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Step Bi Step

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by CHILLEN905, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. av3r

    av3r Member

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    Rip out the tube and parts of the cap that pump fluid and then tape the cap back together, fill up with whatever you want and throw a nib in. It's only 60ml but it's decent for when you have dregs leftover in cans/from batches of ink etc or you can get one of the 25ml Dulux samples and mix it half and half with thinner and throw it in. Pretty squeezy and easy to hide :^)





  2. HexxInkworks

    HexxInkworks Senior Member

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  3. .Goat.

    .Goat. New Member

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    *uses caps lock to show anger *really looks like triggered neckbearded heavy breathing child
  4. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    Make your own stickers

    Step 1. get spray tack, it doesn't nest to be rust, this is just an ex.

    Step 2. Print/ draw your picture.

    Step 3. Put an even coat on the back.

    Step 4. Stick it to something.
  5. R3TCH3D

    R3TCH3D Senior Member

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    If you want a cheap pump action marker get a window marker pour out the ink and put in yours. Works like a charm, discreet as fuck too.
  6. Bello

    Bello Member

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    Serious question who can recommend me good books or a good book that can help me on graffiti i'm really trying to get good at this and if i can get a response thatd mean alot
  7. Bello

    Bello Member

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    How do I learn this style of art?
  8. Bello

    Bello Member

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    Do you know of a way I can get better or start on this style of art any recommendations ? Fuck no ones answering
  9. Tel

    Tel Senior Member

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    Alright heres a mop

    Get a light with a screw off top

    Either screw it the opposite way to break seal or screw off the screw and twist you'll end up with this

    You can do what you want with the light find whatever you want for a nib and ink

    So there you go
  10. JeremyMomma

    JeremyMomma New Member

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  11. datguydaze

    datguydaze Senior Member

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    so if i get flame spraypaint what kind of caps does it use does it use male or female caps and would i need a cap adapter for it to be used with caps???does anyone think it would be worth it or not????can some one please answer my question???
  12. datguydaze

    datguydaze Senior Member

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    alright i guess that i will just get some spraypaint from this store down the street that sells canvases and art supplies i think that they may have caps also i heard from someone that says they have been there i hope they got caps and the spraypaint i know that they carry montana spraypaint though that would be whatsup when i started writing it was all about the montana spraypaint i started with krylon though it would be nice to give it a try
  13. Akira Le

    Akira Le New Member

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  14. DKing333

    DKing333 New Member

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    YouTube it my guy! Might be years to late but that’s how I learn everything