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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Most are done with a screen print. Which is a long and trecherous process that to do well you really need to get an actual screen print but there are ways to make your own, you can find vidoes of a few decent ones on say you tube or the like. Me and my boy are trying to break into it right now and its quite an endeavor.

    Freak- what sort of book? like a multi artist black book? If so it depends on who you connect with. One simple way to do it is to get sketches and stickers sent to you on like computer paper and then just cut them out and use a spray adhesive to put em in the book. I have seen this go 2 ways though very well and it turned out awesome and another that was done poorly turned out like shit.

    Because not many artists are going to want to pay to send something that they'll never see again.
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  2. freakeenyc

    freakeenyc Senior Member

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    word u make a good point dude..i gotta think abt that/
  3. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    youre sending a blackbook to be signed then mailed back to you?
  4. TronMzero

    TronMzero Senior Member

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    word i'll check some vids and shit out. thanks
  5. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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    I can't keep with one name....I have a nickname I'd use but there is already a writer in Australia who goes by it...Grr!
  6. rave316

    rave316 Senior Member

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    quick question are there any general stores were you can get ink markers or somethin that you can fill with inks like molotow markers?
  7. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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    any newsagent. pilot ink.

    or if u meant markers
    liquad chalk markers. theyre OTRs but half the price. empty out the liquad chalk and put your own ink in.
    ne office store will have em, some newsagents will have em. or rack paint pens from newsagents and refill them.
  8. Chump

    Chump Senior Member

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    on the movie quality of life... any one know what kinda caps they are using on there throws...
  9. EST2007

    EST2007 Elite Member

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    who gives a fuck. if you like the name, go with it. personal style is more important than a name. names get duplicated all the time
  10. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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    id say it was a ny fatty altho i dont remember the throwys
    ny fats r good for throwys outlines AND fills
  11. hatchifatchi

    hatchifatchi Member

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    any one ever happen to get a gay ass rusto's painters touch?? i didnt look at the label when i racked it so im stuck with it. anyawys, that can comes with a fucked cap system. if u take the cap off theres already something sticking out of the can, so i cant put a rusto fat or i just use the stock cap or do i have to get female caps?...
    Last edited: May 2, 2008
  12. rave316

    rave316 Senior Member

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    your probably going to have to get female caps, though alot of cans i've seen as of recent have female caps, so you may not have too much an issue getting some.
  13. COLOR192

    COLOR192 Senior Member

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    how do I make a freekin "O" using bars? if i make a square it looks damn retarded... any help, please?
  14. markingz.

    markingz. Banned

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    I have really really toy question, anyone know about the OTR molotow paint marker that comes in silver and gold too. I have those and theres the metalic paint and then also this really green looking stuff too inside. Does anyone know what this stuff is and is it really toxic if it gets on you?
  15. shiva - the destroyer

    shiva - the destroyer Senior Member

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    when the bottom and top bar are skinnier than the side bars, it should look pretty well.
    or you could just not use bars, ignore what everyone says om BS and find the way that suits you best.
  16. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    O's are the first letters you have to practice bending bars with.

    Practice making a C shaped bar. When you can pound out a properly shaped curved bar use two of them to make a O.

    Or practice making a bar that is only half of a C shaped bar and use four of them to make a C.

    Whatever you fancy...
  17. fwn2

    fwn2 Member

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    dude thats what the metallic part is mixed with to make the paint, just shake the pen and it'll all mix back up again, not toxic no, but i wouldnt eat it if u were u:D
  18. tempest

    tempest Senior Member

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    but tht would be plain retarded
  19. lordloss

    lordloss Senior Member

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    I Need A Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Help Me Just Shoot Out Hella Names Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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    jus make shit up i made them up as if theyre taken