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Rip Waster12

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. slapsticksexfan

    slapsticksexfan Member

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    this is one last post from trance, i just heard.
    fuck this shit sucks.

    erm i have no words. this is the worst shit ive heard in months...

    god dammit, that sucks.
    i crnt believe

    R.I.P waster12, you will always be in our hearts.
  2. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    there is so much to say about this person
    was suicide the only possible conclusion
    waster 12 is gone
    a man named antonio is gone
    all that is left is sad friends and hundreds of empty cans
    rest in peace psykoaz
    rest in peace waster
    rest in peace antonio
  3. slapsticksexfan

    slapsticksexfan Member

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    i just crnt believe hes gone...

  4. SiLeNt-BoB

    SiLeNt-BoB Elite Member

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  5. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    I cant beleive it man. Waster has always been a huge inspiration to me. He was always so nice to me. Why man, I dont want him to be gone.

    I'm sincrerely sorry to everybody who was incredibly close to him, the 666 family and all of his persona friends.

    Rest happy Waster, we'll miss you friend.
  6. COLA

    COLA Senior Member

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    .......i cant believe this!!!!

    fuck the haters! waster12 was my friend and hes gone, i have no words...........

    RIP antonio
  7. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    and his sister :(

    i only spoke to him a couple of times
    crazy insane mad guy who was a perfectionist

    i only just saw this thread and it was quite a shock,
    maybe myfst can say her condolences <_<

    rip a legend who will be greatly missed
  8. -des-

    -des- Senior Member

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    Dang his shit is pretty tight!
  9. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    I couldn't stop thinking if this was true or not last night as I was painting a canvas.

    Waste, I'll definitely miss the arguments we had about politics and religion and phylosophy and everything else there is to argue about but I'll also miss the times we agreed on a few are a very smart person and your pressence and natural talent will definitely be missed here on BS.

    Rest in Peace

    *and gesus, I guess thanks from BS for confirming this and calling his least I apreciate it.
  10. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    I hope you find peace and tranquility Waste.

    No doubt one of the best on this site.
    And one of the funniest as well.

    I hope you find your place.

  11. killah-EF

    killah-EF Elite Member

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    damn this shit is in peace and power to the God Waster
  12. -testify-

    -testify- Senior Member

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    :eek: :( x100000
    R.I.P :(
  13. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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    RIP man, I never understand why people do this.
  14. skim

    skim Senior Member

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    R.I.P waster 12
  15. koper

    koper Banned

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    RIP Antonio

    damn shame
  16. eyesore

    eyesore Senior Member

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  17. lagrossedemontreal

    lagrossedemontreal New Member

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    This guy, Waster 12, Tony, my teacher, my fucking friend...was the most amazing person you could ever meet. All he did was care. Hes the one you could always go and talk to about anything and he wouldn't judge you. He'd listen, and he'd try and understand. FUCKKK. Im going physco. Yeah fuck, he had alot of beef...and watch now all these fucking kids are gunna realise now, shit this guy was fucking dope. Well, its too late now fuck. I can't even lie man, I have talked shit about this guy...and I wish i never did, cause all he, is there for me. He taught me everything i know about graff. He told me "start small and work your way up, simple letters are where its at for you right now." He taught me how to hold a can, what to do so your index finger doesnt get tired when ur doing a fill. He drew me pictures, complimented me non stop. This guy could make me smile even when i was so depressed i even pushed my best friend away. He helped me realise things about myself that i didn't even know about. He wrote me a six page letter that i never read cause i was scared to know what it was about, and now that i read it, i have so much to say to him, that i can't say anymore. entk. The point of this reply is to say, BigUps to Waster12. You taught me so much, and now all I can do is put the knowledge you gave me to good use. I love you from your number 1 girlie student.

  18. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    i cant egt over this!!
    i didnt know him aswell as others but we spoke on msn!

    i jsu cant believe thats him gone!
    no more skecthes! no more paintings!

    he had too much talent!
  19. KoOl-AiD

    KoOl-AiD Senior Member

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    damn that shit aint cool.... R.I.P

    this just makes me think about his old sig.....

    Suicide is mans way of tellin god you cant fire me I QUIT!!!!
  20. newbornsek

    newbornsek Elite Member

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