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Reasons For A Cop To Pull A Gun On You?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by AKalien, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. stabbyjoe

    stabbyjoe Senior Member

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    cops can justify pretty much anything, where i live they are super anal. my friend was in a shopping cart getting pushed around, mabey at like 2 in the morn, this cop roles up and everybody runs so they pull there gun on him like "FREEZE" stay in the cart and dont move!! its not even that ghetto hear like at all they just feel like starting shit, bottom line if a cop wants to he can.
  2. jackjones

    jackjones New Member

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    i know they can pull a gun on you whenever they want, but i dont know if they can legally shoot you.
    true story example:

    i know this kid from idaho
    and he started tagging stuff when he was twelve.
    on his third night of sneaking out late at night he gets caught by a cop.
    he starts to run and the cop screams, "Freeze or ill shoot!"
    the kid puts his hands up and turns around to find the cop standing there with a gun aimed at his head.
    that kid pissed himself and was scarred for life.
  3. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    if you get cornered, be a ninja and run up a wall.
  4. duece312

    duece312 Member

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    yeah. cops are a big part of my life. ive been chased, pepper-sprayed and tazered(is that a word?) but in chicago the cops dont put up with anything. but for the most part it wasnt from writing. i get caught doing everything. we once got pulled over and we were all high as hell so me a jay hopped outta the car and ran and the guy with the car sped off while the cop chased us. but anyways, when running from the cops, run down alleys, through back-yards. anything
    ive been arrested 3 times and escaped many more!
  5. MAC504

    MAC504 Member

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    the cops cannot shoot you for running..i mean they can, cuz, well, they only control themselves, but they are taught not to shoot unless absolutely nessessary. Firing is a last option when a situation has no other possible SAFE outcome. They wont shoot you for spraying some paint on the wall. they *may* taser you, but they have to be close range to do that.
  6. god414

    god414 Member

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    you try to fuck up a cop and IF you did they shoot you ass next time
  7. FWBMeth

    FWBMeth Senior Member

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    its called getting up, not getting caught u dumb ass
  8. >x]

    >x] Senior Member

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    learn some karate. and scare the cop off by screaming and randomly kicking then run like shit :]
  9. SMTXgraffin

    SMTXgraffin Senior Member

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    buy mace online, i'd mace a pig and run like hell. I got caught one time i fucking ran then he cornered me in his undercover SUV and pulled his gun.... then they said the swat team was in the area and they searched for my marker... i was like "Wow im flattered that you would do all of this for me."
  10. theoldguardisdead

    theoldguardisdead Senior Member

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    try it out and get back to us akalien
  11. Wake126

    Wake126 Member

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    Man bottom aware of whats going on around you...have a quick exit planned before hand. You should be able to tell if a cop is coming..any I've encountered havent been too quiet...if they pull a you hear a shot...drop your ass to the ground...If a cop pulls there gun out and you dont get away..they have to fill out paper work before court..a review is done to make sure they had reason to even pull that shit out.
  12. blask

    blask New Member

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    yeh i mean they wont shoot you ( unless theyre fucked up on coke or theyre just to much like a robocop kind of cop).. but if u run and they get close enough they can shoot you with those tazer pistol things and shock the shit out of you until you stop screaming
  13. Honor

    Honor Senior Member

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    aint that the fuckin truth, when i got arrested they had 6 cop cars there a minute after i was on the ground. that's the burbs for ya
  14. Sal2

    Sal2 Member

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    as much as i hate the pigs i wouldnt recomend fightin em, jus cause ur gona give all of the graff artist in ur town a bad name an if anyone else were to get caught after this the cops r gona have a lil more caution when goin to arrest them. the mace idea dun seem to bad thow.
  15. zink-dt..

    zink-dt.. Senior Member

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    a normal police officer will neva put a gun to u in england beause thye dnt have guns. but if its an emergency they will call armed units in..... i had 5 patrols n 2 armed units after me before when i took my air pistol ova a field near my house.....i was straight up shitting my self
  16. WolfBurrns

    WolfBurrns Senior Member

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    Only reason the cops would shoot at you is if you pull out a spray can and wave it around like a gun. Cops would put more holes in you then 50 cent. Yeah, so dont do that.. Especially if your black.
  17. Bruce_1nR

    Bruce_1nR Senior Member

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    Word, cops (well...bulls) dont hesitate to pull out the bean bag gun on you....I've almost caught a few of those....and they dont seem to aim for the chest or legs either...
  18. Big TL Springs

    Big TL Springs Member

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    why would you even fight a cop? now your charged with that and graffiti,,,never say sorry,,,cuz then thats like saying you did it,,,,run until caught,,,when caught be nice and keep yo trap shut.
  19. PKASO

    PKASO New Member

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    shit ya those ptown cops are ruthless, I seen them pull over some mexican and they pulled out sum fuckin m16's an shotguns. sum scary shit.
  20. MicoDOK

    MicoDOK Senior Member

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    I went through the police academy here, and the rules are them boyz can't pull their gun unless you have a weapon and they feel you intend to use it. but they'll do it whenever they "feel uncomfortable" You can take a cop to court if he has no reason to pull his strap out on ya. There ya go sir.