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Were Did U Get Ure First Can Of Paint And How

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by grandhonner92, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Madballs

    Madballs Member

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    I got my first cans from my Automotive shop at school, they had a back-room of supplies so i went back there, took like 6 cans, put it all in my baggy jacket, went back to my seat in class then i unloaded it all back into my
    backpack while watching for prying eyes. They were quite shitty cans, but i thought i might as well..
  2. AKnR

    AKnR Senior Member

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    i had my homie go buy some painters touches for me plus i got a discount:)
  3. burt eastwood

    burt eastwood New Member

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    stole it from the garage when i was about 12 or 13.
  4. saroe

    saroe Member

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    Stole them from the hardware store when I was 13. Painted the back wall of the hardware store, got busted immediately and fell in love immediately.
  5. s_king98

    s_king98 Banned

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    i stole my first can from my neighbours shed in 1997. it was a red hardware store brand and i tagged his shed with it.. oh to be a toy
  6. JazzEFrAitz

    JazzEFrAitz Member

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    the first can i racked was from home depot when i was getting hardware with my parents when i was 15. stuffed a can of red rusto down the front of my jeans in the bathroom, then told them i twisted my ankle so i had an exscuse to limp. i think the employees saw the bulge and got fucking suspicious. fortunately i was with my parents and they dint think i would steal when my parents were there. I got paranoid as shit walking out with my mom. i thought either my parents or the workers were gonna bust me anytime. parents, girlfriends, siblings can work to your advantage and lower radar though.
  7. dye

    dye New Member

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    My first can was in this gift shop, me and a few friends took out the air conditioner and stole 3 bags full of paint. Most of it was shit but the next few nights we tagged a lot of shit.
  8. fiba1er

    fiba1er Member

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    i get them from a little Chinese store where they sold watery spray paint that had no name but it got the job done i would tell my uncle that i was gana use it to paint my bike
  9. Jacob Jg Ramirez

    Jacob Jg Ramirez Member

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    first can i got was a black americas finnest spray paint i wasted that bombing the next day.
  10. V4LMVU

    V4LMVU Member

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    I showed my older brother my shit and was like I wana do it but i cant get paint till im 18. We went to walmart that night and got like $50 dollar cans.
  11. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    I garage hopped for paint back then haha. Stores that sold paint were all way too far to walk or skate to so I'd just skate around neighborhoods looking for open garages.
    Now I can drive to the store and steal it like a regular person.
  12. Pizza_Dough

    Pizza_Dough Member

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    Walked into my local art supply store the other day. Only place in NJ that carries Montana-Cans (german) oddly. Said i want to start using spray paint. Picked up a black, a sick green color, and a cap pack.
  13. MoF.

    MoF. Senior Member

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    just then :D walked to seven eleven to get a slurpy past a paint stall the ppack of it like the garage were they kept there spare stock n shit there were to cans just on the desk insidde to a ran in fdacked em and legged it, oH the rush :L i think i have to unclog one put :L :L
  14. snoketg

    snoketg Senior Member

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    my friend went car shopping one night and told me he had got a can of paint, n asked if i wanted it n i wuz like fuck yea! i got it and it was your average shitty paint it was fun though
  15. Kaskt

    Kaskt Member

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    My girlfriend bought me an ironlak 'cause she's a good bitch.
  16. SERO.TWO

    SERO.TWO New Member

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    The first can I used was one that me and my friend stole from my garage it was shitty yellow krylon it barely showed up haha
  17. theking

    theking Senior Member

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    u stole it from your own garage?
  18. MVUV4l

    MVUV4l Member

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    i found out paintin from my boy craze i tld em i wnted to start he took me to get sum paint i was only 16 so i wlked into the store went to the paint section i lined my pant line with krylon n rust o n took off for door while wlkin 2 cans fell out so i took off runnin jumped in car n took off got away with 4 cans went bombed cimies the whole night very memorable lmao
  19. Sympo

    Sympo New Member

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  20. PinoyMAKE

    PinoyMAKE New Member

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    i stole a can of krylon from a garage that was open hahaha it was only half full though -___-