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Were Did U Get Ure First Can Of Paint And How

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by minerkid, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. 757

    757 Senior Member

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    found it in the grass by advanced auto parts and put it in my pocket.
  2. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    i had a big piece of plywood and i told my friend to bring a can over... and he did... it was really cool.
  3. i write

    i write Senior Member

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    racked a tin from my metalwork room at school, scary stuff walkin around with your bag clinkin in between periods lol
  4. east_van_tagger

    east_van_tagger Member

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    ^^^^^^^hey i got my paint the same way and its not that scary walking around school with paint in ur bag

    i got my first cans of paint from my schools metal work class it was a can of silver krylon and a icy grape krylon (before i knew it was worth a shit load of money)and some other colours. my friend distracted my teacher while i went in the back room and filled my bag :lol:
  5. revolt92

    revolt92 Banned

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    This is kinda stupid thread but hey....

  6. bed.

    bed. Member

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    my first can was a krylon fusion can that i bought at some randon hardware store... ha
  7. Svins

    Svins New Member

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    I bought my first can i a shop called Street Shop. I think they vould even sell a can to 11 year old.
  8. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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    i got my first can from Canadian tire cause i told my mom i needed it to paint a back ground for a science project "actually did" the went out and used it and since then i have been getting montana and krylon :huh:
  9. sketch13

    sketch13 Senior Member

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    <_< ummmm my first can of paint,... i bought from a dollar store lmao :lol:
    i boutgh like 10 cans for 10 bucks i went out and started wrecking shit as soon as i left the store
  10. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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    the first can a baught to do graffiti was like, BAUGHT 5 cans of krylon and Canadian Tire, and thr first time i ever baugth paint was some place called games workshop, and thats some like Warhhammer 40k shit i used to do, i sprayed some off on the walls in my room lol
  11. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    i got like 4 cans from my house all rusto :D
  12. JetBlack

    JetBlack Elite Member

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    I had a friend pick up a couple cans of Kreylon and did my first throw up next to a Carls Jr, and then went inside and got myself a couple chicken sandwiches....then I did a big throwie by my house.

    Wasnt the first time you held a can like...a powerful feeling? I felt like hot shit clutching a can.
  13. simon90

    simon90 Member

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    First can i got was my cousin...he gave me red montana can and said that paint a tag what you i write simon and that were all started :p
    Good old times....

    CLO = Craffiti Lives On
  14. TalibKweli

    TalibKweli Elite Member

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    the hell?
    i thought this site was meant to meet other people with pre mature ejaculation problems

    i guess i came to soon :lol:

    oh the comedy
  15. Typical Writer.

    Typical Writer. New Member

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    my first cans were some metallic paint with these tips that were skinny but if you tilted the can they turned fat difficult to outline with haha

    CIFILONE Senior Member

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    "caligraphy tips"

    this thread is dumb.
    who really remembers these kinds things anyways?
    but i think my first paint came from my grandmas garage.
  17. HawkeR

    HawkeR Member

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    well i got my first from my local graffiti shop sells to under 18s
  18. /REKR\

    /REKR\ New Member

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    i stole a half empty one from my brother and used it to do the shittiest piece you would ever see on a cement wall
  19. 0000

    0000 Senior Member

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    stole a can of silver krylon frum my parents and hit the streets in the middle of the day
  20. meRlin68

    meRlin68 Senior Member

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    im not usually bitching about stupid threads, but really, this is stupid.....
    (but i guess that makes me stupid 4 postin a reply)
    i got my first cans from my house, i usually just got my cans from ppls houses, every1s got a can in there basement

    but around here u can legally buy cans regardless of age, so any1 can buy em i never needed sum1 2 buy 4 me