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Were Did U Get Ure First Can Of Paint And How

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by grandhonner92, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Soggybottom

    Soggybottom Member

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    couple cans of krylon white and black taken from the art room at school, nothing special but they did end up hiding it somewhere else in the room
  2. gunsofbrooklyn

    gunsofbrooklyn Senior Member

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    My dad bought a small blue krylon can some years ago when i was like nine and I jacked it
    i still have it even though its empty
  3. wpgtags

    wpgtags Senior Member

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    sigged lol
  4. Ga.nK

    Ga.nK Member

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    why do all the new guys sig quotes that aren't funny?
  5. Rulz

    Rulz Member

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    i racked a can of white rusto from a garage.
  6. cds_dogg665544

    cds_dogg665544 Senior Member

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    thye dont sell paint at zellers...
  7. EPiK..

    EPiK.. New Member

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    i dont know where you live but in winnipeg they do
  8. AbyssPAC

    AbyssPAC Member

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    went to this hardware store across the street, the paint is in the back of the store in a corner where nobody goes i bought it the first time, then as i started rackin them easiest racking store ever!
  9. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    that fucking ludachris!!!!
  10. nuf.rd

    nuf.rd Senior Member

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    me and my friend went to "longs" and we racked only 4 cans 2 each.
    but we came back the 3 time in 2 weeks only buying the gatorade that was on sale for 86 cents with backpacks stuffed with 20 cans each.hoping the manger wouldnt walk buy.

    fucked up tho,when our lookout left the spot without saying anything and we got caught on our 6 time going.the good ole days i guess
  11. streetlegend94

    streetlegend94 Member

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    Racked my first can from my neighbors shed. He always kept a grip of flat black and flat white Rusto cans in there.
  12. Bilnek

    Bilnek Senior Member

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    Bought some shitty cans(black and florescent orange)... and bombed the playground(i was 10)
  13. tWiX

    tWiX Member

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    My first can ever.... a MAD short can of Krylon Red. Stole it from Michaels Arts & Crafts
    happy moment in my life :p
  14. COBALT

    COBALT Elite Member

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    racked my first can from my pops in the garage haha stepped game up from that
  15. rakecity

    rakecity Member

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    i shit out a montana gold. i knew it was fate.
  16. Tofu_Eater

    Tofu_Eater Member

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    sigged...haha jp.
  17. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    My first can of paint was a 10,000ml can of Belton Ultra Mega Good paint I racked from the future. I actually racked 20 cans by shoving them all in your sister's vagina.

    No but seriously, I used to car and gundam models, so my mom would buy me little cans on hobby paint to paint em.
  18. Task25

    Task25 New Member

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    my first can of paint was wen i walked into the art store ( they have montana gold cans which we wanted to try out and this was my first time gettin paint) they had buzzers on the cans so my mate went over and he was completly craping himself nd i cud c him shaking lol he ripped it off den i went over and put it in my bag (first time so dont give any beef) den we went back after that to get more paint we ripped off the labels of like 6 cans then he distracted this hippie guy who worked der nd den i grabbed the 5 or 6 cans in my hands and ran out the fire exit den my mate ran behind me so my mate was shittin himself nd he z if we get caught u baught them lmao den he said after that you can have them so i was quiet happy that night i went bombing :)
  19. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Oh yeah I own the montana factory bish.
    free kanz all ova da wurlddd werd
  20. ouchaoner

    ouchaoner Member

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    couldnt tell you my first can as i use to paint model cars with spray paint since i was a little kid. plus for a year or 2 of doing graff i baught my paint.

    first can stolen was about 6-7 years ago, was in highschool. there was a hardware store not far from my school and we use to walk there to go to the place that sells hotdogs out front. me and my buddy who writes too decided to get some paint. went up picked out a bunch of rusto cans, mostly black and white, then i realized i spent all my money at the hotdog dude. so i jammed the cans in my backpack. used the cans for throwups. and my first train that night.