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Old Fucks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ape2, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    i can one up you on prices
    .50 cent for air (you know for your bike tires)
    like what the fuck im paying for air now?!!?

    and coke brought back their old school logo for that reason
    everything was getting too crazy
  2. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    they're charging 75 cents here at the corner gas station. hah and i feel you on that shit
  3. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    i have just stumbled upon a very odd thread indeed
  4. JetBlack

    JetBlack Elite Member

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    2 bucks for a fuckin ice cream? Thats scandalous. Back in the days you could get a teenage muntant ninja turtles ice cream with the bubblegum eye for like a buck and still have cash left over for warheads.

    Back in the days when I was younger.....

  5. Leprocy

    Leprocy Senior Member

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    ...rename this thread "do you remember"...
    ...this thread is all jokes, don't any of you take your culture seriously?, or simply rejoice and remember the days of old when you got up with passion in your minds...
  6. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    you actually paid for that shit? 7-11 was so easy to take stuff from.
  7. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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  8. anarchy

    anarchy Elite Member

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    I'm no old fuck but those teenage mutant ninja turtle ice creams were the fucking bomb.
  9. treeshoe

    treeshoe Senior Member

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  10. Evasion Of Invasion

    Evasion Of Invasion Senior Member

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    i aint exactly old but ppl laugh at me when i bring up my old favorite show gargoyles:(
  11. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    anyone remember beetleborgs or street sharks? im still young but those shows were the shit.
  12. Evasion Of Invasion

    Evasion Of Invasion Senior Member

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    a yes young padawan i remember hell i got a beetle borgs movie floatin around somewhere lol
  13. thatkidyouknew

    thatkidyouknew Elite Member

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  14. hoax-er-One-er

    hoax-er-One-er Senior Member

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    remember the tents with the telescope stickin out the top?

    ELNREIGNSANITY Senior Member

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    i remember busting my ass on these.
  16. x{parkour}x

    x{parkour}x Senior Member

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    i think they still sell those ^ but in those fozen concentrate cans
    i miss the offspring...
  17. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    [Broken External Image]:
    i'm not sure if many of you guys got these, but this is one of those guns that make like 20 different noises and piss off your parents

    when i was a child, i had one, my parents kept taking out the batteries, so i'd run down the street to a neighbors house, and he would give me new batteries, and send me back home to piss of my parents lol
  18. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    HAHAH i love those! i had like 50 of them
    anyone had the original pokemon? lol that was the shit, on gameboy, u cud go anywer and play games in hi res all the time! OMG!
  19. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    wow. havent seen this thread in a minute.

    and mass. is that a joke?

    i see a fault0 post up there.. that kid is the shit. looking through the last few pages of this shit it makes me miss a few heads that used to frequent this shit. alas.. more 'way back when in the old days' talk. seems to happen a lot on BS.

    my input.

    chemistry sets with for serious deathly dangerous chemicals still in them. i think i either imparted myself with super powers or cancer with some of the concoctions i subjected myself to. haha. word up to wanna be mad scientists at age 6.
  20. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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