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Small Pleasures

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vegimite on toast, May 27, 2007.

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  1. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    bustin a nut :)
  2. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    not zipping the pubes up in the zipper, and not accidently pulling them while scratching
  3. minesweep

    minesweep Elite Member

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    got a free swisher sweet from the local head shop, she said she just gives one away every once in awhile
  4. Passleoinj

    Passleoinj Banned

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    i got a pack of hem all the time
    best cigarss
  5. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    im cruising the street in my impala, and i found the most perfect asian whore
  6. broski

    broski Senior Member

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  7. UNCLE

    UNCLE Senior Member

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    getting up at 8:30 in the morning, the sun is shining. its spring, warm but brisk. and you go to paint a chill spot like a skate park or somthing. and just taking like 2 hours to do a piece. makes me feel fulfilled.
  8. Panda Jerk

    Panda Jerk Elite Member

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    when uve been gone all day and all youu wanna do is jump in your bed and when you do, the sheets are all cold and you have your fan on full blast

    when you pass the california haighschool exit exams

    the feeling rite after you brush your teeth when your teeth are all smooth and whatknot

    when you go to the orthodondist thinking somthing bad is going to happen with your teeth and they say just keep wearing yur retainers and well see you in 6 months

    when you get a 3.0 in for your first semester of your junior year

    a new girl friend
  9. thatkidyouknew

    thatkidyouknew Elite Member

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  10. jakbg23

    jakbg23 Member

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    knowing when i get home ill play pokemon.......
  11. thatkidyouknew

    thatkidyouknew Elite Member

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    whitch one?
    i still play blue when im sick cant tuch my picachu(sp)?
  12. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    out writing when your tipsy, while every sound is distorted and crisp
  13. ladie.salo

    ladie.salo Senior Member

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    masterbating in the shower and finishing before the waters gets cold
  14. BALDheadSLICK

    BALDheadSLICK Senior Member

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  15. h!de7

    h!de7 Senior Member

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    getting free stuff[[cigarettes, paint, marijuana, markers, drugs in general.]]

    aaand....proving people wrong of course.
  16. LostYouth

    LostYouth Elite Member

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    ive done all those and havent thought twice about it
    my cell phone and ipod and pretty pleasurable when im stuck somewhere and have nothing to do
  17. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    just shave your shit homie
    the women appreciate it
  18. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    I burn my pubes off. They barely grow back.
  19. SenTheFirst

    SenTheFirst Senior Member

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    when you're spittin game on a girl and you say something slick and look away, knowing theyre just eatin that shit up

    the time right after you light the swisher and get it burning evenly, when you just sit back and tug that bastid. heaven.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2008
  20. LostYouth

    LostYouth Elite Member

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    you most have some porn mentality or your dad is a pornstar to shave your pubs
    i love my pubs and if you shave them it gets hella itchy and you wont forgive yourself for like 3 weeks till they grow back