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Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Situation

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kaz1, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Senior Member

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    If its a cop, cheese it, if it is a ped. Tell them to fck off, when they leave to call the fuzz just grab my stuff and walk off
  2. . lewd

    . lewd Banned

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  3. spher

    spher Senior Member

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  4. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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  5. criscros18

    criscros18 Banned

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    run like hell ….

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  6. Coleo

    Coleo Elite Member

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  7. Skadeem

    Skadeem Senior Member

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    For real if it's a random bystander no big deal, just keep your eyes open and you'll be able to tell if they're trying to start trouble. Just keep doing your thing unless a warning sign pops up though. If they say they're calling the cops I'd cheese it a ways though, and depending on where you live you might wanna get to a whole different area because I've had friends get a smoke sesh busted up because cops got a call about vandals in the area(probably me ahahaha).
  8. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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    Holy shit... Were they in a park or something?
  9. mace2200

    mace2200 Senior Member

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    @criscros, thanks..... that just made my day lol
  10. Fang

    Fang Senior Member

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    Learn parkour, keep ur face covered lol
  11. spiltink

    spiltink Banned

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    masks are for halloween or unless you bomin a high high profile area (bus/train yards)
  12. SteezeFuhDayz

    SteezeFuhDayz Member

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    if stopped by a cop simply say, "my gf (or bf, idk you, i dont judge) and i got into an argument, im taking a walk to clear my head"
  13. master of seductions

    master of seductions Banned

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  14. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

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    I think it is important to keep your head cool and your eyes on the exits. the goal is not to "kick ass"and add assault to the possible charges, but to get away. run, drop some shit (cans, not your freaking wallet). O yeah , euro police don't give a toss about graff.
  15. 'Crook'

    'Crook' Senior Member

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    If someone asks what you're doing just stay cool and try to keep smiling and joking ! don't let him feel that you're stressed or scared !!
    If he did something wrong just beat him and run away !!
    PS : have your face covered and never take any ids or something that can reveal who you are !!
  16. toopski

    toopski Guest

    haha i have this all the time i just act casual if they come near me i make a dash

    never had seccy's after me tho ill just run since ill probs cop a chase if we hit freights soon
  17. 'Crook'

    'Crook' Senior Member

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    Just paint someone's eye and see how the others run away !
  18. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    or beat the living fuck outta you for spraying their friend in the eyes...

    never a good move to provoke a fight when you're outnumbered kid... unless you're spiderman
  19. Walt

    Walt Senior Member

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    wear gloves, waistline 2-3 cans, and wear a baggy hoody. make sure theres no prints on your cans. if you get stopped, either you're looking for an open food place, or if you're alone, you have insomnia. if you have a chance to ditch your cans, do it. I don't know how many times I've been searched for no reason at 3am
  20. master of shittenge

    master of shittenge Banned

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