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Whats The First Thing You Wrote On?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Michael, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. SoketSBK

    SoketSBK Member

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    the side of a driving school, the parking lot had all the cars outside of it, i was tempted to hit every single car, but it was my first time so i a little scared (and im not counting the inside of my closet when i was like 9 ;) )
  2. txbomber210

    txbomber210 New Member

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    :ph34r: dumster outside my skool
  3. Aska.

    Aska. Senior Member

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  4. Cash HYE

    Cash HYE Member

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    i wrote the word SPUD on the wall of my nanas basement when i was in like 7th grade and tryed to draw turnables. she was alright with it for some reason.
  5. RECin da 914

    RECin da 914 Member

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    I wrote on a wall of a building.
  6. flip79

    flip79 Member

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    first shit i did was a tag on wall at the LA river, with a red can
  7. Degausserr x

    Degausserr x Senior Member

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    bathroom stall hhaha original i know
  8. C-Lurk

    C-Lurk Senior Member

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    I did skecthes on paper, then I tagged a few bathroom stalls, and finally did 2 sprayed tags on the back of my ramps.
  9. Degausserr x

    Degausserr x Senior Member

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    tahts how it always starts

    paper adn thens talls
  10. meetermaid

    meetermaid Elite Member

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    i have yet to hit a bathroom stall..
  11. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    on my to do list^
    um....a powerbox near an intersection, i can still see the ghost tag
    wasnt too bad of a tag actually
    edit:actually when i was 10 i etched my name into a closet wall with a shruiken star in block letters in this house we were checking out to move into
  12. Deadpoolzer0

    Deadpoolzer0 Senior Member

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    I did my ex's name onto the MAP test...basically an aptitude test that all sophomores have to take...i guess thats why my scores didnt count <_< :p lol because i totally drew all over that shit...just something simple..actually i still have it lol
  13. _"Stow2"_

    _"Stow2"_ Member

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    I wrote SWD under a bridge,it was my first piece, and also the first time I used SP to write my name. . . I was a toy. . . . . and I still am. :D
  14. kayos-s

    kayos-s Senior Member

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    in a tub slide at a school, haha i was shaking and everything even though no one could have even seen me
  15. TAGurIT

    TAGurIT Senior Member

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    the back of a Italian restaurant with a black sharpie
  16. Nervone

    Nervone Senior Member

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    On the back of my local ramps
  17. mada focka

    mada focka Senior Member

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    inside of a porter potty
  18. reka one

    reka one Senior Member

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    first thing i wrote on was a sign at the end of my street
  19. Sem 4549

    Sem 4549 Member

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    my first tag was on a trash can right after it was painted haha sukks for them
  20. SKAB_himself

    SKAB_himself Member

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