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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    Sorry for the double-post, but I just read this:
    I know exactly wut you mean man, I'm the same way. I'm just way too nice to disagree or defend myself... even if I'm gettin completely dissed by someone I really try not to say anything rude back, and everybody knows I'm like that and take waaay advantage of it. I lost all of my best friends because they all turned into complete assholes and I just stopped hangin out wit them. I got used to being lonely man, when ur by yourself, you can do whatever the fuk u want an nobody talks shit. Instead of hangin w/ them douchebags, try juss hangin w/ urself fer a while and find the good things in it. I dunno if it'll help u, but I got strong will (and a form of micro-autism) and never let other people bother me. I've always got my own thoughts to fall back too and as the saying goes: "I may live in my own little world, but at least they know and approve of me here."
  2. Siner

    Siner Senior Member

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    I know what you mean about hangin' with yourself, but lately if I'm out by myself. I just get so bored and my depression gets so bad. I find my depression is the worse when I have nothin' to do.
  3. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    time to yourself can be the most therapeutic thing in the world. when you're by yourself, rather than thinking about others, think about you. fuck everyone else bro. you're the only one that has your back. think about that. be prideful. fuck what people say. pride is not in any way shape or form bad. cockiness, that's another story. just be you man. i know this sounds like cookie cut bullshit, but just remember it.
  4. Divine89

    Divine89 Senior Member

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    after reading that it makes me feel more confident about what things i have control and don't over. thanks for posting it dude. and the one sayings pretty funny/kickass :)
  5. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    100%, absolutely true. I know EXACTLY what you are saying.

    Oh, and no prob man^ PM me if ya wanna talk.
  6. Yusef

    Yusef Senior Member

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    word. man you guys gotta cheer up. smoke some weed, listen to bob marley and meditate.
  7. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    Do you guys find bombing as a good way to ease your pains and stress? Lately that's been the case with me and I don't want that turn into an addiction or my only way of dealing with it.

    Total deja vu by the way, have I posted this before???
  8. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    i dig bonobo for some meditation my00zik. check it out. some songs will have you crying.
  9. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    I totally know what you mean...
    I was over 40 nights on my own just sitting from 8 pm to 3-4 am alone..
    I was sitting near a transtation, next to the tracks so you know what
    thoughts were running through my head..

    And believe me I felt bad and just wanted to disappear...
    It got worse since I was there with a girl and we had a great
    chemistry but then she just said that it would be better that
    we would be just friends...
  10. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    gonna go sit on the tracks now.
    and think.

    not necessarily about death. but about life.
  11. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    ^ one of my favorite things to do. I could spend all day down in the subway... (My subway was abandoned like 40 years ago, it's super dark and noone bothers u, plus there are thousands of square feet of graffiti everywhere)
  12. SBOMBS

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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    were you from^^
  13. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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  14. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    damn i wish i had a chill subway spot to hang out and paint.. consider yourself lucky!
  15. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    around my way, if there's a spot to paint at, cops would be all over it the next day to take pictures of the latest shit. then they'd stop every kid in the town who's riding a bike to try and tell them they were getting a whole bunch of bullshit citations and arrests if they didn't rat out who did it. aint that fucked?
  16. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    That is fucked. The cops are pretty chill about the subway. One time they let me and friend down there and told us to paint the department logo.
  17. hellagargoyle

    hellagargoyle Member

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    you cant do graffiti if your dead..
  18. COBALT

    COBALT Elite Member

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    we all have had shitty times and im on anti depressants and i still have my bad moments

    but i get threw it and yall get threw it too

    just draw thats all i do when i feeel like shit makes me feel mad good
  19. osnapizzel

    osnapizzel Banned

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    yeah i draw when im down, its pretty relaxing.

    plus my mood comes through a lot in my style
  20. Divine89

    Divine89 Senior Member

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    The anatomy of a school shooting, shotgun under my trenchcoat
    Columbiners did it, dead spoke - bloodred soaked
    My mind consume the doom as I walk through the school
    15 people killed and over 14 wounded
    My name is Eric Harris, I was forever harrased, an outcast
    You fuck with us and now me and Dylan is pulling out gats
    I've been wantin to murder people
    Suicide is played out, if you gonna die, take people with you
    We've been planning this before the kids from Jonesboro did it
    And I wanted the world to know when people died why we did it
    I even killed myself but don't feel sorry for me
    Feel sorry for your seads as we spread the diesease
    Another bloodbath coming soon to a school near you
    Smalltown killing-spree that's organized by the youth
    Fuck the media, them fags be disguising the truth
    Dragging my name through the mud when televizing the news
    A bunch of ticking timebombs y'all, is more like me
    Overflowin with hate, bullied to get raw like me
    They constantly get picked on and shitted on like me
    You'd probably get your head blown off by a kid like me
    I put my mind to it and what I accomplish's frightening
    The right thing, no matter what you idiots might think
    Check it, I did that shit so idiots might think
    This ain't a game, the nerds that you be fuckin with might flip

    It's like this, what's more fun than slice wrist?
    Kill that teacher that you hate, spray 25 kids
    You'd be famous just like me if you did what I did
    This is the anatomy of a school shooting

    I see dead people, it isn't my fault that they were evil
    Fuck a favorite I hate everybody equal
    Bitch I warned y'all, didn't I?
    Now everybody wanna talk shit and cry asking why
    - Two geeks picked up guns and turned murderous
    All of y'all under beneath me you don't deserve to live
    Two nerdy kids is that a crime?
    why I've gotta be one of the cool kids just to walk by
    - without being tripped, thrown down on the ground and kicked
    Insulting me for no reason, I was treated like shit
    The teachers let it happen
    I've even seen some of them teachers laughing
    That's why I had a smile on my face when I started blastin
    I wasn't crazy - all of y'all were sick
    I was the nicest person in the world - y'all were dicks
    Don't even try to analyze me now you have no chance, back then
    - maybe you could've been my friend

    i've been feeling like this/thinking of this for about the past month....