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Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Situation

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kaz1, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    America only had to drop two to get a point across.

    I have never been caught so I can really add much accept that if you do, stay cool. The paint on the hands thing is not good. Wear gloves.

    Cause if you get busted with paint on your hands, paint in your bag, and paint on a wall with some fucked up graf, chances are your going to be in a holding cell until mom or pop bails you out.

    Im das USA, the police will ask you what your paints for and tell you that if theres any vandalisim in the area. Just say no. But thats the worst. I mean I have ran from the cops 3 times. Thats why I cant tell you what happens exactly if you DO get caught. Just be smart.


    BAPKEB Senior Member

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    I say run and dont stop running until you get home
  3. LilTripEihtNine

    LilTripEihtNine Member

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    yeah but dont run straight for you house. i saw this one guy do it he ran rite for his fuccin house as soon as somethin happened...they just followed him to his house and he got fucced over make sure you lose em first
  4. MoLD

    MoLD Senior Member

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    i never tried runnin cause i dont got the stamina or speed to run from cops

    bout an hour ago i was with 2 of my friends i did a quick tag on this wall in a park and this park worker and some detective stopped us. and the dude was talkin about how someone told em that they seen some people taggin on the walls. then the detective dude asked for id .then i gave him my school shit and kept my mouth shut. while my 2 friends were arguin with them and shit. meanwhile i was slippin my marker into my pants. then he frisked my friend and i was like oh shit im fuckin done but he looked at me and was like your free to go and i dipped.
    the cop made the other guy lookd at the wall but he said he didnt see anything

    i was pretty shook the whole time
    and it was pretty stupid of me to be doin that during the day in a public place with a lot of people walking around

    so i guess if you just do what they say and be calm and dont talk shit to them they might just let you go
    but you gotta hope they dont frisk you
    and if you have cans
    eat em
    as fast as you can
    or throw them at the car and run
    fuck that
    when the cop gets out of his car
    kick him in the balls
    take his glock
    and shoot him 7 times
    then dip
    and take the gun too
  5. wookiE

    wookiE Senior Member

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    man japanese cops are horrible. they will bust you for anything they can. the laws are hella strict over here. just so long as you make sure they never catch you it will be all good
  6. Apoc

    Apoc Elite Member

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    one time I was street bombin and I saw a cop roll up and I dipped into the bushes and layed down, he pulled into the parking lot where I was and looped around lookin for me, then he just drove off. lol.
  7. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    in my inside coat pocket i always kept 2 or 3 pair of latex gloves. When id go out id throw on the gloves paint... get a ways a way and throw them in some trash can. that way my hands stayed nice and clean. plus if you get stopped and you have clean gloves in you pockets sya you old man is a doctor or something adn you got his coat on... but that will only work if you wearing like a carheart like me or some "not kid" clothes
  8. mSteeZ

    mSteeZ Member

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    gloves are always the way to go...
  9. jestr

    jestr Member

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    make sure u hide ur other paint if u cant run bc then just go back and get it later bc the one time i got caught they took my paint.
  10. Svins

    Svins New Member

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    When I am in a bad situation. I usually run away.
  11. Frogy

    Frogy Senior Member

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    when someone sees me painting, i keep painting. If they try and stop me, i say "Get the fuck away or i'll paint on you" and it works. If it's a cop, then i run like hell
  12. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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    yeah pretty much the same most of the times they just ask u questions but if the go to grab u fight (i always go with by boyz they got my back) and like he said if the cops come dip
  13. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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    awwww hat the hell i went to your bombs thing and it would let me shut it of
  14. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    y0 just rcentley i thought about wearin just black & takin nuttin but the essentials s0 if som1just casually walks by and sees me , i can have a lil bit more freedom (i posted this on my psp so if anything is wrong ull know y) ;)
  15. yourmama4440

    yourmama4440 Member

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    if someone sees you you can just walk torwds them and usally there afriad of you and they will run of but if they dont jump them
  16. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    if its a cop run for your life and if its a person jsut finish and b out
  17. [breakout]-azer

    [breakout]-azer Senior Member

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    if a cop comes run like hell and get as far as away as possible if it it some1 else just paint then skoot be4 they have time 2 call the cops.
  18. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    i was just walking and some jack off cop stops me because i had marks on my hand, he found an extra fine point marker in my book bag and suspended me from it. wtf is that, is that even legal.
  19. Xsjadox

    Xsjadox Senior Member

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    Hah.. Me and a friend were hitting a big electric box the other day and this car stops and reverses,I stick my can in my pocket,and we both hurry to his car when these people wined down their window and ask for direction (close)...Fucking foreigners going to get themselves killed,they stopped and asked 2 dodgy looking guys on the street for directions,they obviously don't know South Africa.


    If you get stopped by a civilian just walk away,they try assault you,SUE :p

    If cops are chasing you,and you are running and have a big enough lead (around corner) ditch your bag in a nearby bush or something,and take off your gloves and do the same,if he hasn't seen you doing anything and he doesn't find any evidence on you he can't do shit.

    Otherwise in other circumstances,RUN,RUN RUN and never in the direction of your house (obvious) when I write near by I try to walk around one side and back another,so that if someone in a window or something sees a strange person walking around they won't know in which direction you live.
  20. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    Wearing nothing but black and taking nothing but the essentials, huh? What are you trying to be? A fucking Ninja? Wearing all black just makes you more conspicuous...Just wear normal shit, that way if someone sees you walking away from a piece, they might not think it was you. Worst thing you can do is wear a hoodie...with the hood up. Yes, it's supposedly cool-looking and it makes you feel like an OG...but you're not, and it'll get you busted easier. Dress like you're NOT going painting. Wear a jacket and regular pants, and don't sag them enough that you can't run if you have to...

    At least you got one thing right...Take only the essentials. Also, if you're lucky enough to have Molotow or Montana paint, use the can silencers!

    Of course, if you're'll stick to painting freights, which, in general, don't require all too much sneaking around. Fuck, some places are glad if you hit their trains. Train companies are so broke that they can't re-paint their rusty-ass freights as it is.