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Where Do You Practice?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. wookiE

    wookiE Senior Member

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    a nice place where i can take my time and do things right
  2. Walters

    Walters Senior Member

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    i practise any ware i see a blank wall
  3. Billburg

    Billburg Senior Member

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    i have 3 tunnels and 2 bridges all pretty close to my house and their pretty blank
  4. kasoho

    kasoho Member

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    paper, or on a maker board (fill your mop or marker with some bingo ink and you can just keep erasing and goin over and over).
  5. UrbanEvolution

    UrbanEvolution Member

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    Paper only till I get some godamn paint! Anyone wanna ship me some extra unused shit?
  6. cky2521

    cky2521 Senior Member

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    this abandon school up the street from me. :ph34r:
  7. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    i practice on the door that my neighbors trew out, i left it in the back yard an practiced trowies.
  8. whodini

    whodini Member

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    back of a Storage Warehouse...ain't too many places in suburbia
  9. kingofgraff13

    kingofgraff13 Member

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    i just use cardboard or a wooden board
  10. kingofgraff13

    kingofgraff13 Member

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    ur right bout dat
  11. H-KWS

    H-KWS Member

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    yeh i live in melb and i have a 15m long wall at my house that i practise on which is pretty sweet, any1 melb guys send me a mesage if ya need a legal spot.

  12. stado

    stado Senior Member

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    i practice at a small electricity house or something (don't know if you have it in america)
  13. KAL

    KAL Senior Member

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    i practice at these really chill random walls in the woods behind this school. i went during the day yesterday but my stuff came out fucked up because it was so cold, and the walls had some ice on them causing the paint to run. but im definatley going back when it gets warmer.
  14. sabe2

    sabe2 Senior Member

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    i practce under bridges and shit with cans tht hae barley anything left so its easier tht way when i do it on an important wall
  15. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    no practice with shit full cans. the lower pressure in the barely anything left cans is going to cause the paint to come out slower, thus making it easier to paint, less drips, etc... you arent doing yourself a favour by using empty cans. but thats just my $0.02
  16. ThrowItUP

    ThrowItUP Senior Member

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    juss go out and get some krylon/rustoleum, and go behind a building, or in an alley not facing the street.
    let's face it, the first couple times you paint, its going to loook like shit, and no one wants to see shit on a wall.
  17. Lateralus

    Lateralus New Member

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    near my house, theres a walkway that goes past this apartment complex. they built a wall to hold up the dirt next to the path, and if i tag there, its powerwashed within a few days, so i can keep practicing there
  18. Apple pie

    Apple pie Senior Member

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    large bridge under highways
  19. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    I have a nice little bridge complex near my school, and since its winter no one goes on the paths down their. And if someone does i cna hide in the rafters of the bridge, were i can do some practice.
  20. Heab

    Heab Member

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    lol i just started i bought a huge sheet and i painted all over it