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Otr Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by KaRkUs, Jun 21, 2004.

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    OTR FLOW PENS are creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam just mix the ink and your goooood TO GO FUCK allll you toys coppppin markers then throwing em out EAT A DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK.
  2. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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    i think the flowpen is overrated but i'd still like to try the cold sweat.
  3. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    better than otr will ever be
  4. illadelph

    illadelph Elite Member

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    Coldsweats and stainless joints is all that....that's about it....and the tagstars....
  5. Olick

    Olick Elite Member

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    my tagstar streaks like crazy. and when i overfill it. it leaks.

    not my top marker.
  6. iBoMs

    iBoMs Member

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    they're absolutely the same . I interchange all my otr's once they've run out.
  7. gunsofbrooklyn

    gunsofbrooklyn Senior Member

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  8. Ladyy

    Ladyy Senior Member

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    I dont really use OTRs, I dont really like using markers at all, I prefer cans or mops.
  9. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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  10. NW Pom

    NW Pom Member

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    how are the touch twins? or twin touch whatever their called.
  11. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    Maybe someone can PM me about this. I got a soultip and I dont know what kind of paint to use with it. I had latex paint which is a no no, and I know that now. So what kind of paint should I use? And can I put paint thinner in it. Leaky and runny is what I want.

    Please help me.
    Forum masters....
  12. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    Still no reply. Please help me.
    Latex paint - and water - and paint thinner. Not good.
  13. jzzy1

    jzzy1 Banned

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    killin it w the OTR.

    waay to represent!
  14. kickapig

    kickapig Senior Member

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    yeah i have the otr mini 0.60 or whatever yeah i was just wondering when it gets clogged from using it too much can i clean it out really well or do i have to buy a whole nother nib?pretty much what im asking can i make a makeshift nib type deal?
  15. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    Just cough up the 2 dollars when you place an order for caps or somthing. Like your going to make a 5 dollar marker work like shit because you wanna save 2 dollars? Cmon now. Im cheap but Ill pay for nibs brother. You would wanna switch them if your changing from ink to paint or vice versa.
  16. provinT13

    provinT13 Senior Member

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    nvm i got it
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2009
  17. BustRollBurn

    BustRollBurn Member

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    The moppin markers are pretty dope but they can be removed easily Try them out in the rain they seem to work great on shit that is already wet
  18. kickapig

    kickapig Senior Member

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    has anyone cleaned out the pump valve yet on an otr if someone can tell me thad be sweet
  19. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    If it's an otr paint just put paint thinner inside it, shake shake shake it up to get all the other shit out and press down on the valve (without nib unless you wanna clean the nib too) and if it's an ink marker I usually put 90% alcohol in it and do the same.
  20. kickapig

    kickapig Senior Member

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