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Rip Waster12

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. killkillkill

    killkillkill Senior Member

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    didnt know the guy but we argued all the time on here. always said his piece, whether or not others agreed. i respect that. rest in paradise, condolences to his family and friends.

    Dirty D
  2. crakcrak

    crakcrak Elite Member

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    sooo much memories
    rest in peace Waster

  3. crakcrak

    crakcrak Elite Member

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  4. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    has anyone got any good close ups on waste's tags cuz there mad insane
  5. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    gesus is in 666

    like my boy fannypack said were going to die before his name does, where also going to kep his name alice just like mayhem crew does nace's

    im working on collecting some of this doper shit for custom vinal sheets of his artwork that are weather and fade proof to put up everywhere to keep him name up, wasters my brother from another mother.... his name wll live on

    [Broken External Image]:


    in jan. im gettin one of his burners on the inside of my forearm along with one fo his handstyles on my wrist with a rip above it... i know pills and kasm are doing the same

    ill shoot up to that

    there a story behind thats more heart felt then anything ive heard before that shows how good of a person he was, those who know... know

    ill always love you homie
  6. J.A.B.

    J.A.B. Senior Member

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  7. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    simple but crazy..

    :( no more new sketches and flixs :(
  8. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    soooo much talent
  9. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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  10. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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  11. benkser

    benkser Elite Member

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  12. ladie sevo

    ladie sevo Senior Member

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    i only knew him online and with the exchanges but here

    everyday people labels us as criminals, hoodlums, misfits, deliquents
    and for what? .... the art of writing
    becuase our names our identities we paint on things
    we're only beautifying the old, the ungly, the forgotten

    all of our names have a story, they are a part of us...
    they are us it is our persona, a whole other being inside us
    it craves to be heard, but not by words of mouth but by words on a wall

    people always want us to change, do something "useful" with our talents
    they think by locking us up, giving us probation that we will stop
    well we cant for it is in our blood in the very veins that run through our body

    the only thing left is when everything is taken away...
    we can no longer write, we can no longer satisfy the cravings...
    so it stays in.... with us until the very end...

    i dont blame waste nor am i mad at him...
    i think he just couldn't release his tension, his expression, his art...
    so he fixed it his way....

    rest in power antonio "waster12"
    you will be missed....

    i think for anyone who understands graffiti and art itself, whether you get up and paint or sell at galleries should understand this

    take care of yourselves triple six familia, cri, bee...and everyone else
    ladie sevon

    a2p.7sevonVII allstar
  13. ANTIC

    ANTIC Elite Member

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    always got the warm n fuzzies when he posted shit....its a shame

  14. Steez

    Steez Senior Member

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  15. scOpeOne

    scOpeOne Elite Member

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    just as i saw him paint under a piece he wasn't satisfied with

    What a waste12
  16. Steez

    Steez Senior Member

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  17. scrabble

    scrabble Elite Member

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    WHAT!?!!?!!?! I havent been on here for madddd long but when i was browsing 12oz i had gone to the montreal thread and see some waster flicks im like oh cool havent seen this dudes shit in a minute but then i scroll down more and read some of the posts and they are like RIP waster12 shit so i came on BS to find out if this was ledgit and unfortunately it is. from what i remember he was cool dude memories n shit with infer and what not but yeah sad to say it but....

  18. represente lexelence

    represente lexelence Member

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  19. piscameur

    piscameur Elite Member

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    Fuck!! :( :( :(

    C'étais un des gars les plus chill que je connaissais....fuck haters man
    Rest in peace brother...i'll miss you
    I still remeber all these tips and comments you were saying on my sketches and shit, thanks again! Waster was one of the nicest guy man..he always cared about my toy shit before...always spoke to me eaven if i was shit to his eyes...

    If only you could see how much people cared about you...and not see al these haters hating you for no fuckin reasons...fuck this shit

    rest in peace man... :( :( :(
  20. afek

    afek Elite Member

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    i always enjoyed watching his post to see what he said i had a some wat off a beef with him back when he started his "morningglory" account but thats in the past i had respect for him and i always will

    its gonna been wierd knowing hes not gonna be on this forum any more

    peace out waster

    edited on 07-07-07

    well time has passed and i still miss hes post ans how they would make me laugh

    its amazing when you start to write ans you have such a big head.. and you look back on it now and you think wow i was a stupid toy.. peace out
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2007