess to ease my stress
    my chest burnin like sermons of devil preachers preachin to bless
  20. Vice(Tre)

    Vice(Tre) Guest

    make sure ta scrape the bowl till im left wit nothin
    snatch the blunt from ya sig and get ta puffin
    just ta get E-high
    i beat guys wit re-plys since i was knee high
    while toys beat guys by gettin between thighs
    you kno i got the best spits
    next bitch, ta step get, they neck twist
    and end up in Unconscious breakfast
    take this word of Ad-vice from this cat vice
    get slapped twice if u think you rap nice