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R.i.p Zewl

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 8-BallChamp, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. SuckiT

    SuckiT Senior Member

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    I myself have lost very close friends ..I can honstly say that hearing this has made my day shit .... I did not know the guy first hand .. but I have had quite a few conversations with him on this site throughout the years.. he was one of the two people on this site who i truely respected .. although i did not know him personally .. i hope that his friends and family have enough strength to get through this tragegy..
    R.I.P Justin A.K.A ZewL

    STRIFE Elite Member

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  3. OPRAH!

    OPRAH! Senior Member

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    shit yo thats messed up.RIP zuel.
  4. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    ok, im very sorry it has taken me this long to clean this thread but i wasnt ready to read this thread yet.
    this is very hard for me because ive never known someone to die (not even some old relative in my family) and speaking with justins family was even harder.
    anyways justin was the first person to take me painting, and to that i give him all my thanks and love. hes actually one of those people that would have taken the time to paint with newbies and show them the ropes, as my friend egor knows too.
    justin has always been depressed but i believed in him surviving, because he was a lover. all he believed in was true love. and he would talk to me for hours about how it was gunna happen to him. there were many times we didnt see eye to eye, but he was so open to discussion that things could always be talked/worked out.
    justins artstic talent was amazing, and any sketch he did came out just as prefect on the walls.
    to many of you the fourms justin, was nothing like the real justin. justin was so much more then "thehardpenis". he was a friend.

    and to kay, gesus, car, and sly... remind me to spit in your face if we ever meet. if you didnt know most people who are depressed and commit suicide, dont just try once. so what if it didnt happen the first time, that should have been a blessing not a reason to ruin our consolences

    to ATMS and GSM...i wish peace of mind to you all. the only thing justin loved more then true love was graffiti. and you boys definatly know how to get up, so thank you for that.

  5. afterten

    afterten Elite Member

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    damn, shitty news. never got to meet him, but liked his work a lot.

    heres a little interview I did with him a long time ago.


    ---- what/who got you into graffiti, and how long have you been writing for?

    Well, I started writing a little over two and a half years…it started with doing little marker tags on the bus, and soon evolved into painting pieces. I wasn’t really into the bombing aspect when I stated out….but I was rocking pieces from the start.

    ----what motivates you to keep bombing?

    Well….I guess my motivation comes from many different points. Theirs the fact that I’m addicted to graffiti. It’s the strongest drug I’ve put my hands on up to now….and I just cant quit. Theirs also the fact that my buddies force me into painting….they always want to go rock spots or go do some crazy clean train missions and I get dragged into it all. I’ve even gotten into beef with some crew mates of mine over me wanting to spend time with some chicks instead of painting….but beef aint the subject here so imma shut up. And another thing that gets me motivated is walking downtown Montreal….the most beautiful city in Canada graffiti wise of course….when I walk down the street and see some crazy Sake ledges or some crazy NME crew burners at hot spots… always like “woah”….and that all gets me like dayum I gotta rock shit like that.

    ----- whats your favourite surface to hit (wall, metro, freight, rooftop) and why?

    My favourite shit to hit has to be the metros… oh my god…. I still remember the first time me and my boy yusa rocked a subway….it was like heaven, we wanted to do that shit for so long and it finally happened….a dream come true I tell you. The paint glides on the train so nicely and ahh it’s an orgasm. If I could get away with it…. I would rock those bitches everyday, but unfortunately it’s a risky business and many people have gotten arrested for it and many chases go down in the tunnels.

    ---- got any cool chase stories?

    Cool chase stories…..well I’ve gotten chased a few times. I’ve gotten the cops chase me many times, but usually I end up getting busted….but what pisses me off the most is the civilians who try to act like heros. I think the craziest chase I’ve had was December 21st 2002…I remember it like it was yesterday. Me and my boy Elmz were drunk and rocking a semi truck and the owner of the truck was coming home with his trucker buddies from a x-mas party and spotted us. So they drove their mini van up and one guy jumped out and ran after us. Elmz and I split up and the guy kept running after me and talking on his cell phone telling the other guys where I was… they drove up and hit me with the van and I fell on the ground and they started beating the shit out of me. After the whole beating, they called the cops and I got arrested. Luckily I was a minor at the time and saved myself from a 4000 dollar fine to pay for the re-painting of the truck because of the beating I got. (your not allowed to beat up minors supposedly)

    ----damn, that sucks man.

    Yes unfortunately I’ve gotten busted too many times for my own good….but im still at it, I wont stop until I’m locked up or dead. But u know, age might catch on me also….but that will be in a long time.

    ----what do you think about events like Under Pressure and Style In Progress?

