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Sharpieâ® Poster-paint Extra Bold

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Runk, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. M A G

    M A G Senior Member

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    ^ yeah what he said

    the nib tends to like tear? or something i cant find the words.

    but theyre good for like fills on your stickers of somin. :blink:
  2. Swank

    Swank Member

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    yeahh they alright
  3. KaL1

    KaL1 Senior Member

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    the marker its self is alright,but the ink is such shit its not even funny.refill it with some garvey,grog or mtn ink.ohh and the guy that sed to refill it with decos is a retarded.the decos exilene will eat the bottom of the marker eventually and ruin it.
  4. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    lol, let him find that out himself lol
  5. fukbuff124

    fukbuff124 Senior Member

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    i'd rather make a drippy homemade or just rack some kiwi's but those shiiiit just use em for ur book or somthin win you could do that shit instead
  6. KaL1

    KaL1 Senior Member

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    that thing is way to big for ur book dude.and shifted.maybe ure right!
  7. alive

    alive Banned

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    otr's seem to run out of ink sooooo fast. amazing markers otherwise tho
  8. MrCzar

    MrCzar Senior Member

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  9. YOP

    YOP Senior Member

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    anything water based is a piece of shit
  10. `~SNEK~'

    `~SNEK~' Elite Member

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    ^^youre water based...

    everyone has 60% to 80% of their body made up of water... so yeah.. piece of shit..
  11. scape-one

    scape-one Senior Member

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    ahahah thats hilarious.. u can just empty out the shit ink and fill it with watevs
  12. KaL1

    KaL1 Senior Member

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    Snek ur in Jesus saves!? that shits tight
  13. `~SNEK~'

    `~SNEK~' Elite Member

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    no im not... hes one of my homies... i just put that up there.. lol...

    all he did was put me in msd so yeah..
  14. KaL1

    KaL1 Senior Member

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    ohh well that shits still tight lol
  15. `~SNEK~'

    `~SNEK~' Elite Member

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  16. SeKs

    SeKs Senior Member

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    Sharpie? what the fuck? if i could i'd slap you with my Pink Flowpen.

    Gotta make me some krink here soon that reminds me. :rolleyes:
  17. shifty_ruc

    shifty_ruc Senior Member

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    Fuck that sharpie. Dont buy it. You could "make" a better marker then that. Jeez, toy.
  18. CaliforniaTHC

    CaliforniaTHC New Member

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    yah me and my friend got one of those, yah you could refill them and all, but they come off reall easy, so i filled mine with some ink i made, and workd alot better!, i wouldnt consider buying them because of the price... i paid 8 bucks, i was gunna rack it but we went in and looked around and saw them wen shop closed so we went the next day and they right on the counter! i was so pissed... :( well yah thats my knowledge of them!
  19. DNA1

    DNA1 Senior Member

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    i filled mine with getto krink and it worked fine. the only thing is the nib is like styrofoam, not felt. they write madd streaky. if your gonna use anything in the area of poster markers, refill a zig with your own ink.
  20. FALIN1

    FALIN1 Member

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    ive used them befor the ink is shity fill it with some other shit and there fire man