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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. seywhat

    seywhat Elite Member

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    fresh ish sore, really diggin that bomb
  2. ShhImACop

    ShhImACop Member

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    I know its a few pages back.. but kasp sucks...
  3. Chump

    Chump Senior Member

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  4. SPRAY yoface407

    SPRAY yoface407 Senior Member

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    chump thats sick who cares stay with it
  5. Leadpoisining

    Leadpoisining Elite Member

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  6. -Panik-

    -Panik- Senior Member

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    ok.. first of all, no matter the excuse this is brutal
    second of all what is your motivation behind this mess?
    no offence, i just don't understand why you would even throw this up
    like.. if it was that not good
  7. .D.H.

    .D.H. Senior Member

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    Leadpoisoning: nice, 3rd flick is best imo. keep doin what you do

    Sore: diggin the peice, except the top of the R is a bit to big.. the throws pretty dece

    Jetpack: hahaha wow........

    Raby: pretty nice, the a could use some thinking on its vertical bar

    Mass Appeal and HEYLOOKATME: shut up. mass, you didnt have to go ape shit at lookatme's dumb comment. dishin out a little pink tag isnt really getting up either... stop trying to blame the "70% of the site" that sits here. no one cares. both a you do what you do, dont hinder upon other people unless your trying to be positive.

    steegz: hm.... i guess its the effort that counts, but next time id go smaller and work on your structure a bit more. keep at it
  8. emel

    emel Senior Member

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  9. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    View attachment 357529

    I used what i had, some purple kylon, blue mtn... but died on me half way so i made evry little contents of paint count.
    something i did in a tunnel... it was cold n freezing n managed to get ok lines...
    Fuck straight lines.... and yo couch Niguh!

    then went to the store but the asshole was doin inventory til 3am so we waited n hour... then 3 hit, n the prick said we not comin in cuz of our "Behavior" Niga, i am 18!!!! why should i not be allowed in
  10. dim

    dim Elite Member

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  11. MUSEone

    MUSEone Elite Member

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    as simple as this is its still better than half the shit i see in here. good job, and good job on using wat ya got.
  12. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    hehehe (schoolgirl giggle) thanks <3
  13. Leadpoisining

    Leadpoisining Elite Member

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    i wanted to see wat they say about it im interested
  14. monzfideli

    monzfideli Member

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    my outline, when i have not enough time for a multi colored straight letter
    View attachment 357670
    my bad throw up, some dude started yelling at me when i started doing the 3d so i had to finish fast and run
    View attachment 357671
    walmart green and krylon red and white straight letter
    View attachment 357672
    crits please?
    and the throw is messed i know, i have no clue what to do with the M
    same thing with the straight letter, i figured i was going to do something similirar to RUMOR's M
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2008
  15. Cyto Aka Son1c

    Cyto Aka Son1c Elite Member

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  16. bloot

    bloot Member

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    Maser, stick with straight simples man.. And try to keep to your black book for a little bit longer. The "M" is completely out of place in the first and third.
  17. JSBiggz

    JSBiggz Senior Member

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    Not trying to start beef...but i write Masr

    dont steel my shit

  18. cirus905

    cirus905 Senior Member

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    CROSS EM OUT AND PUT A K Senior Member

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