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Telling parents?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by HUMAN, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. HUMAN

    HUMAN Member

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    I figure this is probably going to come up at some point in my career, hasn't yet, but it's always good to be prepared for this. Does anyone have any good tips when you finally do get busted, and this is assuming you still live with your parents, for telling your parents that you've been arrested and have been doing graffiti, while keeping it as cushioned as possible for the least angry response from them?
  2. Clepto.

    Clepto. Member

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    My mom's chill w/ me doing graffiti. She just tells me to mainly stick to chill spots cause she don't want me getting caught. My dad on the other hand. I've been writing illegally for 4-5 years and haven't been busted. *Knock on wood ;)
  3. pay_for_your_sins

    pay_for_your_sins Member

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    pretty sure theres a thread like this. but if ur rents are chill, you prob wouldnt be worried about tellin em'. if there not let em find out. but dont be puttin it in their face.

    if ur over 18, no reason to tell em. if ur under when it comes, tell em your expressing yourself. tell them its you expressing yourself, artisticly. say its you getting your art out there, the most efficient way. tell em picasso never sold a painting in his life. qoute toomers rant about mount rushmoore. it go's along the lines of "did the person who carved mount rushmoore get permission from the natives to carve up the cliff? why did he do it? cuz he got a kick out of making big faces, or he wanted to make a mark." tell them people always have written on walls, since cavemen.

    but id say most of all, be calm, respectfull, and honest. but dont be a retard and say i do it cuz its cool, or gangster, or cuz you like destroying shit.

    just be smart, when i first started i was dumb and "invinsible" and got myself caught very fast. but i smartened up and learned to paint with a clear head, and think everything over. been painting for a number of years and have never been arrested, and only had a few close calls. =knock on wood
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  4. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    Okay, time for a helpfull post. I'm good for about one a year.

    If you "go hard" so to speak; you will get caught eventually. This is how the graffiti world works. You will get caught one day no matter what unless you stay under the radar.
    So naturally, when you get caught your parents will probably kick your ass, whether or not they already knew about what you were doing. So it's better to just do it in secret and avoid an uncomfortable and hostile conversation.
  5. Communisthobo96

    Communisthobo96 Member

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    My dads really into banksy's stuff and Obey. for christmas I made him some banksy stuff, I'm just starting to get into graff so I'll hold
    off for as long as I can :cool:
  6. memphisbleak2133

    memphisbleak2133 Senior Member

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    i go bombing with my dad... my mom tells us when the fuzz come and we all book.. we all rack paint together and beat up old grannys too... so dont freaking fuck with us
  7. memphisbleak2133

    memphisbleak2133 Senior Member

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    your an idiot.. you think you big and bad and you have done graffiti for 1 year... 12 months ... 365 days.. bro i have done graffiti for 6 years and my dick is illin hard
  8. ATAK!:3

    ATAK!:3 Banned

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  9. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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    lol i got arrested and my parents fuckin hate me.3000 dollars so far and i didnt even finish court

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    I just let them figure it out by themselves. They weren't thrilled about it at first but after I made some canvases and did some commissioned work they were cool with it.
  11. ZerqRepresent

    ZerqRepresent New Member

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    if parents arent chill about it, i wouldnt let it out. if you get busted thats most likely your bad. I was doing graffiti and i got busted mom. sorry.
  12. sivad4991

    sivad4991 New Member

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    I havent even graff'd yet and Ive alredy told my dads girlfriend she seems pretty ok with it. idk when ill tell my dad. Try and use the excuse that you need a creative outlet make it cheesy.
  13. sivad4991

    sivad4991 New Member

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    A little off topic but any of you got some really good tips on how to not get caught. Im planing on going out for the first time pretty soon but im honestly pretty nervous.
  14. RAPP

    RAPP Member

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    Just tell them ahead of time and go against them if they say no. My dad is against me doing it and my mom just says that if I get busted my pancakes are eaten.

    It's time to let your balls drop bud.

    @sivad, think of it this way, the chances of you getting caught your first time are pretty low, unless you lose your shit and look like a rapist with a hard on for trees.
  15. Sim2

    Sim2 Member

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    I told my friend's mom and she's chill with that shit, she said, " if you ever get caught, give them my number and I'll pretend to be your mom." I guess I'm safe until I start getting fined for that shit.
  16. DIC3

    DIC3 Member

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    My parents don't care if I do it, since they recognize art.
  17. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    my dad used to write in the 80's and my moms pretty chill. they're both cool with it but they dont like it when i get arrested just for the simple fact that it goes on my record. just try to explain to them that you only write on industrial things and not on people houses or cars or windows. and just be really calm try not to argue or raise your voice.
  18. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    Don't tell them just deny
  19. Daddy Jauregui

    Daddy Jauregui New Member

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    how should I go about telling my Mexican Mom I do graffiti, I’ve making those random story's in my head that say shes ok with it and that she’ll buy me supplies, But lets be real thats never going to happen and im really nervous to tell her. So how do you think I should tell her?
  20. Pigeon_enjoyer

    Pigeon_enjoyer Member

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    dawg first of all don’t tell your own mom that just plain stupid and why ask your own mom for supplies if it’s for markers just ask her to buy it for you and say like you want to learn to draw or something DONT tell anyone you do graffiti