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You Know Your Addicted To Graff When...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joust, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    ahaha i do that on the bus..
  2. fEris

    fEris Member

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    Yeah, it has nothing to do with the fact that I've been around graffiti since I was young and my brain automatically associates "spray" with "graffiti" or "graff"'s because I'm smoking meth 10 times a day.
  3. raven6

    raven6 Senior Member

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    you come to this site while you wait for your porn to load....
  4. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    thats exactly wat i just said, stop restating facts
  5. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    you kids make me laugh...
    you know when police change shifts.
    you know where people have been caught and by what officer at what time so you know exactly what to not do.
  6. Soboe!

    Soboe! Senior Member

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    when bombingscience is your homepage of your internet
  7. The_NaMEz_BaNKz

    The_NaMEz_BaNKz Elite Member

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  8. Soboe!

    Soboe! Senior Member

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    when you go to the beach just to sketch
  9. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    when you're watching street type films and you pause and rewind just to see what the tags and bombs say and see if you know who they are.
  10. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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    when your somewhere really boring with no paper/pecils/pens so you sketch in your head.

    when your about to go to bed but you get an idea for a letter so you tell yourself youll quickly do that letter and end up staying up half the night finishing the sketch.

    when asked what your hobbies are you have nothing to say because your life revolves around graffiti.

    when asked who your heroes are you have nothing to say because they are all graffiti writers. (i had to do the hobbies/heroes thing at school)

    when you are going to a hardware store for something completely non graffiti related and end up visiting the paint isle.
  11. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    When your only pair of work pants have 2 spots of red paint on them, from different times, but at least you can say the orange spot was sauce! (actually no one can see it behind the apron, luckily)

    when you had a second pair of work pants but they got all ripped up when the 5-0 tackled your ass to the ground even though you had your fuckin' hands in the air and was gettin' down already.

    Fuck police brutality, excessive force, and unnecessary belligerence.
  12. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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    fuck police fullstop.
  13. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    when your high and u dream about writing
  14. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    when you walk past a restaurant and unintentionally stair at the people sitting by the window while you try to read the scribes on the glass....
  15. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    You measure fucking everything in tirms of cost of paint.
    hahaha... That`s what I`m doing all the time..
    I get 20 € from my grandmother and then I`m like :"whoah that is 4 cans "
  16. 1-7

    1-7 Senior Member

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    when you write your name in your food.
  17. steyr

    steyr Senior Member

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    when you start tagging random people in the hallways
  18. sibil juggalo

    sibil juggalo Senior Member

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    when your on fucking graff forums on a friday night!
  19. ObeyTheMustard

    ObeyTheMustard Member

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    when your in the shower and you write on the fogged up glass.

    and also when your playin tony hawk and instead of skating you look at the graff and do all the writing missions.
  20. Casual7ie

    Casual7ie Senior Member

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    youd rather your girlfriend spray paint on her then perfume
    the sight of ill wildstyles gives you a boner
    your whole wardrobe has paint on it