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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by imported_newz12, May 2, 2004.

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  1. kemzone

    kemzone Member

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    HMMM well how about you make a nib that fits nicely in it (sock, felt, etc.) and if you have to glue it on, and make sure the cap fits over it before you do it, or you could just make a cap. and yes, ghetto krink will flow through it if you thin it enough.
  2. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    hey i was just messing with a crayola marker and my friend can take off the top and we took out the sponge thing and i was wondering if i could put some ink into the lil sponge thing after i washed out the crayola ink and put it back into the marker the way it went and if itd work has anyone else ever done this?
  3. rollerHHS

    rollerHHS Member

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  4. i write

    i write Senior Member

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    I doubt you've ever stolen anything in your life, youre actually just wondering whether its worth your money
  5. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    i doubt that would make a good mop cuz the plastic things on the sides wouldnt let u push down so u could get drips and the container looks like its made of metal
  6. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    Anything is worth racking. You walk into a store with no money, so you rack a pack of nails. You leave with something you got for free, even if it's pointless or you don't need it. As iwrite said, your just gonna buy it, or else you would have already racked it.
  7. rollerHHS

    rollerHHS Member

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    how the fuck would you know if i have?exactly you dont bitch...and i didnt even go to lowes i was on their fucking website but if yall had thought it was worth it i would make the trip up there

    EDIT- that wasnt at you rouge it was at iwrite
  8. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    i no it wasnt at me but i have to add to this, its just my nature :rolleyes: first:
    rollerHHS: how the fuck would you know if i have?
    because u said u didnt feel like raking it, that leads us to beleave that u dont have it

    rollerHHS: and i didnt even go to lowes i was on their fucking website
    u could say u seen it on the website, but u had to say "saw one at lowes today" in your first post asking us if it was worth raking, which led us to beleave u were at lowes
  9. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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  10. ekin

    ekin Senior Member

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    dude i made the squeezer out of my little shampoo dude i think i be able to make the sickest drips
  11. SMTXgraffin

    SMTXgraffin Senior Member

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    For real, fuck a camera, take that shit then dip.
  12. *Soap*

    *Soap* Guest

    that is a nice mop
    not to beak but the triangle nibs are good buti find they are much stiffer
    like the new ones are all triangular
    but you can still pick up the old style ones at the dollar store for dirt cheap
    anways i like that tremclad mix you have going [/b][/quote]
    This one is killer... I use the same... with some nice hardcore color that can`t be buffed... it will leave a stain forever
  13. anon df-mb

    anon df-mb Member

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  14. Nicht hellig

    Nicht hellig Banned

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    one of my retarded experiments

    dalo marker filled with ink

    look how sexy it is now :wub:
  15. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    post a flick
  16. ekin

    ekin Senior Member

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    do u like dalos are they any good i saw a vid on youtube and it looked dope i wanted to know if its worth the 8$
  17. Nicht hellig

    Nicht hellig Banned

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    for my preference of writing yes but for clean hands most likely not cuz the paint flow is unsteady and also runs out quick like i thought it would : (
  18. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    yo my boy tade made a mop out of a proactive bottle.

    its got the sicket drips i've ever seen in my llife
  19. ekin

    ekin Senior Member

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    easy marker mod for scratchies is glue really rough sand paper to the bottom theres a vid of it on youtube
  20. New Member

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    This is a homemade marker i made myself out of these like popsicle makers things i found? i dunno really, but its two of them together and the nib is like spongy material used as padding...
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    it is a little messy, cause of the lid. But it flows out really nice, i'll get a pic of it when i can.