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Mirror Etching? How to?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Swul, Mar 4, 2021.

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  1. Swul

    Swul Senior Member

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    I've heard that knives should work just fine but it seems like I'm bout to break my blade when I try. Any alternatives that are easier?
  2. Idkwatmynameshouldbe

    Idkwatmynameshouldbe Member

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    ive never done etching, but ive heard that drill bits work really well
  3. ENY1

    ENY1 Member

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    I had great success mixing different brands/strengths of cream glass etch from Michael's Art Supply put in one of they're proprietary blank wide pens but don't go around hitting in store deli cases with it drunk off 4Loko or you risk suffering the wrath of the neighborhood Taliban.
  4. Katt0

    Katt0 Member

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    sand paper is my go to :p just get a lower grit and youre set. Makes a nice chisel too
  5. Grief

    Grief New Member

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    Glass and tile drill bits. They are a little short and awkward to hold but they cut nice clean lines without much effort
  6. Clip305

    Clip305 New Member

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    i use some little scribe i picked up off d1nyc, most graff shops carry them tho
  7. Katt0

    Katt0 Member

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    Is there anyway to turn etching cream -> etching fluid. It'd be quite a bitch to try and make it myself with hydrofluoric acid + all the safety additives. Just throw it in some water or ethanol or something?