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The Real Cap Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SmashOnUPlasticActreses4Practice, Dec 4, 2004.

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whats your all around signature cap

  1. german outlines

  2. ny thins

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  3. blue dots

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  4. black dots

  5. gold dots

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  6. rusto fats

  7. ny fats

  8. orange dots

  9. pink dots

  10. silver jumbos

  11. stocks

  1. Skesh

    Skesh Elite Member

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  2. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

    • Messages: 664
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    german outline 3s are hot.
  3. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

    • Messages: 891
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  4. oni.kin

    oni.kin Member

    • Messages: 35
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    cant say i know names n shit, but id have to say either oil caps (the bastards off spray aerosole cooking oil), they're usually pretty generic, nothing special, but managed to make em work for me, u can just push it softly/still enough to push it half way down (sortve) and thin the line it makes.

    again, they're generic as shit, but im digging the stock italics/caligraphy tips they come with. just been coming up with throws n what not with a italics sorta marker in my bb so when i get to putting it up, the italics suits it. plus i like to fill with italics, i dunno, not as quick as some real fat mutha, but i spose it helps me keep the fill relatively even.
  5. Clown705

    Clown705 Banned

    • Messages: 113
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    Ny fats are the dopest cap around, straight up
  6. onthedot

    onthedot New Member

    • Messages: 3
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    those pink dots are dope.. but clogg 2 quick for me
  7. triple6inthemix

    triple6inthemix Senior Member

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  8. hasemler

    hasemler Senior Member

    • Messages: 287
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    i cant do a throwie any more with out a rusto fat

    i like german outlines tho
  9. k'n1ve

    k'n1ve Senior Member

    • Messages: 125
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    like ravek said ny fats all day...they are fucking dope...
    guys gotta get those new sekt capadaps for the painters touch cans, you can use all your fav caps on male can...