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Goin' Solo

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Fluffy Bunnies, May 4, 2006.

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  1. KAL

    KAL Senior Member

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    it depends on the situation, like last night me n 4 other people i was with (two of whom bomb and other two just came along) ran into these drunk dudes on the tracks...they where cool n shit ,and told us how to get to this abndoned factory with amazing fuckin burners on it . but if i were alone i would of shit my self.

    moral of the story is

    -solo way too paranoid
    -5 people aight but less bombing gets done i only got 1 throw in n 5 tags :(
    -2 people more gets done wit sum 1 to watch your back n to motivate.

    at least in my experience
  2. ZOT

    ZOT Senior Member

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    I prefer solo but I go alot with friendz
  3. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    how do you all keep from going nuts alone outside in the cold for hours?
  4. xXSARSXx

    xXSARSXx Senior Member

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    i went out solo today during the middle of the day i like going solo during the day time because i am pretty ninja and not many people paint around here
  5. Snot

    Snot Senior Member

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    This cat basically wrote my post for me.
    Scratchies, Marker tags. = Solo
    Anything painting = With a crew member
  6. mojost

    mojost Member

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    none of my friends write
    and my other friends are to sketchy to bring with me
    so im always solo
  7. Geo

    Geo Member

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    Depends where it is... If i'm going local then il go solo, if it's more than 3 miles then i'd probably go with someone but only ever one other person.
  8. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

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    being alone nd being with other people both have there advantages and disadvantages. i mean i personally feel more invincible wen im wit people but theres also tha isk of them slowing you down. nd if u go alone i mean u really hav no1 rushing u or hav them being hella paranoid, but u also lack a lookout. so both hav there benefits nd at least if ur alone u can go 2 ur own convenience
  9. pizzleaint

    pizzleaint Senior Member

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    im really torn

    i normally go bombing/piecing with someone else

    but lately ive been working on going out alone so i can get my nerves under control

    plus if your with someone else you have to share spots
  10. Urah

    Urah Senior Member

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    I hate going solo. For one I feel completely sketched out. Secondly I have more fun with my homies. Feel safer, bust mad jokes, enjoy painting. Markers and shit are whatever, 13 year old kids with a sharpie can write on a bus, that stuff doesnt bother me. but anything with a can, gotta have my homies. Another thing I wont do anymore is paint under the influence. I've been out drunk/high a couple times and done some stupid shit....

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    i deff prefer bomin wit da homies,been out a couple times solo, completely sketched but im getting better nd im layin shit down quicker so its w/e now i still get da rush wen im wif da crew but solo is just fukn crazy da adrenaline running through ya like damn be like the fukn energizer bunny or sumtin

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    yea pizzle I hate sharin spots wif da homies, cuz if there aint enuff space all ur shit ends up together

    NICCSACC Banned

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    funny, i went with my gal the other night and we ended up having relations when we were done in the yard.
  14. levans

    levans Senior Member

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    ive only gone solo for painting all my friends from school live far away and im to lazy to organise anything....did my first piece today...i went solo i did it mad quick to i didnt relize how quick i could do it and i also did 1 throwy that said my name and 1 hollow throwy with the crews name
  15. AbYSS~>

    AbYSS~> Senior Member

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    Deff with a crew member or friend. (true one). Last night i was doin a throwie near a main st and the sts were completely empty and my friend was watchin for cars and in the middle of my throw up he said car and to sooner was a cop turning left from a st straight across and his lights hit the wall above us...he turned and kept drivin..i would have been screwed going solo..

    my 2 cents.
    although i am a nub.
  16. xFatel.Onex

    xFatel.Onex Senior Member

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  17. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    SNOT for all the scratchies i see from you id probibally get a new bombingscience account. a well respected local writer got their place of residence raided because of some shit on myspace and facebook. big brother IS watching you. I am watching you.

    i went out bombing the other night by myself. just some throw ups and tags i only had one can i can only catch so much wreck with one can. my problem was i kept hitting streetlight poles and looking across the street to see 2 dudes smoking on a porch. and then walking away. that happened like 3 times? i gotta be more careful. it also helps if im drunk cause i dont get that paranoia. but im still hella cautious so if someone comes lurching up behind me im still ready to either dipset or fight.

    one person = no noise from talking. which is alot more ninja.

    i got a mission planned but its not ground level and im short and i need a boost up but after that my friend can just fuck off. its nice to have a spotter but im on a roof that i can just like lie down on if someone rolls up. if theres some goof lurkin below me and the police show up (unlikely but it could happen) hes got some a'splaining to do!! basically im an anti social fuck.
  18. Gear_07

    Gear_07 Member

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    buh alot of people more comfortable wit a person watchin out for dem ya knoe
  19. sacwacko

    sacwacko Elite Member

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    ^^^ mite need to get on a roof or hit up sumwhere high so me and my friend can stack up on our standing tho....we havwe been practicing....i hit up a balcony while on my friends shoulders^^^
  20. cheesegril

    cheesegril Elite Member

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    going solo and its all about your ipod, just keep your head up.