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Wheatpasting 'n Posters

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by DNA, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. DNA

    DNA Elite Member

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    ok post up pictures of your wheat pasted posters wheatpaste secret recipes, etc.

    *Mix one cup flour for every cup and a half of water into a pot.
    *Boil on a very low heat, stirring constantly. (with a wisk, if possible)
    *Continue boiling/stirring as paste becomes thicker.
    *After approx. 20-30 mins., paste will become thinner and more transparent.
    *Upon reaching desired smooth, pliable, and somewhat transparent consistency, put paste into air-tight jar or bottle or other such container.
    *Let cool.


    *With paintbrush or rag, coat surface with a thin layer of wheatpaste. It should go on clear.
    *Apply poster/artwork to coated area and flatten. Be sure all edges are sealed.
    *Apply thin coat of paste to surface of work. (Optional)
    ----above stolen from SLY----

    Supplies needed:

    Wheat flour


    Paint brushes or inexpensive sponge brushes

    Fliers and/or posters

    Container with lid


    Plastic bag*

    * Optional

    Whether you're pasting artwork, political posters or fliers for a show, wheat paste is a good medium to glue them up with. Unlike wallpaper paste, wheat flour is cheap and easy to get a hold of. If you're going to be doing a lot of pasting, a bucket with a lid, a handle, and a paint roller work well. Otherwise a plastic container with a lid will hold enough.

    Pour dry wheat flour into the container about 1/3 of the way full. Slowly mix it with water, stirring as you do so. You want the wheat paste to be thin enough to paint onto walls but thick enough to stick.

    To put something up paint the wall with a thick layer of paste and smooth your poster over it. Make sure you glue the edges down. Don't paste over the poster or you won't be able to see it. Wheat paste is not clear. If you're worried that the poster might get damaged in the weather, or if you want to make it harder to take down, spray [or paint] a clear coating of shellac over it. The wheat paste sticks best to surfaces like cement. If you put the poster up well enough the only way anyone is going to be able to take it down is by buffing it off.

    If you're worried about being linked to the crime, wear gloves and carry a plastic bag with you. If you see a security guard or a police officer, put all your wheat pasting supplies in the bag. To make it even less suspicious wear some nice light-colored clothing (so that the wheat paste doesn't show up on it) and carry a Gap shopping bag. Play it off.

    Remember, it's best to wheat paste with a purpose. It's a great way to make a political (or anti-political) statement or put up your artwork for others to enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

    -----above taken from

    some pictures to keep this thread alive, not mine but pictures none the less

    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
  2. DNA

    DNA Elite Member

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  3. CaSoNe

    CaSoNe Elite Member

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    this is all a trick! if we told u our secrets then they wouldnt b secrets anymore now would they! U CANT FOOL ME MWAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. /*BlItZ*\

    /*BlItZ*\ Senior Member

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    i thought there was already a thread for this...but i dont give a shit, the first picture is nice, so is the cobalt
  5. DNA

    DNA Elite Member

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    ok then. i dont care, i jsut wanted to start a wheat pasting thread where people posted their whead pasted peices etc.
  6. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    just post in my street art thread theres recipys and everything in there no need for a new thread
  7. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    street art thread?
    i use wallpaper glue, paint brush with broken off handle
  8. sika_2002

    sika_2002 Elite Member

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    wall paper paste and a paint brush. simple as that
  9. DNA

    DNA Elite Member

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    i personally have never used wheatpaste, does it smell? and i dont feeel like carrying around s bucket of wheatpaste so i am thinking of just taping it cause a roll off tape is esier to carry than a bucket and roller,
    oh and it is because i am thinking of putting this on like evrybodys locker, like photocopieing it and then putting it up. yeah or ney?



  10. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    Hmm shall I move this to the picture gallery?
  11. SLY

    SLY Elite Member

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  12. cream soda

    cream soda Senior Member

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  13. v e n s r.

    v e n s r. Senior Member

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  14. NiHiL

    NiHiL Elite Member

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    thats what the soldiers are trained to do... its war wake up to the real world..
  15. cream soda

    cream soda Senior Member

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    how do you make BIG images to wheat paste?
  16. markingz.

    markingz. Banned

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    wow, amazing I never knew that this forum did'nt have a wheatpaste thread...weird

    as for making images on paper, I'm not sure about all the specifics but probably copy an image and enlarge it to a huge size at like kinkos or something.
  17. area52crew

    area52crew Senior Member

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    what kind of wheat,i looked at this bulkbarn place where they sell tons of stuff like that but i didn't know what type of wheat to buy,i was going to get the "all-purpose wheat flour" but my mom said that it's not the same as just plain wheat flour so i didn't get it
  18. paint fumes have rotted my brain

    paint fumes have rotted my brain Senior Member

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    video on how to make a poster. kinda self explanatory so it doesnt need words How To Make A Poster
  19. -GEKS-

    -GEKS- Elite Member

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    thats what the soldiers are trained to do... its war wake up to the real world.. [/b][/quote]
    well yeah, but the iraq war isnt necessesary. if we were been attacked i'd join the army myself. despite the fact i'm 14
  20. ChRoMa 11820

    ChRoMa 11820 Senior Member

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    the war is definitely necessary

    you should be worying about whats goin on on our own soil

    in camden more people die a year then in the war

    and at least when people die in the war they died for a reason not because someone was just like yeah lets do a drive buy

    get ur facts straight before u do a full fledged poster especially in school