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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. TaskOne

    TaskOne Senior Member

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    Thanks ill try it next time I paint :)
  2. Hater-AiD~>

    Hater-AiD~> Elite Member

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    -nice shit ease
    -emel that shit is fresh
    -igraffix..i like your approach to this..youre just jumping straight out there..i would work on a style for yourself though..take some time and fill up a blackbook with some shit
    ..anybody wanna let me borrow some caps until monday..cause these stocks are killing im trying to work with this new throwie...i did kind of a freestyle on this one in which the J got really fucked up..but eh
    tasty V
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2008
  3. drop one.

    drop one. Senior Member

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  4. Tonberry

    Tonberry Senior Member

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    Joga, I'd try to make the bomb less fat and more tall. Lose the money sign in the O, and fit in the open hole that should be in the A. Try to make the J and the G look more alike, and lose the testicle on the bottom right-hand corner of the A. Just some quick thoughts, and yes, some better caps would help the throws greatly.
  5. Hater-AiD~>

    Hater-AiD~> Elite Member

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  6. Speedy

    Speedy Senior Member

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  7. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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    J and K are dope, not so much the A and S though. Try making your S curved more like on the keyboard, but yeah real clean. keep it up.
  8. esco93

    esco93 Senior Member

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  9. Phantazm

    Phantazm Senior Member

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    Yeah I agree...Emel get out of the Toy forum your painting abilities are so much better than every piece on this page combined =P can i get some crits on mine? I post 'em up but no one seems to care anyways...

    Check it keep your letters consistent if you're going all caps keep 'em caps especially on pieces unless if you're not a toy and can manipulate the letters otherwise because it just sticks out like a sore thumb homie. Also props on the J and K it looks tight for real I see a lot of potential the S looks like a 5 to be honest and yeah it sucks balls to paint at night so no hate on the'll paint better next time trust me I started my piece above like at 4am and didn't finish until like 5 and my friend lighted me with some crappy ass flashlight but yeah i'm going to stop talking now...:cool:
  10. Trestoner707

    Trestoner707 Senior Member

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  11. ZE-Jay

    ZE-Jay Member

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    ye get a cell phone which can take flicks cus i use my phone easy to carry saves u getting caught during the day aslo some come with cables so u can transfere files and shit and put songs on em to go bombbon
  12. ZE-Jay

    ZE-Jay Member

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    ye i get my paint bout every 2-3weeks on a sat so ye i dont write lot but been doign it for a couple months i am shit at sketching and any of u guys can burn me at anythin but i duno how to get flicks up...
  13. unreal180

    unreal180 Elite Member

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    i swear theres a task one down my way lol
  14. *Spectone*

    *Spectone* Senior Member

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    Last edited: Jun 23, 2008
  15. busr22

    busr22 Member

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    i like it.


    im posting these for HOER*. top one it was way to dark and he couldnt see what he was doing. middle one is a new 0 he was trying. last one is the fresh piece. very nice. what you think?

  16. H3TT1NG3R

    H3TT1NG3R Elite Member

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    hoer- um i really dont liek teh letter structure, its all over teh place, its justr not solid
  17. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    i dont want to agree with you but i have to. i just realized this. time to go sketch for a week. Oh yeah, i hate all three of those pieces also.
  18. H3TT1NG3R

    H3TT1NG3R Elite Member

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    ya, i mean u got good can controll ect. but just work on ur letters
  19. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    i have my letters down trust me. its been like 2 and a half years. i just tried to switch it up lately and its not working out for me at all.
  20. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    iunno what this cats on, but hoer, your shit is ill. i've seen better. but you got your letters down man.

    id try to come up with a new H though, its your weakest letter imo.