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The First Time...

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by FRZ, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. exitus

    exitus Senior Member

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    dude what the fuck that story was so skech
    my first time was with a regular sharpie at my work
    i taged FIN which is gay as hell but still
    only half of it was buffed so i was pumped
    then i racked a magnum and those do smell terible. (but still fun 2 get high)
  2. Zire

    Zire Senior Member

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    My first time was on this huge building near a football pitch. Me and two of my mates were tagging it with absolute shit when this guy comes round the corner and says"what you doing?!what you done?!". we ran so fast and squeezed under this hole in a fence. Haha ill always remeber that moment of panic after he said that sentance.
  3. Ga.nK

    Ga.nK Member

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    lol..hit up my school (i was still in elementary) with those hairspray things. stores sell em around Halloween, its like spray-hair dye? you get the idea..i think.

    ANYWAYSS yeah, me and a friend went there and i tried painting my "symbol" it didnt come out how i liked, so i just took a step to the side and tried again..did that about 3 times, it was at like 5-6 in the afternoon..yeah, i is hella toy

    by the way it was still there after the buff, and i remember watching them take sandblasters to it and stuff...maybe we should all switch from paint, eh?
  4. Gnar

    Gnar Member

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    my first time was on this building thats got like an upper and lower lot to it but anyways there was a fence off the back of it in the upper lot and you could see the police station from it so i had my friend looking from there to see if any cars pulled out and i had just finished and someone tapped me on my sholder and i figured it was my friend but it was another writer wearing this long sleve black shirt and i thought it was a cop at first so i jumped back rite in to the tag and smeard it all over my hoodie and the wall. the guy said it wasnt that bad for my first time but rite over the wall on the roof of another building is a chill spot i guess so i was paranoid for nothing
  5. Kriskros

    Kriskros Member

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    Yo, me and a friend got really hyped on making a piece around here where i live, which is a really small town in norway. Anyways, it was at daytime around 5pm. And we found this cute little neighbourhood with a tunnel going under the main road. So we parked our car, got out and went down to the tunnel. After like 2 or 3 minutes i hear a car pulling off around the tunnel, and 20 seconds later the car comes driving down to were we stood and painted. (wich is not suitable for cars) So we totally freaked out and ran like hell into the woods.
    And while were hiding my friends like: "Fuck! I lost my car keys"
    I freaked out and knew we were totaly busted. And my friend was borrowing his moms car so he went and turned in to the dude who cam after us, i followed along.
    He started yelling to us that we we're mindless kids, and he had takin' out all the air from our carwheels. But when we met him he hadn't called the cops, he just wanted to teach us a lesson. But he was understanding, and he let us go but he wanted our names and numbers and let us go cheap.
    Now im kinda glad my friend dropped his car keys, so he didnt call the cops on us. damn. We were stupid who took our car to the spot.
  6. stretched

    stretched Member

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    it was an alley beside my catholic elementary school and we actually had a house for the priest to live in on site
    so, i was painting in the alley and the priest walks outside and start yelling and swearing at me, calling me a devil child n shit
    sacrilegious or wha?
  7. EmesterOner!

    EmesterOner! Member

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    my first time was maybe a week ago.. me and my friend were like we gotta get back into writing and i said ye, sure.. so we go, i got mad hipe when i did my frist throwie, same night i got so paranoid a car pulled over where i was tagging and i dipped.. but i have a problem with my knee (tore ligaments) and i fucked it up again and started limbing till my friend got all heroic and tried to carry me to a safe spot to hide.. fun night thoe
  8. gunsofbrooklyn

    gunsofbrooklyn Senior Member

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    back in grade 8 i wrote my name all over the school with pens and black sharpies
    i was pretty infamous that month and ofcourse i got caught because i was an idiot
  9. bild12365

    bild12365 Member

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    ight i went wit my friends to this wall and it was pitch black, when i was about half way done i ran outta paint =( i was fuckin pissed
  10. Kofin

    Kofin Senior Member

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    Oh god, i lol'd.

    Umm, It's not as funny as you guys' but...
    My first night out I stuffed like, 8 cans of cheap dollar store paint in a messenger bag, 2 markers, a mop, and loads of stickers. I went walking around writing in this pretty toy handstyle, but i never had the balls to use the paint, I only ever used the chiseltip markers. Sharpie, no less.
    So I'm walking around with 8 cans of Miracal paint when a cop drives right by me, paint cans 'a clattering in my bag, my heart hammering and my eyes as big as dinnerplates. I had like 5 alibis ready and everything. Diddn't get stopped tho, and ran as fast as i could home.

    The first time i went writing with paint, i stuffed the same cheap paint in the same messenger bag, and had these grandiose plans of doing a FATBAT character throwie (my avatar pic) on this ditch really visible to this one stop light. So it's 11 'o clock, and I'm waiting on the traffic to die down so i can do this throwie, and 30 minutes later, it's still high speed. So i finally gave up and went under the road to do a bubble-letter throwie next to all the shitty gang graffitti. I'm writing KOFIN and it's looking great, better than my black book, and i'm psyched, when i step back and notice the KO is gone. I did the KO again and then the FI was gone. I did that throwie over and over, paint dripping everywere, and you could just barely see it still.
    So I go home and look at the can and it's labeled "flat black". For some reason, the flat blends in with the rough surface or something, cause the white diddn't show up at all, and the black is just barely there, 'cept for the drips, cause that's paint on paint, not paint on concrete.

