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Why do you write?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nerd., Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. Nabru

    Nabru Senior Member

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  2. MrSixes

    MrSixes Elite Member

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  3. nerd.

    nerd. Senior Member

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    guys, i only got 1 real answer
  4. Daniel H. Campbell

    Daniel H. Campbell New Member

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    I love this form of art and enjoy the writing/drawing process.

    Is it obvious?
  5. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    I started writing because its what was done back in the day and since Ive always love to draw it was pretty natural to pivot into graff.
  6. Daniel H. Campbell

    Daniel H. Campbell New Member

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    Agree, same here.

    A translator that produces street art history, and the person that has to pay for coursework examples for modern society students( A street artist since 2006, Banksy fan and hater at the same time. “People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly.” ― Banksy, Wall and Piece
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  7. georgebartlett014

    georgebartlett014 New Member

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    The primary reason for writing anything is to communicate with others, to stimulate interest or action from the reader. You may also use writing to help you to reflect on your experiences and learn from them. When we write, therefore, we are either writing for ourselves or we are writing for others.
  8. LaMortE'

    LaMortE' Member

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    i loved sketching from an early age , i always liked graffiti a colorful piece or a mural made the city less dull for me , also i love the adrenaline rush
  9. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    I'm 35 years old. I have been writing non-stop since I was 14 and still rock the same tag. I am FOEoner, TSF//BTK crew for life. I write because graffiti is anonymous. I'm a chef at my day-job. When you come into my restaurant to grab a plate and yer late because you got stuck behind a train but yer day was a bit brightened by the colors you saw pass by, that was me. Those blues and greens and pinks. That was me. I did that. And you have no idea while I serve you up yer dish. The fact that no one knows who I am, that I hide in bushes risking dogs, cops and gangs to make life a little more pleasurable is why I write. And no one knows it's me, you or us.
  10. Salvador E. Lohman

    Salvador E. Lohman New Member

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    Thank you for sharing your reason to write. It was heartwarming to read.
  11. Mr. No-one

    Mr. No-one Guest

    Nice reply, it was inspiring to read.
    btw this is my first post here, so hello everyone!
  12. drapes1125

    drapes1125 Senior Member

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    I like the way it looks on videos and online so I started doing it and the way it looks on walls but I only seen one piece before I looked online then it started popping up all the time. It was this scary looking crabdude with dreads.
  13. smek one

    smek one Member

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    I write for many reasons, main reason is because i saw my uncles blackbooks when I was 9 years old…I immediately knew what I wanted to do when I got older, I immediately knew I was gonna do it when I saw the structure, the schemes, the color, it’s just amazing really. He then introduced me to his crew. He was original TDK from Oakland California( RIP DREAM TDK), Till this day my uncle still checks up on me haha!
  14. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    I think the reason I STARTED writing was when I was a little kid and I'd go on car-trips to visit my grandparents, which meant passing through lots of major metro cities. From the backseat, I noticed the heavens, the billboards and just like everyone else thought "Wow, how did they do that?" I always had an interest in art and I was drawing all the time so to find a medium I'd never heard of was a thrill. This was before how the internet is now, so I rode my bike to this great local bookstore that carried magazines like UNDER PRESSURE. The backpage of THE SOURCE always had sick-ass burners. I bought a couple books (even then, I don't steal from locals and I still have my copy of ALL CITY) and got immersed. I was fascinated. I stopped copying Renaissance painters and started bombing. I started meeting the older writers in the train-yard and in high-school and at the bench. And here I am.
  15. JimanuHorker

    JimanuHorker Member

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    I like secret writing and it's also secret. Nothing special, but I write down life and thoughts about people around me. My writing is the routine logbook, so mentioning people on it comes out beautiful memory.
  16. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    I ran into an old friend today, from the OG crew. We were talking about our youth, being silly kids, starting punk-bands and riding skateboards. I told him I've been getting up again, droppin a few bombs here and there and he grinned real big and said "Oh, I've noticed." I said "How you notice? My style done switched up." "Crew is crew, homie. I know you when I see you. Think I don't recognize the TSF shout?" Tack that on to another reason why I write.