    Ahh I love graffiti events and I find we are lucky to have events in Montreal such as Under Pressure and the Lachine Jam….and they got other events out in Toronto and shit….but I never went to them. I was going to paint at Under Pressure this year but unfortunately I was on a graff trip out in BC and couldn’t make it back in time. But yeh, about the graff events, I love em, it’s a gathering of writers from all over who come together and rock some hot shit, and theirs some dope MC’s and breakdancers….its pretty hype shit.

    ----- whats the ATM all about?

    Ahhh ATMS crew…..well, atm crew is a crew I started a while back who originally only had 3 members, Yusa, Oath and me…..but we recently entered Ecler into the crew. Atm has many meaning such as Avoid These Morons---Another Train Molested—Attacking The Metros---Ahh Those Maniacs and many more. I would say Atm is one of the biggest clean train crews in Canada, but we are an all round crew, from trains, to pieces, to bombs all the way to canvas. So that’s where we stand.

    ----- where do you think graffiti will be in 10 years? I'm talking montreal and globally.

    Well, im part of the new generation, the crews on top of the game in Montreal who I look up to are HYH, KOPS, NME and DA…..but things are changing with time, new crews come out….people’s skill keep evolving and that’s what its all about. 10 years is pretty far from now, I cant say that I see that far, but hopefully by then things will get even crazier….I hope at least.

    ---- any last words?

    Yeh actually I would like to give out my personal quote… “DON’T JERK THE BONER CUZ THE BONER WILL SPIT IN YOUR FACE” And for all you new jacks out there…..remember, the key to getting better is sketching a lot to improve your style, and painting a lot to improve you can control. But know that biting wont get you anywhere…..except on my hate list. Peace out.

    R.I.P justin
  6. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    R.I.P. :(

    I liked zewl's style alot....
  7. Car2nist

    Car2nist Banned

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    msfyt, sorry bro, i had no idea, i thought it was just another fake thread, i had mad respect for the man, he never had any beef with anyone, and he was always a good guy. I'm depressed 98% of my life and have pondered the suicide idea many times, never succeeded, my life has been fucked up ever since i was a kid, and graffiti is one of the few things that kept me alive. I'm sorry for your loss, as I lost many people in my life and I know how it is, sorry if i discouraged you in any way shape or form.
  8. mindo

    mindo Elite Member

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    msfyt's a chick and zuel had beef with everyone. but it was all good..he was always an amazing person and will remain in our hearts forever.

    when details about the funeral and wake come up could someone please let me know because i have to be there for it. I'm not missing out on my last chance to see this guy.
  9. pane in prov

    pane in prov Elite Member

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    sorry to here this..he was a great writer and for everyone that knew him i feel your pain.

  10. Car2nist

    Car2nist Banned

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    "zuel had beef with everyone"

    he only had beef with people who beefed on him, any graffiti writer does the same.
  11. SLY

    SLY Elite Member

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    i thought this was some well organized bull shit, sorry if i offended you guys. RIP.
  12. ssypark89

    ssypark89 Senior Member

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  13. jade

    jade Elite Member

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    damn...........R.I.P man. :(
  14. 40Caliber

    40Caliber Senior Member

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    Word to After Ten for that interview

    fuck i still can't believe that dude wasted himself

    Rest in power dude
  15. gilt

    gilt Senior Member

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    man. R.I.P ... even though i didnt know him, it still makes me feel like shit. i can deffinatly put myself in his friends shoes, considering i have had 3 friends die and im only 15.

  16. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    man this junk has actually got me depressed and that interview has made me make sure im gonna keep on hitting up even with my latest bust last week and my soon to come criminal record.
  17. pane in prov

    pane in prov Elite Member

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    i feel like doing a piece in his memory..........
  18. mr. she77

    mr. she77 Elite Member

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    Rest And Peice man, zewlah was always like one of my favorite writers on BS. damn.
  19. graffistheshit

    graffistheshit Senior Member

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    i think its great that just about every one is paying respect and being mature. im from the US, i never knew him or any canadien writers, but this still puts an impact on me. msfyt that was great what u said about him and gave us all a perspective on his life. and whoever it was that put up the interview, that was great too.
    i was here when he said his goodbyes last time he claimed he was done here. it was very discusting what a lot of people had to say on that thread and people need to think befor they talk.
    RIP to a real king in the under ground subculture.
  20. OPRAH!

    OPRAH! Senior Member

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    yeah man the interview and the msfyt post were great, this is a very good thread although its sad at the same time. i didnt know him personally but, ive always been a fan of his shit ever since i came on these forums like 2 or 3 years ago. its very sad that he just took his life away i think anyone who knew who he was from the forum or if they were his friend will be very effected by this.