    The first time i went tagging with a mop i was too pussy to get a real mop, so i got those "window writers", those things people write on their cars with and then they wash off with soap and water. I went all over town in one night, writing KOFIN everywhere in handstyle and print. I figured it was just practice and no big deal cause it was washable, but some of that shit is still up on dumpsters and road signs and such. I'm kinda ashamed of it too, I'm tempted to go wash it off myself.

    Learned something new every time i write.
  11. wrekstyle

    wrekstyle Senior Member

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    Was walking home late from a party, had 2 paint markers ON me and some beers IN me saw this one old abandoned house (wasnt in the middle of nowhere) that for some reason it standed out like a ketchup stain on a white shirt, like it was jus calling me...anyway...walk right up to it like i own the place..and maannnnnn i had a session on the walls!, i mean i went from writin my graff name to bullshit like "knock knock, whos there?"...when i finally got outta my "trance" i walk off and went home by this time its 4am...6 hours later...i get a phone call and me with my horrible hangover lastnight was kind of a blurr...they were like " a house near mine was tagged lastnight between the hours of 7pm and 1 am (im laughin in my head when i heard the times) and i wanna talk to you about that"

    i played dum i was like ummm ok..what about??
    i dont kno...what....your...talking about

    my hangover worked out in my favor cause in the end he was like "alright keep an eye out n if u see anything suspicious, let me kno"...(he almost heard me laugh when he said that sorry but that made my day for my first time bombing)
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2008
  12. hellagargoyle

    hellagargoyle Member

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    lol the "first time" i wrote ne thing was like second grade, we'd steal pastel pens from art class then when the teacher made us line up for class we would write all over the walls when shed be checkin off all the kids in the front of the line...good times...
  13. aekone

    aekone Senior Member

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    Heh. That happened to me like last week.
    I wrote Skrawl everywhere.
    And I figured I wasn't gonna get caught until one day I decided to tag the elevator... Yeah It turns out there's a camera in there. :[
    But after I saw the vid. I was mad proud of myself cuz even though the Tag came out shitty I still did it mad quick.
    Got 45 days in alternative school for that shit.
    But damn it was fuckin worth it!
    I'm a toy I know...
  14. crimateNC

    crimateNC Senior Member

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    you fucking idiot, thats like huffing paint thinner. thats what the smell is... xylene. A paint thinner.

    but ummm my first time, i had green and black wally world cans, walked one mile to a dumpster on a highway, and did this really shitty handie thing with some "thickness" to it lmao
  15. blaje

    blaje Senior Member

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    me and my main tagging dude got a bunch of red black and white krylon in a bag and walked down the street to a spillway for when the creek floods at like 2/3 in the afternoon and did a piece each about 6 ft long 4 ft tall probably...we left and once we turned off the street a cop car goes flying past going like 50 in a 35...we were like oh shit! and ran our asses off all the way home
  16. thethirdeye

    thethirdeye Member

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    BOLTS-OMK Member

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    One of my first times out, it was the middle of the day, and I was on a train bridge in town (small town) just fucking around on the inside of it (not visible to anyone at all). I took off a cap (I racked a bunch of them from a hardware store, shitty caps) and went to pop a new one on, and when I did i sprayed all over my face.

    Another time, on the same train bridge, I thought I'd be dope and write

    Never Summer

    And in the process 4 people walked under the bridge and stood there, watching me. I actually jumped over the railing onto the inside of the bridge and just sat there. I was like 14-15 at the time.
  18. markingz.

    markingz. Banned

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    the first time I wrote on something at night i was really scared, it was'nt real fun and yeah, but the tag looked sick so it was worth it!!
  19. Name12345

    Name12345 Member

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    I was just painting for the first time ever... been tagging for a bit, but never painted. Anyways, it's about -20ish here (Celsius btw) and I go and get some paint to use when I get good, saw a train cart on the way home, me and my buddy jump out, ditch the car run up and start a little session there. He nailed some letters, no fills, just letters, still turned out better than my 2 throwups lol

    Anyways, I'm midway through my first throwup, got the outline done so I start filling, then the paint drips onto my fingers (would of wore my gloves, but I wasn't planning on hitting anything up). I ignored it and it ended up freezing to my finger, so as soon as I was done, I went to put the can down and it was stuck! Had to rip the skin off my finger, but I continued with the sesh until we were both happy.
  20. kill_fred

    kill_fred Senior Member

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    the first time i got up is was at this park and i went in there all decked out with my bandana and all black and my paint can and went into this little woodent thingy and while i was inthere some kid comes in and is all liek. 'your doing graffiti im going to tell'

    and i got all scared and ran away haha.

    i think i was like.....10.wasnt a writer or nothing i just wanted to write something stupid like 'i love karsen' haha.karsen got fat and slutty though so fuck her...