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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by amet one, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Ethen

    Ethen Member

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  2. Ethen

    Ethen Member

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    nahh that^^^ aint me just a hooduie and respirator
  3. legit

    legit Member

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    i use a mask that u 4 bildin
  4. piscameur

    piscameur Elite Member

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    I just don't wear a mask :D
  5. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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  6. TheTuan

    TheTuan Member

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    i wear nothing or a bandana my friend has a mask if we practice indoors or something but thats about it.
  7. Sentile

    Sentile Senior Member

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    fucking white an black bandanna, if that
  8. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    when i go out bombing i have a really clean trace, no suspecions, no walking with shirts on ur face looking like a naked ninja:
    too start it off i wear comfortable clothes: my jeans arnt baggy and i got my old kicks on-for fast getaway purposes
    [Broken External Image]:
    ***i removed my face for a purpose***
    so ur walking on the street...
    [Broken External Image]:

    you get to a safe spot where there are no on-lookers
    [Broken External Image]:

    and the final touch, a ragg or a bandana..
    [Broken External Image]:

    on somenights i like to take my skateboard with me, great if i have to get over fences and shit. i also made a stencil on it and the sctencil and all other paint got fucked up, cause i damage the board.
    [Broken External Image]:
  9. Blix

    Blix Senior Member

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    you a little kid
  10. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    ye, toy writah, but theres no doubt i bomb. i live in a environment where i can pick up a can and write easily, shits not a fuckin toy lot
  11. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    I rep a black bandana coverin the bottom half of my face niguuuuuuh
  12. crates

    crates Member

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    i have a beanie, that folds at the top, i cut 2 holes where the fold covers, its sweet. hat by day, mask by night B) & ofcourse always need a respirator
  13. cL1.

    cL1. Senior Member

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    u try 2 hard to look cool...

    anyways.. i got a 3M respirator brand new for 10.99 from a website i found
  14. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    go suck a crack pipe mofuka,
    i got that shit for a dollar, act fuckin cool...
    anyways, where did you get a resp for 10 bucks
  15. wookiE

    wookiE Senior Member

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    some japanese respirator
  16. Ghostdog221

    Ghostdog221 Member

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    i jus cover my face with a t-shirt (that i turn into a mask or somethin) and a hoodie
    all tho lately i have started to just bomb with out a one will see me anyways (im to fast)
  17. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    i go witha black bandana
    with a beenie on
    and a hoodie up
    keeps me pretty concield
  18. "Skab"

    "Skab" Member

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    ok this is what you do

    1. wear bright reflective clothing
    2. put some flashing lights onto your wardrobe
    3. call one of your blind friends to be the look out
    4. and for more protection call some cops to look out for you while you bomb

    hahahah good shit!
  19. T R E O

    T R E O Elite Member

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    ^^^uhhhh no.

    i wear something casual.just a cap and a bandana.and i do the same thing that scope does.
  20. crac

    crac Elite Member

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    i got a camo rag and black rag a terrorist mask ( beliclava ) and two 3m resperators.. i use the rags when i go bombin but if im spending more then 10 minets at one spot i wear a resperator to many random nose bleeds of different colors and apperently it total fucks up your bladder or liver or somthing.