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Your Tagging Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by .limit., Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    Care to share?

    (how it's made :))
  2. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    Sure thing, I'll get some photos tomorrow. I think I have everything I need lying around.

    Building the first one takes a little work but after that its easy.
  3. - Alexancler -

    - Alexancler - Member

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    I used to use Molotow Burners, Krink K63, Poster Markers from Artline. But I have given up illegal graff, and will stick to the legal shit. Unfortunately, as I kinda miss messing around with illegalism - but theres not enuff in it for me.
  4. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    Last edited: Jul 29, 2008
  5. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Nice pic Leski

    But I use

    OTR- Cold Sweat
    Moltow- Burn Marker(Red)
    Moltow- Burn Marker(Copper)
    Moltow- Paint Marker( White)

    CAN-KILLER Senior Member

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    mini mop
    deodorant marker
    silver pilots
    an wite out marker
  7. injury

    injury Senior Member

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    CK- your sig is on point, thought i'd bring it up

    i still like black marks-a-lots for shits and giggles, my parents can hear paint markers usually...when i can use em, silver decos with the nib sliced a bit to make the line fatter. i love woodcraft markers too, i wish they had em in sky blue
  8. Siner

    Siner Senior Member

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    Man, if you want sky blue, just mix some of the white ink with the blue ink from two markers. I'm guessin' you got them from Michaels which also has postermans, and marvy terra cotta markers which rock.
  9. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    why dont you just put sky blue acrylic in it?
  10. ·jaikone·

    ·jaikone· Senior Member

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    crayons and the washable markers.
    pencil sometimes too.

    CAN-KILLER Senior Member

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    add airbrush paint to posterman an you get any color u want an wont fade

    CAN-KILLER Senior Member

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  13. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    Before I write my materials I just want to say that I never use graffiti brands for markers. Frankly most of the shit that they sell you can make at home (with an exeption of some brands) So I just stick to things you can rack at Staples or Office depot. I use Zig Postermans, Pilots and Pentel Whites. That's all I use basically. With the home made shit I only do eye-drop markers, kiwi mops and stamp cleaner mops.
  14. Kali

    Kali Member

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    as its been said before: anything that works
  15. gcrolla

    gcrolla Elite Member

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    some of my markers, other shits in the garage an im too lazy to go get it
    rit bottle is filled with homemade ink by the way...
  16. illadelph

    illadelph Elite Member

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  17. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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  18. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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  19. Wallace

    Wallace Elite Member

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    thats not a marker

  20. Look@it2x

    Look@it2x Senior Member

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    naa but good shit from wat i hear