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When It Might Be Time To Stop Painting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sheek, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Sheek

    Sheek Senior Member

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    alot of you are gonna argue with me but i dont really give a fuck

    recently because of graff i lost my job, my girlfriend broke up with me, im failing out of school and im getting kicked out of my house.

    i still havent stoped compleatly, but i think it might be time to take a break
    at least untill i get my life back on track

    just post any thoughts of quiting here

    (i figure if someone can make a thread about fire extinguishers, then i can make one about this)

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    how could you lose your job over graffiti?
    there had to be something else that you did wrong.
    girlfriends? who cares. not important
    and school?
    do your damn homework and show up, and dont do tags at school.
    then you will be fine
  3. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    Thats something you have to decide on your own,

    your girlfriend, well is she really that good of a mate if she dosent accept you for you?
    i know i wouldnt be with someone that thought lesser of me becuase of my graff

    um your parents kicking you out, well i dont know man, i highly doubt they will, depending your age, but perants are weird....

    but yeah i preatty much gave up drugs and just being a lil fuckup, but i wont give up graff, ive told my perants that, and that if im not out doing graffiti, i am going to be using drugs... now they they try to look away...

    just tell them, whats so wrong with it, i put paint on top of paint

    there going to hit you with the its illeagle and its not your property,

    just tell her its the only way you feel your being yourself, and are happy, without it you may start doing drugs, tell her you dont paint churches, houses, or independent things like that, that she dosent have to worry about you falling off a highway sign becuase your not that hardcore...

  4. Sheek

    Sheek Senior Member

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    i lost my job because i was allways so tired from paintin i couldnt work
    with school there was so much work and graffiti was takin over, id be passin out in class and shit
    now im a senior and i have to mave classes to deal with
    and i dont do tags at school
    and you must not know my family my mom would kick me out
    she has before
    and my dad?
    hes the one who got drunk and held a steak knive to my throat at my little sisters birthday of all places
  5. -ST3N1K-

    -ST3N1K- Member

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    just manage ur time
    its not that hard
    for school
    do ur homework
    show up to class
    no fucking tagging in school
    get over it
    ull get another
    and job just go there and work
    in ur free time u do whatever the hell u feel like
    but again it is a personal choice
    this is just my 2 cents
  6. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    what he said
  7. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    your thinkin about quitting and your in highschool?
  8. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    all those can be changed

    dont bomb at night

    fuck the girlfriend

    fuck school

    and get kicked out, who the fuck cares
  9. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    Do you tag in class?
    Instead of doing what you're supposed to be doing?
    Cause that can sure as hell be your school problem.
  10. dinedgc

    dinedgc Elite Member

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    you dont have to paint every the ones before you have work, and school isn't that hard, if you have to just cheat, and for the girlfriend part, whatever man, she sounds like she has to be a bitch, that is unless you tagged her house or some stupid shit like that
  11. aces

    aces Elite Member

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    Get a new job and don't screw up this time. As it has been said you don't have to go painting every night and it's ok to put graff on hold if you get to a week or something of school that is just rediculously time consuming stop with the graff and concentrate on school. With your girl...Fuck her. If she doesn't accept you for being a writer go find some girl that does. As for getting kicked out of your house. If you're a senior then you're 17-18 and you should be going off to college or movin out of your home soon anyways. Don't quit though. If you have to just stop painting. Sketch for a while or do legal walls or do something so that you aren't doing illeagle shit and just get your life back together as you said. Just my advice.
  12. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    eh, just do wut u think is best.
  13. novella

    novella Senior Member

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    find another job, do your homework, talk to your parents and bomb that girls house.

    problems solved

    seriously though, its your choice ultimately. whatever makes you happiest right? you do graff cause you love it, but if its causing you so much grief, is it really going to make you that happy to keep going with it right now?
  14. DaseONE

    DaseONE Senior Member

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    So what, Ive been kicked out of my house for weeks on end sleeping outside in the summer isnt bad kinda fun. Your girlfreind was a whore think of it that way. Its only money who gives a fuck? i havnt been to school in 2weeks i am more than likely kicked out i dont know i havnt even went to find out yet. Make the best out of your situation pfft and quit graff? your still in highschool why bother quitting.
  15. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    i dunno, a couple years ago about early 90's or so i would say drop school dude and get a GED, but now fuck the world is colder than ever and most good paying jobs usually want you to have some college experience. Im in highschool as well and lately the same shit is hapening to me thats hapening to you,but i highly suggest you work on school first man, just sketch in your spare time, school is probably the most important thing at the time dude.
  16. SoDamnFresh

    SoDamnFresh Senior Member

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    if you post a pic of some of your work, I'll tell you wether you should quit or not.
  17. prank

    prank Senior Member

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    i love ur way of thinking :lol: bomb the shit out of her house loll
    no but seriously with good organisation everything should be chill
    just be organize and everything will be chill my dad always say
  18. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    eh man you gotta learn to cope with it. i was getting locked up in jail and shit so i kinda chilled on how i do graff. but i still go strong, just im more carefull and manage it better.
  19. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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    dang yo, thats a bad situation, yah i think taking a brake and just drawing sometimes would be good, get the education, like do something nice for your parents to make them little mroe happy, and i dunno bout the girl thing. But i hope shit goes better holmes.
  20. Guerrilla876

    Guerrilla876 Senior Member

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    actually that's seven. ^_^