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WINNERS: Official Sketch Battle (September 2021)

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Oct 7, 2021.

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  1. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    The winners of the battle are here! Here's what the judge, Style, had to say:

    "Yo yo, first, thank you for involving me! Appreciate it. It’s so damn hard to choose...

    #1 Just_Rokes

    I choose this for the overall layout and use of space. From background to letters, character and all the small details. It has depth and a lot of love

    #2 Busta

    This sketch brought me to another place! Creative, detailed and flavorful. Lots to look at. Has some tags, stamp and character. Pretty cool!

    #3 Naked One

    I love the simplicity with so much going on. Fun bubbly letters, fun elements (bomb, beanie, character, simple shaped background) I could see this on a freeway and say, that was fresh!

    Thanks dude, Style"

    Big up to all who sent in sketches! You can see all the entries here.
  2. just_rokes

    just_rokes Member

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    Thank you for Battle Thank you for judging Style
  3. Busta

    Busta New Member

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    Thank you so much!! And really appreciate the good comments. Big ups to Style!! Had a lot of fun with this one and everyone killed it
  4. SeyoR666

    SeyoR666 Member

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    Awwe, guess im gonna have to go harder on the October sketch. I hope he at least like my entry lol Congrats to all the winners, the first place winner definitely deserves to be there!

    Also where is the October sketch battle? Is there not going to be one, missing out on a good opportunity for some spooky pieces.. My favorite time of the year too.