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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. ATE

    ATE Senior Member

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    This is my latest shit, heaty ass spot :p more flix soon. Crit please :D:D:D
  2. sex without condoms

    sex without condoms Elite Member

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  3. viseversa101

    viseversa101 Elite Member

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  4. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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  5. Solar²

    Solar² Member

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  6. mrkurto

    mrkurto Senior Member

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    i'm diggin the Juno-esque steez solar!
  7. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i'm not.
    if you are gonna try and pull off a style like that, at least take your time.
    make your lines straight.
  8. viseversa101

    viseversa101 Elite Member

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  9. HSAL

    HSAL Senior Member

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    what's wrong with writing oner?... =
  10. viseversa101

    viseversa101 Elite Member

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  11. I Hold The Throne

    I Hold The Throne Member

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    Im diggin that gucci look but if u made it gucci colors that would be the shit
  12. Nirvous2000

    Nirvous2000 Member

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    This is my throwy, but i've been working on a new one, post it up after i paint it a few times.

    (its on a ramp so it looks a little weird, and couldnt finish the bottom of a few letters cause it was fuckin dusty as shit.

    Solar- i agree man get some straight lines and take your time dude.
    vise- that S needs ALOT of cleaning up but i like the hole look of it dude pretty tight

  13. cans905

    cans905 Senior Member

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    viceversa- that girl u did a peice on is soooo damn hot :eek:
    but i honestly really like ur work so far
  14. MUSEone

    MUSEone Elite Member

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  15. Nirvous2000

    Nirvous2000 Member

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    oh and btw if your wondering that piece above my throwy, yes thats Ensoe NWK.
  16. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    why because she's naked? you can't even see her face.
  17. Mr yarbles

    Mr yarbles Elite Member

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    Vise and nirvous stick to paper for a while
    You guys both need alot of work
    Vise use bars make your shit less edgy, go simple

    pepto you have the right idea but that e is wierd looking and altogether the throw dosn't look that great
    Stick to paper for a while, you got potential

    Same. stick to paper

    Teze your t looks funky don't hide it behind the e make sure your lines are straight

    It's nice keep it up

    and I agree with egozen
    Damn hipster graffitiers
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2008
  18. ColdBlooded

    ColdBlooded Senior Member

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    I'm not posting anything anymore are even visiting this sight for a long time...i'll keep my account if i ever decide to post some new shit maybe...peace yo
  19. lolumad?

    lolumad? Senior Member

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    its sorta like writing "dope" just not as bad. thats just my opinion
  20. Shoook

    Shoook Senior Member

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    yo exam you cant leave :'( ill miss you...